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    Does python allow you to compile as well?
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    Like many languages, Python has similar coding structures and concepts. However, Python is a true language separate from VB. Interesting enough, both VB and Python are known for rapid application development..
  3. Are you running a desktop or a laptop? If a desktop, its not a bad idea to go out and buy a second drive so you can put Linux on it. Keeps any "issues" from happening to your first drive and you won't need to repartition.
  4. Still good info to know. I have a wireless router and plan to get another computer soon so I'll need to beef security and need to know things like this..
  5. Do a reinstall... using as many defaults as you can..
  6. The concept is that you create a bootable CD from an ISO downloaded from their website. Bunch of links at bottom of page. E.g. Torino .. Then you can boot off of the CD and the CD is in charge. None of the hard drives are busy or being used. Because of this, you can use partimage to make a snapshot of the partition on the hard drive. To do this, you have to boot off the CD. Then you need to mount a partition that will serve as the destiation for the partimage file that is saved. Finally you can run partimage and select the partition you want to backup. Save it to the partition you mounted and away it goes. When done the entire partition is compressed and saved as one file. You can then reverse the process and restore it. One nice use of this is to install Mandrake linux, partimage your partitions and then if you screw it up seriously, you can restore it. Note that having smaller partitions makes it much easier to backup vs having all one big partition.
  7. Are there any -devel libraries or files associated with the project?
  8. Usually, the "bad" CD is the first thing to check. You did good by doing so. Saves a lot of time chasing down a problem that doesn't exist.. Note that monitors are now fairly cheap (don't know where in the world you are.. ) so if your monitor doesn't work , you can try another. Are you sure its not supported?
  9. Don't have a specific answer for you, but try doing a google search on the following terms.. linux pppoe modules The modules will either be related to the PPPoe client or the Linux Kernal. You may simply not have support for the PPP available through the Kernal. This means you need to find out what you need to support and recompile the kernal (an adventure, but kinda fun)
  10. Are you connecting your usb mouse directly to your box or going through a port device? Sometimes the USB device (gives you more USB ports) is the issue so you can switch your mouse back to a USB direct connection. Then later you can resolve the USB port device.
  11. It's the longest no caps post I've ever seen ;) Thing to remember is that a corporation is owned by stocks so the execs of the corporation must do the most to make money or get kicked out. Still I am awfully glad Linux is around to provide an alternative that we can use...
  12. You can buy it or simply setup urpmi correctly. At any time, you can erase your software sources and reset them up using the information at easyurpmi. I actually try a few different sites to see which is faster. A good tip with the site is to do one at a time. This way if there is an issue, you know what the issue is. Sometimes I try to set them all up at the same time and a site is not available and then something else goes wrong so on so on. You sound like you will be a good addition to our board. Good luck and let us know whenever you need help ;)
  13. mysticpain, hopefully your question has been answered..
  14. Also, try this from a windows machine and see if the same problem exists. It would help you isolate whether the problem is OS related.. or outside your box..
  15. Tyme's quite correct in that is our policy. :deal: If anyone becomes aware of Mandrake posting a link to the CD that is public, then at that time we can consider posting a link. We do not want to undermine Mandrake's revenue process since they work so hard to give us our favorite distro :woops: Nuff on the topic for now? Anyone has more info or needs to discuss this, please PM me.. B)
  16. Here's some info when I was playing with popfile a while back.. http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?sho...pic=4788&st=0
  17. Part of the problem is tha t 1. FAT32 is not a very advanced Filing system. So Linux can't apply permissions as it normally would. 2. NTFS is only supported with READ-ONLY. If you make it WRITE-ONLY, the support isn't guaranteed. So, again, its not supported enough to trust it. MS can make changes to NTFS in any update. Ya never know.. So the issue is not with Linux, its with the filing system's capabilities. There may be some products that allow you to view EXT or EXT2 or other popular linux filing systems from windows, but never found anything that was worth the time.. So, unless you find out something more recent, you are kinda stuck
  18. It does make sense if Mandrake put the effort/money into organizing the collection into a CD and then using it as a revenue stream.. Mods discussing this topic now
  19. I would just go with the default lilo setup. You can get rid of it easily enough by booting off of CD1 and uninstalling Lilo. Should restore the prior bootloader. You can also go to www.bootdisk.com and download a floppy boot disk to restore the Windows MRB if you need too.
  20. If you want more info on lilo and other linux commands, try opening a console (termina) and typing man lilo (for manual)
  21. If you can pick up the Linux Journal Dec 2003, there is a bunch of articles on the Ultimate Linux Box 2003 that describes an attempt to build a 64 bit machine plus other articles on DVD Player Shoot out and Authoring DVD's under Linux.. Includes a whole table of benchmark readings too..
  22. You can also learn how to make makefiles.. When I was in Comp Sci back then... (lol) we had to make our own makefiles so our C apps would run under our berkeley unix system.. Basically, per source file you are specifying dependancies and how to compile it. Makefile will check the depenancies and make sure they are compiled before compiling the source file... Same with the final app file, you specify the depenancies for it and they are all compiled to object files before it attempts to make the final app. Can be a "cool" thing to know and understand..
  23. scoopy isn't wierd... he's just... differnt... ya know?
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