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  1. It seems you are correct, Mdk 10.1 and VIA USB in general is being problematic for me, if I plug in a USB flash card reader I get a pop up terminal telling me IRQ 21 is disabled and the the GUI hangs. Might be time to try that Gentoo build I was kicking around...
  2. I believe you might want to change that NVAgp setting, they are as follows... 0 : disable agp 1 : use NVIDIA's internal AGP support, if possible 2 : use AGPGART, if possible 3 : use any agp support (try AGPGART, then NVIDIA's AGP) NVAgp = 1 fails for many unsupported chipsets, so it's not an uncommon problem. I would try 2 first and if that fails switch to 3, works on many unsupported chipsets (such as mine, the VIA KM266, also works on KT2xx/KT4xx, KT6xx, etc...). You will notice a performance difference should you decide to play any games. I don't think this will impact your TwinView problem, but at least you will get the performance you paid for
  3. I don't know about a roadmap, you might look at the Cooker schedules. Regarding the mouse, how about doing the install with a PS/2 mouse and then switching it to USB? Might have to change your Xorg.conf files, but it should work? I would try it but am hung up waiting for a new processor to be delivered so I won't get to it until next week. Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the input guys, I'm hung up until Monday waiting for a new processor to arrive but I will play with it then. Arrrggghhh, no new Mandrake for my b-day tomorrow, looks like I'll have to go out and if I can shake this head cold. I'll post back once I make a decision and have everything set up.
  5. I ran in to this last night, it's an issue with KT/KM 266/400/600 chipsets and when the USB bus is initialized. My 10.1 OE install never started the mouse and hung at disk partitioning as well, so I shut it down and put my mouse on the PS/2 adapter, finished the install and haven't tried to put it back yet. I have a Logitech MX510 and when on PS/2 all buttons are recognized and set to default configuration, but USB is a no go? Odd, but not a deal breaker, although I am sure someone has a fix out there.
  6. Keep 'em coming guys, I can't be the only one with computer OCD, everything must be PERFECT :D
  7. Okay guys, I finally have the 10.1. CDs made and did a quick install tonight to make sure my new system hardware was functional, just clicked through real fast and accepted all defaults. This weekend I am going to sit down and do a proper install and hand pick packages, etc... When I do I want to slice up my new 160gb hard drive effectively. I used to have a link to a great guide on how to best partition a Linux drive, but can't find it, so give me some suggestions. In the past I have done /, /usr, /home and swap layouts, but I have no qualms about doing something more advanced if it would benefit performance. I'll probably leave around 60gb free so I can dual boot with other distros down the road, but I have no hesitation chewing up the disk space with a good layout. So, what do you think, give me some ideas?
  8. xbob


    Unless you are doing it just for the learning experience there is little reason to host Apache/web sites on your personal workstation, and yes, when you reboot that site won't be available. Now if you have a seperate machine you can put on the Internet full time, your ISP will allow you to host your own server and have a fixed I.P., then go for it.
  9. Don't forget the Thornton, basically a Barton core at 266FSB with half the cache, what I own, also a cool runner. And the palomino shoudln't be idling that high with even a stock HSF, at least not in my experience (load, but not idle).
  10. xbob

