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  1. Don't panic. :) At the command prompt, run as root XFdrake and set up your graphics card again. There is an open-source nv driver available, choose that one for now and restart the graphical server or your whole system. When that is done, add with easyurpmi the PLF repositories, then install the proprietary nvidia drivers - if you want full 3D support. Mandriva does not use yum (this package manager is used in Fedora and Red Hat based distros!) but urpmi. ;)
  2. Welcome aboard. :) Follow tymes advice. If you install the modules from the software repositories in the Mandriva Control Center (MCC, aka Configure your computer), make sure to visit easyurpmi first ( http://www.mandrivausers.org/easyurpmi/index.php ) and enable the PLF-Software mirrors. They contain the nvidia modules that you need. About the mouse: no clue if there is an easy way to configure your logitech mouse (I use very simple mice at work..). Have you googled for a solution already? I bet that there is some howto down the web.
  3. Hmm... of those commands I have used pstree already. Am I a Linux-Guru now?
  4. Just for the record: You are not arrogant. I can fully understand your arguments. It is disgusting that a printer will work with one release and not with another one. The easy solution: Stick to a release that supports your printer. The complex solution: Try to solve the problem by compiling and bugfixing. :wacko:
  5. I simply switched to verbose boot-mode. Problem solved ... sort of.
  6. Another option: Samsung SCX4200 - bw/laser printer, scanner, and copy-station. Not big, not expensive but it works well in 2008.1 - if you install the driver from the Samsung web-site.
  7. Same thing here. I wonder why he put so much hatred into his post... after all... it is only a piece of software. :unsure:
  8. Check again if changing the look causes it to crash. If yes, you might consider filing a bug.
  9. Have you tried removing the config file from your home folder already? I once had the same hapening when using OOwriter and after removing the config-file, it worked well again.
  10. FYI, OpenOffice 3.0 is already included in Mandriva 2009.0. (not that you download it from the net only to find out that you have it already installed by default B))
  11. arctic

    no sound [solved]

    Welcome aboard. Is it perhaps somehow related to this? https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=69924&hl=
  12. Not all mirrors seem to have synced yet. The number of available mirrors is - indeed - very limited right now and thus the working mirrors probably overloaded. I keep sharing the dvd with bittorrent. Would be nice if others would do the same.
  13. For those, too lazy to read it, here it is again:
  14. Who uses KDE? :P Just kidding. Haven't noticed that yet. Thanks for the info.
  15. Ah... the website is being reuploaded with the new info. Only a few more minutes.... :) Haven't seen the official release notes anywhere on the net yet, but just wait a couple of minutes. ;) 2009.0 Errata: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2009.0_Errata PS: It is there... but only on the french site till now. http://www.mandriva.com/fr/produit/mandriva-linux-one
  16. Welcome Mandriva 2009. I just downloaded the final dvd-iso (found a mirror that had it prematurely available for download. :P), gave it a look already and - it rocks! B)
  17. IIRC, Xandros survives because they - like Red Hat - concentrated on the business market quite early and still do have enough paying customers there. Xandros is often mentioned in reviews (at least in german Linux magazines) as a good alternative to Red Hat and praised for its good data-exchange with Windows machines.
  18. Booting in five seconds is great, but - as IIRC adam wiliamson pointed out somewhere else - it is only possible if you build the distro for very specific hardware, say: only one harddisk, only one motherboard, one gfx-chip, one network-controller, one display, one RAM stick,.... The more hardware the system shall support, the less likely it is to boot in only a few seconds. That's how it is today. Maybe, we will see even more modularisation of the kernel in the future (much like x became more modular).
  19. Well, distrowatch is (or better: was for a very long time) biased against Mandriva because Mandriva once had the "club" which was available only to powerpack-users. And in powerpack, there were proprietary drivers and codecs included that the "free" users "had" to install themselves. This was seen as some kind of elitism or snobbishness by people like L. Bodnar that "doesn't belong to linuxland". But in reality, most distros do not ship with proprieteary stuff so this was and is a complete nonsense-argument against Mandriva. Then, some people were not happy with the yearly release cycle that Mandriva switched to for a short period of time because they could no longer play with the latest and greatest. Thus some users switched to other, more up-to-date distros (others switched because "mandriva" sounded "gay" to them :huh:). Mandriva was/is not the only distro that had a "rather bad" reputation for being "outdated" back then. Debian was considered some kinda dinosaur, Slackware was too conservative. Distrowatch was/is known for being biased against several distributions. Among them are Novell/SUSE, Mandriva, and more recently Gentoo. Do I care about Mr. Bodnars personal preferences? Nope. B)
  20. It's okay with me. It was a pleasure to help you. :)
  21. I read it already, but came home at 2 a.m. the last two days from work. Thus, I preferred sleeping to working again. You will get the files today. :)
  22. If some keys are not configured (especially apostrophes and such), then please check first if you really have the right locale setting selected on your system. There are usually several options available for many languages. Not all of them support/enable such "special" characters.
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