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  1. I believe you can suspend to ram without a swap partition, however to suspend to disk your swap partition should be equal to or preferably slightly larger than your physical ram.The swap = double physical ram is from the 90's when most computers had 2MB's or less of ram and is seldom needed these days. Ken
  2. The Free-dual just gives you a very basic system that you can build upon, One doesn't have anything more than Free other than proprietary hardware drivers and is i586 only. For a complete list of packages in each version check http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Mandriva_Linux_2010.1#Package_Lists Ken
  3. Incorrect sir, One contains proprietary drivers, Free as the name suggests does not. boatman9, just setup your online repositories and enable non-free then use MCC to setup your video card and any other hardware you need to, the proprietary drivers will be downloaded and installed, done deal.
  4. That is the problem but not in the way you're thinking.Tracks on audio CDs are seen as *.wav files and the ripping software is not finding any *.wav files on the CD. This could be due to a bad CD or CD reader or may other things but no ripping program can work with something it can't see or read. Ken
  5. Why not a two or even five year release cycle? I'm waiting for 2018.1 as it might be as good as 2008.1 but updated.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by stock kernel but if you install the latest source from Mandriva you'll have all Mandriva's customizations. urpmi kernel-source-latest Then copy /usr/src/linux-XXXX to your home directory to work on it. The kernel source has a README file which is a good how-to on configuring and compiling your new kernel.
  7. It sounds like a bad iso. Did you check the md5sum of the download? Ken
  8. You're over thinking it. Try ln -s /usr/src/linux- /usr/src/linux
  9. Some people over at forum.mandriva have found that kernel-linus was able to see usb devices that the Mandrive kernel couldn't. Its worth a try.
  10. Have you tried it smartctl -a /dev/sda gives me about three pages of output. Ken
  11. Most drives log any errors so if you run smartctl on the drive you'll be able tell how many errors there are and when they happened. Ken
  12. It looks like the network is using your proxy as a DNS server. If you go through the setup a network in MCC and use an IP address other than your proxy it should work. A link to some address for DNS servers http://www.dnsserverlist.org/ Ken
  13. And just what does this mean? Are the Free, One and PWP to be discontinued? Ken
  14. https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=55083 ? Nothing has happened to the bug report since 2009-11-08, perhaps a bump by you would help. Ken
  15. Actually when you boot a One/Live CD if the CD is good and your video card is supported you should go straight to the desktop without a login screen. Ken
  16. I don't know how to bypass the messages as I have no ntfs partitions to test with but "chown" will not work on Windows file systems as they know nothing about unix ownership and permissions. Ken
  17. K Bergen


    John, /etc/fstab uses UUIDs by default so drive order will not be a problem. For mounting the drive use for example mount /mnt/my-esata-drive from the Alt+F2 run line or create a desktop short cut. Ken
  18. K Bergen


    If you use the noauto and user switches in /etc/fstab does it still have fits about a missing drive?Of course you'd have to mount it manually but that's better than using USB speeds. Ken
  19. It was in the past but checking http://freshmeat.net/projects/khexedit/ development seems to have stopped nine years ago so it may have been dropped in KDE4.
  20. I'm not sure but if when you do Ctrl+Alt+F1 you see "for x86_64" at the end of the top line it's probably 64bit and if you see "for i586" it's probably 32bit.
  21. You haven't told us anything about your system so this is a shot in the dark. Architecture mismatch? If you installed 64bit Mandriva and are using 32bit Windows drivers it won't work and will give you the errors you describe.
  22. It sounds like "speedboot" The first boot fails so it's disabled but the next boot succeeds so it's re-enabled. Try a search on how to disable it.
  23. I've done it many times and not had a problem. When a problem does arise it's generally a result of user error. Ken
  24. Just install to the removable drive and write the boot loader to the MBR of the removable drive. When you wish to boot from the removable drive use the bios or bios hot key to change the boot order/device.
  25. I believe that you can edit your first post and add (Solved) to the subject line. ext3 isn't exactly useless but it is a journaling file system and will increase the writes to the stick thus wearing it out a little sooner.
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