    Mozilla hangs

    Well, I have modem connection to internet. I do have a network card, but it's disabled as I don't have any kind of network currently. Besides, Konqueror seems to work OK, so I wonder if this has anything to do with the network settings (not that I know anything, just guessing). Any more ideas? Hashimoto Edit: Got to take back my words. My network card was working after all. Disabling it (this time for real ) seems to have solved the rpoblem. Thanks xbob !! Same <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Glad I could help.
  11. After much fiddling with various models it looks like swapping the stock Sunon fan w/Fanguardian on to a SilenX 80mm (28cfm @ 14dba) running full speed has finally balanced out my heat to noise ratio. You might want to check SilenX out, if you haven't arleady.
  12. Let me join in on the greetings, I think I just hit my one month here, so we were all noobs sometime. True, this is a hassle but there are plenty of hardware pieces you need to download drivers for with Windows as well, but I don't think it's near the issue it used to be with Linux, you just had one of those pieces. And much like most of the other replies, I am a KDE user so you'll have to wait until a Gnome user drops by and they'll sort you out in a few seconds. The nice thing about Linux is that it's very difficult to break anything so feel free to tinker, most changes are easily undone (except those made with tools like DiskDrake, be wary and make backups). Good luck. :D
  13. I've heard a lot of good comments regarding the Soltek's as far as perfromance, but not so good regarding Linux compatability. I have personally lost faith in MSI products having received 2 poorly built motherboards ina row from them (nForce 1 and KT400, both with bad caps), but I don't know much about the other SFFs.
  14. I had the same model and sold it, never could silence that thing without bumping in to heat issues, or course it was the very first M1000 so maybe it has improved with later revs, but I was disappointed.
  15. bvc, your work makes me think about switching to Gnome, that looks great.
  16. Preach on brother, can I get a witness!!!!
  17. Check the sig, mine works perfectly, with or without the nVIdia card installed (although the integrated video has no 3d acceleration whatsoever, justa VESA driver and it does suck down memory bandwidth by 10-20%). My SK41G is my primary workstation, from creating documentation for clients to listening to music, DVD playback and some gaming. Sound works perfectly on mine, but that said the SK41G is older and has had quite a while longer to be tweaked for Linux. The ST62K is also on the Mandrake certified list, for a brief period you could order the ST62K with Mandrake pre-installed. And finally, some linkage that should prove useful. Type: Desktop Manufacturer: Shuttle SHUTTLE XPC SB51G Known as working Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC SB52G2 Certified by MandrakeSoft Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC SB62G2 Known as working Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC SB75G2 Certified by MandrakeSoft Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC SK41G Known as working Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC SK43G Certified by MandrakeSoft Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC SN85G4 Certified by MandrakeSoft Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC SS51G Certified by MandrakeSoft Mandrakelinux 10.0 SHUTTLE XPC ST62K Certified by MandrakeSoft Mandrakelinux 10.0 Keep in mind other models may work, but the won't be certified by Mandrake unless the manufacturer submits a model for testing, so if it says "known as working" it's been informally tested or submitted as working by a Mandrake Club member.
  18. xbob

    Mozilla 1.6

    I think you have to select "Web/Internet Station" and it installs. Back when I used Red Hat 7 I used to hand pick packages, I tried it with Mdk 10 and there were just too damn many, I had to go back and tweak it but there were just sooo many choices.
  19. The database is a good point of reference but hasn't been updated lately, better to check here and possibly check out the web site of the burning app you plan to use (K3B I'll assume) and see if there are any know issues. Linux has gotten far better at identifying burners of all types and it's not nearly as painful as it used to be.
  20. Are you talking to me or to tsw, xbox? Edit: woops, sorry, xbob :woops: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry Darkelve, must have hit the wrong reply button, that was aimed at tsw.
  21. xbob

    Mozilla hangs

    Check your DNS settings, I instaled Mdk 10 without a network cable plugged in at first and it set my first DNS source as then my router, then my ISPs DNS servers. It hung any URL request for a few seconds searching all possible local host files, then it went out. Change the first DNS to your router (if you have one) then the others to your ISPs primary and secondary.
  22. It's not a total solution but I use XMMS-KDE which adds xmms as toolbar applet. Not a perfect solution, but better than the current situation.
  23. For the first poster, I agree with DragonMage, check out your heatsink and make sure it is seated well. I have installed a lot of XP CPUs in that speed class and even with a cheap heatsink they idle in the 40s worst case. bvc, I dunno' I run a Shuttle small form factor which almost always run warmer than full towers due to airflow restricitions. I compared my temps to those of other small form factor enthusiast and my temps are on par with XP users (who also benefit from Win XPs CPU idling code). I idle around 40 and load about 46 (loading usually only occuring during lenghty compiles or Quake sessions). So maybe the code works with some chipsets and not others? Of course, I could be wrong and perhaps there's a chance I could lower my temps even more, but I can't dwell on that because not knowing would drive me insane
  24. Turn off SideBand Addressing and Fast Writes in BIOS if you have an older VIA chipset and try again, I have seen this fail on a couple distros when the driver probes the AGP-PCI bridge. You may want to go into BIOS and change it to Failsafe Defaults (or something similair) instead of Optmiized or Performance Defaults while troubleshooting.
  25. This looks really promising for those of us with older cards, I think PC gamers got some "trickle down" benefits of the devs trying to shoe horn this game in to the limited video and system RAM of the Xbox.
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