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  1. That's interesting. It wouldn't be any use for me though, they're not computers I could easily install anything on. I've reformatted it with FAT, it's the best solution. Thanks everyone. derxen
  2. Thanks, changing permissions to 777 is what I did, but I now realize that I have to use the usb-stick on windows machines as well every one in a while, so it's back to vfat. (Can someone mark this topic as solved?) Out of curiosity: why is ext3 useless for usb-sticks? derxen
  3. Sorry, should have mentioned that, it's ext3. What complicates things is that I don't have root access on the work computer, it's a (experimental) linux work station. So creating a group is no option. derxen
  4. Hello I want to use a usb-stick on two linux machines, one at work, one at home. I have different user names on the two. How do I make the files readable, writable, and executable for me on both, without making all the files rwx for others? Is there a way? derxen
  5. what's this button for? oh, wait...

  6. Yes, that works. I didn't find this in the thrunderbird preferences, but edited the file by hand. It was still set to mozffremote. Thanks guys. And no, I'm not completely happy with either firefox or thunderbird, but I need one of firefox's extensions for my work, and and I can install both here at home and at work (windows, alas). thanks again derxen
  7. Thanks, daniewicz and yossarian. Yes I have tried Gnome's Preferred applications, as well as xfce's, but they don't work. Which worries me, because they should. I'll try editing the prefs.js of thunderbird, but that would still be a workaround, because it wouldn't set the preferred browser for hyperlinks in other applications. derxen
  8. Thanks John, but I'm a dedicated xfce fan. It worked fine with firefox 2, but ever since I upgraded to firefox 3 (both on mandriva 2008 and 2009) it stopped working. Doesn't work in Gnome either, btw. It's a minor issue, but annoying. derxen
  9. Hello I want webpages to open in firefox 3 when I click on a link, say in thunderbird, but I can't get it to work. Right now I have </usr/bin/firefox "%s"> in my preferred applications, but that doesn't do the trick. Does anyone know how? derxen
  10. Yes, a number of packages had not been upgraded, about 60 in my case. Not too bad out of 1523. The mirror must've been busy, because I have lots of space. derxen
  11. It worked for me. It did take a long time, so I went to bed before it finished. This morning I did have to fix the nvidia-driver, because for some reason I had two different versions of kernel module and driver, but uninstalling all nvidia stuff and then reinstalling it via 'set up the graphical server' in the hardware configuration menu did the trick. And so far everything else seems to work. So as far as I'm concerned: congratulations mandriva on a good job. Easiest update/upgrade ever. The new splash screen looks as if xorg is malfunctioning though. derxen
  12. Hello I have an 8-in-1 cardreader. After putting a cf card in with an angstrom rootfs, taken straight from an ipaq, it isn't recognized anymore. That is, it's not in the fstab, the red lights don't come on, and only the usb still works. Can anyone give me a pointer how to get it back? derxen
  13. A final update: I have now found out this was always a hardware problem, see for example http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=55422 Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem. Time for a new modem/router (I'm not handy with a soldering iron). If anyone feels tempted to buy a linksys wag54g: don't, it has many other problems as well. Does anyone know a good replacement? derxen
  14. Hi Ian I think 2008 disables ipv6 by default, because it is turned off on eth0. What's been happening the last couple of times is that it takes about ten minutes to give signs of life, then little by little it will start to blink more frequently, and eventually a link is established, and then a while later the link is stable. Takes about twenty minutes. It's as if it has to warm up. derxen
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