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      So you may have noticed the forum software has upgraded !!!
      A few things that have changed. We no longer have community blogs (was never really used) We no longer have a portal page.
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  1. Mac OS X vs. Windows XP vs. Linux

    Werid!! http://www.bennettarts.com/GB's_BIO.html because the url has a ' in it the link stops after this. Try this link Can't even do that!! Cut 'n' Paste time me thinks.
  2. Mac OS X vs. Windows XP vs. Linux

    I have just been reading through the article again, look at the date it was first published. Now check out the footer note from the editor at the bottom, what date was a fair shoot out taken, and did they use current versions of OS's. In a month of developement M$ would have found 70 loop holes in there software and Linux would have improved their's to support 70 new devices. More interesting is the author: http://www.bennettarts.com/GB's_BIO.html (well I think it's him, it fits the bill) his bio looks to be very Mac related. Not trying to add fuel to any fires just looking objectively, hell I use all three systems!
  3. Mac OS X vs. Windows XP vs. Linux

    Dont think there would be any point having the forums or this site if we weren't all Mandrake biased Tux lovers. One thing I did notice about that article, the heading, go and have a look again. Where is your eye drawn to when you read it?
  4. Mac OS X vs. Windows XP vs. Linux

    I recently read that article in my learnings of OSX. Yep, it's totally biased, but then if a Windoze user did the same comparison you would see a different set of answers. Replies here have even started the Linux based version. It's all horses for courses. I totally aggree with zgwortz comments. The install on my new imac was a dream, to be honest I didn't even know I was installing the OS, just thought I was setting up the unit. Safari, what can you say, it's Firebird on steriods. Dont get me worng I use all three OS and they each have there quirks and fun points. I picked up a mac for it's digital media aspect, Linux didn't quite cut it. I still use Linux at work 95% of the time and mess about on it at home, more freedom to explore. I only use XP now for staring at blue screens and forever loading new drivers and security updates.
  5. Zaurus SL-5500 & Mandrake Linux 9.1

    First off you want to install kitchen sync, http://www.handhelds.org/~zecke/kitchensync.html it takes a while but I got it to run on 9.1 with no real problems, a few dependancies that were easily solved. Once running set up kitchen sync, you will need to select the Sharp ROM sync, I have not tried this as I use OZ so you might stop here Plug in you Z, always plug in turned on, it tends to crash if you try and power whilst in the cradle. I found it helps to press the sync button on the cradle, it might open the port or something. Now ping the IP of your Z. If no luck run an ifconfig from the console, check you have usb0 interface up (I messed about in the MCC to bring this up at boot) If you can ping run kitchen sync and the message window should say something about a connection established, it should sync now. If you are having problems check /var/log/messages when you plug your Z into the cradle to make sure it is running with the right driver/device config. It took a while of messing about but I have got it working. You can not install new apps to the Z from kitchen sync, but once you have a connection you can ftp into the Z and install the ipk's onto a card or RAM and install from there. I did find it easier to create an entry in the hosts file for 'Z', saves typing the IP address all the time.
  6. what's a DCOP?

    Thanks for the help, but what the hell is a camber adjusted Gazelle doing in my PC? and why has it decided to go to sleep? kmack your version made a little more sense, does it matter that the PC was already on, DCOP must have bummed ot over night.
  7. Are you in a LUG

    Cheers, had a quick look through and the closest one I guess would be Cambridge. Bit of a long way to drive but I will see what they have to say.
  8. I asked the same question a while back. Could not find a button to activate the connection but you can add a script to the start up so that it will connect you during your log in/startup. Then I just just gkrellm or something with a network monitor to view the status. I will try and find the link to the startup script.
  9. Are you in a LUG

    I doubt there would be a LUG in my area. Dont think sheep have really got to grasps with the whole keyboard thing. How would I find out for sure?
  10. what's a DCOP?

    I came in this morning went to start konqueror and it claimed it could not access DCOP. I re-booted, bad habit, and everything looks again but any ideas what might be the boggle?
  11. Zaurus SL-5500 & Mandrake Linux 9.1

    What version of MDK are you running? What are running on the Z? What instructions have you followed? Sorry for all the questions but I cant remember how I got mine working but hopefully you will jog my memory and I might be able to help you out :wink:
  12. Dont know if this would help, but someone has managed to get dvgrab and kino working. I tried a while back but ran into similar problems. Will try and pick up the reigns again soon. http://kino.schirmacher.de/article/view/60/1/13/
  13. KDE Problems

    I had a similar problem last night, plus my desktop decided to open all icons on single clicks rather than double clicks. Right pain in the a$$!
  14. Kylix problem

    does anyone know who to change the gui font on kylix? I see a thing :?
  15. Kylix problem

    What was the problem rcxau? I'm getting the same errors, and I didnt even know I was using time.h :roll: