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  1. Well, I'm running this at 60Hz and there is no other refreshrate available. Everything is otherwise just great: fonts etc render perfectly and the display is crisp and clear. I'll try to run the configuration agan, but I got to figure out the correct refreshartes first. HP/Compac is not giving very much infromation, though... Thanks for the hints! Hashimoto
  2. Hi guys, Installed Ubuntu 4.10 on a Compaq Presario 1201EA laptop and love it. Asked this once at Ubuntu Forum but never got any replys, so maybe one of you can give a hint: My Compaq laptop has a Trident Cyberblade i1 graphics card. The slight annoyance is that my screen is slightly offset to the right so that part of the screen is cut off and on the left had side there is a black stripe. The bios is very primitive so there is nothing that I can do there. Is there a way to tweak the Xfree config to shift the screen more to the right? Which parameters? Any info appreciated. Thanks Hashimoto
  3. Hashimoto

    Skype [SOLVED]

    ChrisM, I think the problem is in the Qt version: If i'm correct you have installed Qt3.1.3 but Skype requires =>3.2 Your post earlier said: The following packages have bad signatures: /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/libqtc1-3.1.3-1mdk.i586.rpm: Missing signature (sha1 md5 OK) /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/libqtc1-devel-3.1.3-1mdk.i586.rpm: Missing signature (sha1 md5 OK) You first didn't manage to install (the y/n-problem) but after some instructions you did. Yet it is too old version for skype. I don't know if 9.2 has Qt3.2 available. Updateing to ML10? Alternatively, there is a "static" version of Skype with the required Qt-libraries. Tried that? Hashimoto
  4. I think I had the same/similar problem earlier: only part of the contents was shown and inserting second CD later during the same session was not possible. Install all updates. Helped me. Hashimoto
  5. Hashimoto

