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  1. So I selected the NVIDIA FX group, and then configure the NVIDIA card. XFdrake notified me that there is a proprietary driver available. Upon selecting yes to update, I get the message "couldnot install the dkms-nvidia173 package!"... Please advise!
  2. Thanks, that worked for me. The printer config. option is now available in the KConfiguration tool.
  3. I access the BIOS, and the video card is already set to PCI and not "Onboard". During the boot process the system seems to hang (screen blank out) right after "starting anacron"....
  4. Thanks everyone - but when I run XFdrake, it correctly recognizes the monitor type, video-card type, and display resolution. However when I click on "Test" the screen just goes blank.... I don't know if I should tinker with the "Options", but nothing jumps out at me....
  5. Hi, I am trying to install the 256MB geforce video card on my intel celeron machine runnng mandriva 2009. I am able to boot into level init3 but whenever I start displaymanager the screen goes blank. I read that I need to install the NVIDIA driver using the yum command. yum install nvidia-glx kernal-module-nvidia-'(uname -r)' However that command is not installed and I am unable to urpmi it (failed to install, need updated sources, and also failed to update sources). Is there an alternative to yum or how could I get the installation to work? I find that even when I plug the VGA adapter back to my old graphics slot, the screen just goes blank now.... HELP!
  6. Hi, I recently installed Mandriva 2009 w/ KDE4. However my printer,an canon-Pixma 2100, can't be recognized when I connect the USB port. I can't find the configuration tab to set this up manually. Help! This used to work automatically in mandriva 2008. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for everyone who replied. It seems that most people are saying that KDE4 is the culprit - hopefully future updates will improve its funcationality - I like it for the most part. The transparency-based folder views work very well. medo381 and tyme, you are right - there is a widget that which allows new media detection and it works fine. I also set up a folder view for the media folder. With regards to the annoying autocomplete url bar issue in firefox, I set the value urlbar.matchonlytyped to true and now it's fine.
  8. I have to say that so far mandriva 2009 really is an acquired taste, but it is growing on me. Some of my programs became slower (3D desktop doesn't work as smoothly anymore, and having a VLC video open while scrolling through a webpage on firefox slows the system down considerably). Strangely OpenOffice is now loading faster than in mandriva 2008. Other complaints include a lack of customization (can't change the color of my panel) and that some widgets screw up the proportion of my icons.... Also, not all the buttons on my keyboard are mapped correctly - volume control no longer works! Would an upgraded 256MB video card help smooth out some of the 3D desktop issues? I have grown accustomed to using it.. Would there be a patch/update soon?
  9. Hi, Noob here just upgraded to Mandriva 2009 and so far it's a mess... 3D desktop seemed to have stopped working as I am writing this post... Just a few random issues: 1. Where can I set the auto-mounted devices to be automatically visible on my desktop? This used to be Right-Click on desktop -> Desktop Manager-> Behavior -> Devices etc, now I can't find it.. None of my USB drives are showing up. 2. how can I turn off that annoying option where if you single-click on an icon on the desktop, it shows you a transparent side toolbar with the option to rotate, zoom, or x-out that icon?? 3. Firefox has an autocomplete function whenever I type in an URL - how do I disable that? I fiddled around with all the options to no avail. Thanks and sorry to post all of these in 1 post but I think these are miniscule questions...
  10. AIrsnare is a wireless network intrusion software for windows that can alert the user to unfriendly MAC addresses. I wanted to know if there is an equivalent desktop tool for mandriva. However I can monitor MAC addresses by using the router web interface - it's just more cumbersome sometimes.
  11. I'm not quite sure what you mean... total noob to Mandriva here. Is mono a substitute for dot net framework? How do I install it on a separate environment? Does having CompizFusion affect the execution of this program? (program seems to intiiate but then just disappears..)
  12. Is there a desktop tool that can give me network info without logging onto the router website all the time?
  13. Is there a good Mandriva tool that can monitor any unwanted users on a wireless network (as well as encryption status, etc)?
  14. I am trying to install videora using Wine. At one point I was prompted to install Microsoft .NET framework2 which failed. However when I installed Mono Videora installation seemed to have completed. But every time I try to open videora I would see the bouncy icon for a few seconds and then nothing happens. Help! I really need a software such as videora to convert videos for my video ipod... Thanks! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
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