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  1. Nautilus 2.6.3 that is. I like a lot of the features. But the default "new window" is driving me crazy. On the plus side, it responds a lot faster than before (an issue with only 128M RAM) and some of the new functions are great (I like the "view" menu for example. What do you all think?
  2. SCO is: more evil than a room full of republicans on the way out as a company in deeeeeeeeep sh*t with IBM
  3. nocturnes

    Lost CD sources

    It sounds like you may have errors on the CD. If at allpossible transfer the CDs to your HDD.
  4. nocturnes

    Lost CD sources

    OK. Where it says URL add the path to the files you want. If you keep them on CD then that will be /mnt/cdrom or similar If you decide to put them on your HDD then you can simply point it to the place you put them /home/jeffs/sources or similar Does that help?
  5. nocturnes

    Lost CD sources

    I assume that you mean you lost track of how to use the CDs via software management? If so, and assuming you have the space to do this, I suggest copying the CDs to your HDD and using them from there. eg file://home/jeffs/CD1 and so on
  6. So I updated to the latest gnome and gdm from cooker. I run flux with gdm as the DM. Now, my gdesklets will not start up. Literally nothing happens at all. top shows nothing. I am perplexed. Any ideas?
  7. Your CDROM may simply need mounting. Upgrades are always a little interesting to do, although I have managed a few without too much bother. My suggestion would be to do a clean install without repartitioning if you can.
  8. I would still be interested in knowing exactly what sort of IT job the OP holds. He sure does not sound like someone with any admin experience on any OS
  9. Agreed. Overall I thought the survey was well worth doing (and it is nice to see something like this happening), but I also wish they had asked what sort of features we would like to see (and perhaps which ones we would like to see the end of)
  10. Tell us where you are at with Java. I assume you have downloaded from Sun and are having issues from there. More than happy to help
  11. I have this working in DosBox but it is terribly slow. How does yours run (and what are you using to run it? I love that game
  12. nocturnes


    Take a deep breath and relax. Okay, did you run 'updatedb' as root before you tried this?
  13. And now it works a charm. No problems at all. Next time check logs before posting dumb question
  14. I had a funny feeling you might say that. I will try it without the uninstall first but I think but I suspect it may need it. Cheers bvc edited to add: Header read failed on the xorg-x11-xfs file. That explains a lot. Think I might download that one again
  15. It sounds like you not only work in IT but are responsible for choosing the OSes your company runs. Although for the life of me why anyone would keep with 98 over 2k is beyond me (or indeed replace 2k with XP). Most drivers come in precompiled binaries. Also How can you work in IT and never use a CLI? I have worked in IT on numerous systems for a lot of years. None of them were workable without reference to the command line. I include WinXP and Win2k in that. Certainly 98. You do recognise that not making things executable off the bat stops users from installing malware or inappropriate software right? Security updates can easily be done via urpmi (which even has a pretty graphical interface). You rarely need to upgrade the kernel or make alterations to it. Most businesses and home users have little need for a custom kernel. P.S. Rebooting for a kernel change -sure. Rebooting for installing software - you must be joking All sorts? Really? How does Win Media Player handle quicktime these days? Last time I checked it did not handle it at all well. Except for older versions of quicktime. Doesn't like ogg vorbis much either. With the windows players you still have to install codecs. How is this any different? Doesn't force a reboot though does it? That first is simply nonsense and I think you know it. Patches and upgrades are NOT difficult at all. Support staff huh. Lemme tell you a story. A true one. I worked for a major institution. I worked with one other guy. We administered Solaris and RH. There were roughly as many machines running those as Windows. They had to employ 12 people as support for windows. There were run off their little feet. We mostly played BZFlag. We did get paid a little more - our skills were transferable to most *nixes without too much trouble. they had to retrain almost from scratch if MS so much as changed the GUI. They cost a whole lot more than we did. Nonsense. See above. Slowly? On which planet? There are more updates and upgrades available for Linux than any other OS I have ever seen. Those media players. Work. Easily. No problems. You did actually look at the browsers right? I use Firefox, but I like Epiphany. I think you misunderstand what the Gnome project is looking to do. Yup. Konqueror is so bad that Apple used it as the base for Safari - which is a shit-hot browser. What features are you looking for? ActiveX that allows remote installation of software? Multiple windows instead of tabbed browsing? There is great alternative software for pretty much any useful Windows app can think of. With the possible exception of Photoshop. Then again, anyone running Photoshop on anything but a Mac is insane (and probably not a pro designer - hence I question their need for something as powerful as Photoshop). Wine is (IMO) useful for running some of my older games. I do not even have a windows partition. If I desperately want to run something native and not ported or replaced I use wine. Without trouble. I am sorry if this comes over as a little harsh. I just think you need to investigate the option a little further
  16. OKay so I have my sources sorted out. BUT xorg-x11-xfs is needed by xorg-x11-server-6.7.0-0.2.11mdk XFree86-libs = 4.3-30mdk is needed by (installed) XFree86-xfs-4.3-30mdk unable to install package /var/cache/urpmi/rpms/xorg-x11-xfs-6.7.0-0.2.11mdk.i586.rpm Seems there is some kind of conflict here. I was under the impression (perhaps mistaken) that it should work like an update/upgrade. I did satisfy the deps by ensuring urpmi downloaded everything correctly. Is this simply a matter of installing this without X running or have I screwed something up along the way somehow? Advice appreciated with thanks
  17. I love this bvc I have downloaded it and once my switch from XFree to Xorg is done I will be installing this and seeing how it looks run in flux
  18. Finally got a connection to Oakland. It is as slow as a week of wet Sundays but it will do for now. Guessing the penguin is just getting more and more popular huh
  19. Each one I try at the moment seems to be down. I am really only interested in the 'main' as all I am doing is moving from XFree to Xorg. Anyone got one they know to be working at the moment? Thanks in advance
  20. My advice is not to use the configuration wizards at all. Open your favourite console. Type "adsl-setup" Fill in the blanks where requested to start it simply open a console and type "adsl-start"
  21. Are any of you using X.org at the moment? If so what are your thoughts on it and how was the install (and the replacement of XFree)?
  22. All of the above look good, but I am really looking forward to finally being able to afford a powerbook
  23. From this I gather there is not a jigdo download. OK. If I make one does anyone know where it can be hosted? I simply cannot afford to do so
  24. We all know the pain of downloading ISOs. Then having a micro-outage or failure, having bad sums etc. Jigdo seems to make this much simpler, yet I have not seen a jigdo site for Mandrake. If there is one please point it out to me and disregard this post If not however I would be interested in doing it, if a suitable hosting arrangement can be found
  25. Keeping your existing Mozilla is a good thing. Symlinking to it to make Java work is the easier than the instructions Mozilla use for Firefox
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