    No printing

    Dear fellow users, Help needed with printing! Background: Installed MDK10.0 + all updates up till today (23.9) to my fathers PC. A printer HPLJ 1005 was on and connected during install. It got detected (Device URI: parallel:/dev/lp0, foomatic/foo2zjs), but nothing prints. Now, I have never been printing in linux so I'm a bit confused and need some help in solving this problem. MCC: Configuring the printer does not seem to affect anything. Trying to print the test page brings up a window saying either: "..sent to printer... already printing" or " ... may take some time...". Nothing ever comes out of the printer. localhost:631 claims the printer is "idle, accepting jobs". Also I can see the printing queue. Clicking "restart the job" (or something) gives error "client-error-not-possible". And I can't do any administrative jobs: it asks me to login but does not accept su and/or su password . Absolutely frustrating! There is no dev/lp0. I guess it should be there if CUPS is directing print jobs there? Dev/printers is though. lpinfo -v gives: network socket network http network ipp network lpd direct canon:/dev/lp0 direct epson:/dev/lp0 direct parallel:/dev/lp0 direct pdf direct cups2pegg direct scsi direct usb:/dev/usblp0 direct usb:/dev/usblp1 direct usb:/dev/usblp2 direct usb:/dev/usblp3 direct usb:/dev/usblp4 direct usb:/dev/usblp5 direct usb:/dev/usblp6 direct usb:/dev/usblp7 direct usb:/dev/usblp8 direct usb:/dev/usblp9 direct usb:/dev/usblp10 direct usb:/dev/usblp11 direct usb:/dev/usblp12 direct usb:/dev/usblp13 direct usb:/dev/usblp14 direct usb:/dev/usblp15 So where to start? What else should I look for? How do I log in as admin in localhost:631? I admit I'm totally lost with this. Some complaint about user frienliness and menu entries (discussed somewhere else on this board, too): I just can't understand why all those different kinds of printer things get installed in system>configuration>printing: Install OKI.., Lexmark, Mtink etc. I mean, I havenever had a printer and they are still get installed there! And how do you think someone totally new to linux is going to figure out them all. Even I can't after having used linux for some time. It really isn't user friendly at all, just a bloody mess. If linux is ever going to conqueror some userbase it needs to get these more friendly No offence to anybody presonally! I'm just a bit frustrated and angry at the moment. Hashimoto
  6. Do you mean that exclamation mark on red button down on the lower right corner next to clock etc? Ain't that the sign/button for Mandrake update or something? Nothing to do with working network AFAIK. Hashimoto
  7. Gents, Littlebro is going to buy a new computer and I have managed to persuade him to try linux as dual boot. He has laid his eyes on a AMD64 on an Asus K8V Deluxe mobo. The thing is I'm totally out of date when it comes to present day hardware so I'm a bit puzzled. :unsure: Firstly, I can't find the AMD64 version isos anywhere. I thought there was one. Where can I download them? Or is it something I can only buy? Is it only MDK9.2 or does MDK10 also have a version for 64? Or what happens I I just try to install i586 version? Is it even possible? The second question is if anyone knows if the Asus K8V Deluxe is supported (either version of MDK). It seems to have VIA chipset, so I assume it should be quite OK even though I can't find neither the mobo nor the chipset on the supproted list. BR Hashimoto
  8. Got it solved: After a lot of playing and so forth I noticed that it was the "nolapic" parameter in the lilo that killed the reader. Without "nolapic" things just work perfectly. Does anybody know why this happened? Hashimoto
  9. I will. It's just that I'm using modem so I got to download all at the office. But that's all done now and burned on a CD, so later in the evening... Hashimoto
  10. Working?? Who am I fooling? It was working OK after the install. Then I updated the system with rpm packages on my HD (downloaded from MDK mirror maybe up to June 20th or so). Later last evening I noticed that the CF reader is dead again. fstab on usb card missing again. So what is the reason? I am starting to think I have some damaged rpm packages. Or is there some bug in the updates? Install-again-Hashimoto ?
  11. The reader works fine in Windows at my office, so that was not the problem. Linux was the problem and I was missing the fstab lines. Why, I have no idea. I did a very, very unorthodox thing for a linux user: I plugged in the card reader and installed the whole system again. And it works now. Why did I end up doing such a thing? Well, I thought it is faster this way: it only takes some 20 minutes instead of the numerous log-ons via modem, etc. I'm certainly not going to learn much this way.... Ashamed Hashimoto
  12. Hi, jamespetts, did you try to run the tv-card configuration in the harddrake? I would also like to have detailed instructions on what should be done. I tested an Avermedia DVB-T card which was supposed to be supported in Linux. I didn't have patience (not to mention skills & knowledge) to play enough to get it working. The same applies to my ancient dxr3 card. Anyway, the dvb card got detected as bt878 (?) in hardware list and running the tv-card setup in harddrake first installed xawtv (at least) and then tried to find channels. It never found any and I gave up (lazy...). So some guru could maybe do detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up the system (kernel modules needed, configuration of the card, xawtv etc). My idea was to make a vdr system. BR Hashimoto
  13. Well, here I go again.... Fresh install of a MDK10. My CF card reader is not detected in any way. In my earlier instllations it worked flawlessly. Now when I plug it in I can just and just detect a very short blink in the light but it is not detected, I can't see it in hardware list, nothing! What the h... happened. Hotplug? Something else? Hotplug worked without a hitch in my earlier upgraded install. I have had no probs with supermount. I have disabled the hotplug, restarted, you tell me what, but I'm in dark. Please... ( My debt to the board is ever growing) BR Hashimoto
  14. Thanks so far, Gowator, got to take a look at the Asus Pundit. Xbob, I've already visited the Mandrake hardware page so I know that Shuttle is well supported. The other makes are of interest, too. YinYeti, I've considered the mini-itx too, but I remember reading the comments (maybe they were yours, YinYeti) about difficult installation. As I have no interest (not to mention skills) in spending months tweaking the system I prefer something a bit easier. And it's got to be dvb card, not analog tv. BR Hashimoto
  15. Hi, Thought about setting up a barebones PC, mainly to get a small footprint and a more silent system to replace my current hair dryer. The main use would be as a media system (DVD, MP3/Ogg, a DVB card a bit later) as well as surfing, email and some light office work. However, the selection seems quite wide so I need some help. Which brands are known to work without hick-ups with MDK10? Some Shuttle models seem OK, but are they all? What other brands could be considered (Asus, Soltek, Epox, MSI...)? What should I check when buying one: chip sets? integrated video cards? igp (BTW, what's that?) card readers? Any special brand/model/etc to avoid? Any special brand/model/etc recommended? Your experince with a barebones? BR Hashimoto
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