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  1. This is such an informative posting that I've made it into a sticky! Note the link LInux on Desktop. A lot of work went into it, well worth reading! 8)
  2. Why don't you post some more info to help use figure it out. Such as what memory you had and what you added, version of Mandrake you are using, anything you can think off, when the seg fault appears?
  3. maybe you guys ought to just swap lilo.conf files? :roll:
  4. well if its 7200 then its fast enough :) When I said inexpensive, I meant in terms of what you usually pay for an addition to your computer of any short, ya know? But if you can, maybe you can play around with schemes that involve using 2 hard drives at the same time such as having swap on the second drive or splitting up the frequently used system partitions (vs data partitions). Also, with the backup, you can use www.partimage.org to backup each partition to the other drive, but you need a data partition to backup too. That way if either fails, you can restore it easily enough.
  5. Referring to RPM. A 20 gig drive strikes me as OLD. They don't even make them anymore I don't think. Since they they have better and faster drives with smarter technology and shorter seek times. As far as expense, they are not all that expensive...
  6. I have a similar interest.. so anybody know much about this topic?
  7. You could also get another "fast" drive and replace the 20 gig (I know more money!) and then try to optimize the system based on 2 concurrent drives running. There are strategies out there. The 20 gig (based on its size) is probably too slow to make much of a difference.
  8. It's a nice layout though and I like the easy colors..
  9. if you are trying to get rid of bootsplash, just uninstall the rpm..
  10. Mysti, Anon and I are working on the front page to the .com site, it will have basic help for the .org site. Seems like a good place to put it so that newbies who type in .com instead of .org will not miss the board. It will have a link to the .org DISCUSSION site. The .com site will also be used for backup and testing. Regarding your site, one of the biggest challanges that a windows user has when getting into linux is how to duplicate their efforts in terms of software. How about a page that describes linux, and then step by step provides how to get up to speed so you can do what you do in windows. e.g. Selecting a Distro Installing (tips and tricks) Basic Linux "How to get around" (link to other tutorials) Converting from MS Office Playing movies/dvd/videos CD Playing Was thinking you pick the 10 ten most common tasks that the regular windows users accomplishes and provide a "good" solution. The explanation on the web site (or title) would indicate who the audience is (How to convert from windows to linux in 10 steps) Check out this link as an idea.. http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php...p?p=14147#14147
  11. If you check www.freshmeat.net you will find about 12 projects related to video editing.. sorry I can't recommend a specific one for you, but you can sort by the popularity of each project..
  12. I realized that my web site where I have my resume posted has that email posted, so I altered it to be markryan at rochester.rr.com. Hopefully the bot or whatever will forget me. But for now, its part of my job search too bad soo sad :roll:
  13. While this doesn't explain my problem (different email used for my AIM service), here's a related post.. http://pub82.ezboard.com/fawardinternetmar...topicID=4.topic
  14. Actually the only thing I've really done with it is use it for my resume (online) and for signing up with a yahoo group. I suppose a bot got it, but I didn't start getting it until recently. Does this mean the email is not being sent from roadrunner's smtp server? But is just being pasted into an email that is being sent from another server? Anything I can do about it? Reason I mentioned AIM is it has only seemed to happen when I leave AIM up and running and I noticed the AOL Postmaster comment in the quote. Plus they are all AOL members that are being rejected.. hate to be part of a spam effort :(
  15. Lately, I've been receiving messages in my inbox that look like the quote below. I don't know any of the emails addresses it is sent too and I never sent it. This has happened while I've been in linux or windows. The only common denominator is that I've left AOL Instant messenger open all night. Could there be a security hole that allows an outside party to send email from my machine? BTW I'm a roadrunner customer and don't have a mail server running on my computer. Any ideas? I'm not looking for general bashing of AIM either, just specific comments! Thanks :) To Be taken off of this list, pleasego here!
  16. Some ideas are to post your hardware configuration. Also, can you get a minimal install completed by just using cd1? I would have suggested the checksum also because of the message "parsing" and the reference to the cd file that contains a list of files on the cd.
  17. For windows, either zonealarm or tiny personal firewall. They both require only your "ok" as you attempt something on the internet. TPF may no longer be free (last time I checked). For linux, go to your Mandrake Control Center and double-check that your firewall is running.
  18. Just go to the Mandrake Control Center and click on Software and then on Sources. You should be able to add them unless I read your message wrong.
  19. Another way would be too 1. Download www.partimage.org's iso bootable image cd 2. Boot off of it and make a backup file of each file. It's compressed so its gonna be much smaller. 3. make your new partition 4. restore the backup to the new partition. Only guideline is that the new partition must be same size or larger. 5. Update your /etc/fstab file.
  20. When you have cable internet, you are always on. You really don't need an indicator unless you just enjoy the visual indicator. The most important thing now is to make sure you have turned on your firewall software. If you are running windows also, you need to download and install firewall software (use the free version of zonealarm).
  21. I've seen other threads on the robotics modem, take a search peek here and in the old board. To just see a file from the command prompt, you can.. cat filename - straight file listing more filename - straight file listing with pause. Next screen with space less filename - scroll up/down listing of file. Hit Q to quit.
  22. As a programmer, you need to anticipate oddball situations. Although this project may not need it due to expectation, in general, its good to do through error checking. Open a file? Check for a NULL. Do it everytime. Make another class or procedure that does that automatically for you so you don't have to repeat the work. Also, how would you go about locating the source of the crash? Let's say you are not using an IDE, what kind of debugger can you use? On a primitive level, you can try inserting asserts() or simple printf() statements. If it reaches the printf() and displays it and then crashes, you can move it forward until you reach a point where you no longer see the result of the printf(). For more advance debugging, you can check a log that describes where the program crashes. I don't know enough about c programming on a linux platform to tell you how to do that. Anybody?
  23. think its referencing memory that its not allowed to (e.g. memory address 0x00000000. Why don't you post your c program? If its a commercial program, make sure you have all your dependancies..
  24. Ok, I was wondering whether the automatic partitioner makes the remaining space an extended partition as per linux's definition of extended or windows... I don't know how to check after the fact though. The difference is that windows doesn't mess up the partition table when it encounters its own definition of an extended partition vs linuxs.
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