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  1. kernel-desktop586- looks like a 2009.0 kernel, can you not boot that? Also you installed from the live CD so you have the desktop586 kernel which only sees 880MBs of your RAM so you should install kernel-desktop-latest which will pull in the latest desktop kernel that will see all your Ram. Ken
  2. Roger, the solution is simple if you installed from an install CD or DVD not the live CD. Simply change the jumpers so that the Windows drive is primary and the Mandriva drive is secondary, (you did say that you could still boot Windows if it was the primary drive. Now you will only be able to boot Windows so the next step is to start to install Mandriva again but in one of the first screens you should have the option to install or upgrade, chose upgrade, it won't find any thing to upgrade so it will run through very fast. At the end you should be asked where to install the boot loader, install it to the MBR of the Windows drive. Ken
  3. No need to be sorry, I learn something knew every day but seeing that the human brain has a finite capacity, at the end of the week I pick one of the seven as the best and discard the rest. Hopefully this will keep my wet hard drive from going into total lockup. Ken
  4. Not to argue but if that's possible please tell us how. As far as I know One installs a 32bit system and the only way to get a 64bit install is to reinstall, you can't just do an upgrade. Ken
  5. Perhaps because One is 32bit only?If you want 64bit it's done with install disks not live disks. Ken
  6. If it's KDE int the md5 sum is db8617b393a55926c04fd4ac772798ee Ken
  7. I would set security to standard and temporarily turn off the firewall then test. If it then works, start the firewall again and test. Keep hardening your system until you break the share, then you'll know were to start tweaking things. Ken
  8. Quanta is now part of kdewebdev. To find it in the software installer I just used search in file names from the menu that pops up when you click the binoculars. For a list of mirrors and their URL's urpmq --list-url in a konsole. Ken
  9. I'm not trying to be picky but unless you have a hyperthreading processor acpi=ht is the same as acpi=off. Ken
  10. If you boot the XP install CD does it see an already installed XP? If it does you may be able to do a repair install. If not it's probably gone. Ken
  11. That is doable, I ran Linux from one for many years but the EIDE problem may be just a symptom of more serious motherboard problems.If I was in your boots I'd go for the new motherboard or the bare bones box. Ken
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