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  1. No , that is just the case... i don't get any error messages, even when i start it from commandline, startkde, the screen goes to graphic mode,you have to type user and password as usual...then you see the icons appearing(a harddisk, toolbox and so on..then the kde logo, and plop..back to login screen
  2. the issue is that there is something going wrong with this version of kde4, the same latest version of mandriva(and fedora, and ubuntu) but with gnome works flawlessly . But even when you have the gnome version running well, and you install kde4 (complete with all lib's and apps)from the repository and then start a kde4 sesion from the logon screen the same happens over and over again :( and i have no idea in which direction i must search to solve the bug. standard motherboard, no overclocking or other stuff, onboard video,no harddisk troubles, memtest run for 24hrs, no failure, everything works perfect.. except with kde4.4
  3. " maybe its a mouse issue...or an issue with my 360kb 5 1/4" virtual invisible liquid hydrogen cooled floppy drive
  4. i thought, maybe its my burner...so tried to burn the iso's on other pc's ... in total 9 cd's 3 distro's kde4 md5sum of all cd's checked.. all ok..all same problem :( Its not that X is failing because it all the time comes back in the graphical mode logon screen.. i tried all those passwords..none,root guest life....what you see on the screen is : the harddisk icon, then the toolbox icon... and finally it starts trying to write the kde icon... blop...there it fails...back to the logon screen. samme result if from the command prompt(failsafe mode) you type startkde or startkdm... its a pity... i like kde4, and appreciate all the progress since kde4.0... so i simply wend back to kubuntu 9.04 for this moment and will simply wait a few weeks / months for the next release of any kde4 distro, then the problem is possibly solved... but i'm glad that i'm not the only one with this problem :)
  5. :) i'm glad with your reply, so it is definitively a kde4 bug :( I tried many distro's now, mandriva kde4, fedora kde4, kubuntu kde 4... it all failed the same way i wonder why this has not been tested before releasing the life cd :( i thought all the time that it was a problem with my pc.. but it seems it isn't :) Now i still have to find out WHAT goes wrong each time with a kde4 session...when i find a solution i will drop it here. thanks jazz
  6. I have just downloaded and burned a livecd of mandriva 2010 kde, md5sum is okay everything checked. now i boot from the lifecd, it comes with a login to localhost and its asking for username and password. whatever i try user , no password(enter) guest, guest, user user.. it every time comes back asking for this user name and password.... i think i go nuts :) how can i now try out the livecd if you need to have a username and password for a livecd???? weird I also checked the readme file on the livecd.... not a word about livecd username and password I also checked the mandriva website... not a word about livecd username and password google... not one useful answer, it seems more people have the same problem, also with fedora12 kde livecd login password and no real answers, i write this about fedora12 so that anyone who gets this same problem can find it with google on this moment i'm running opensuse 11.2 with kde 4 so there is nothing wrong with my pc-- Hopefully someone can clear this up, why a username & password for a livecd, and what will be the password solution Thanks
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