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  1. There's a Linux program, Eroaster, that makes it very simple to burn isos. Just urpmi eroaster to install it if it's not already installed.
  2. Quicken! Not just the regular edition but also the tax software. I'm using GnuCash right now and I don't like it nearly as much as I did Quicken. I also gave Kapital a try (I had to buy it! :lol: ) and it had way too many bugs. And I haven't seen any Linux tax software anywhere. Maybe Linux users don't do their taxes? :wink:
  3. A lot of people use Texstar's rpms. Here's the download site for for both 9.0 and 9.1 - http://ftp.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distribut...tions/mandrake/ I always install the individual packages and I would recommend staying away from devel rpms unless you think you really need them.
  4. I do a couple of things. One, I never use my primary account when I have to give out my email addy. This allows me to delete an account and create a new one if I start getting too much spam. The other is that I bounce unwanted emails back to the sender. I've been using KMail for about a year and a half for that purpose. I did a quick search with google and found a couple of programs that you might check out - spamassassin and spambouncer. I've never used either of them so I have no idea how they work or if they'll even work. Good luck! Btw, you're not counting my emails as spam are you? :wink:
  5. Thanks Michel, I installed shorewall but didn't even think about this causing the problem because I was able to connect to the internet after that. But I removed it and connected with no problem. Sheesh, why does it always have to be something obvious?
  6. For some reason today when I tried to connect to the internet I received the following message - Could not locate remote server. I dual boot between Mandrake 9.1 and ME. When I checked DrakConnect under status it shows that I'm not connected but under LAN configuration it shows that it's up. But when I click on the connect button it shows that it failed to connect. When I first start Mandrake and it's going through the checks it also shows that I'm connected. This happened to me once before and I went into ME and ran ipconfig and released my ip address and that solved the problem but it didn't work this time. Any ideas? I can't call tech support because, needless to say, they don't support Linux and I really hate using Windoze! TIA!
  7. Thanks cannon! I changed the Quick Preferences to identify as MSIE 6 and it worked. :D
  8. Just out of curiosty does anyone else have the problem with certain sites not accepting Opera? I get the message that only Netscape and IE are accepted. I don't really want to install Netscape in Linux and was wondering if there is a work around for this issue?
  9. I tried to install the shared version because that's what I've always used and couldn't get it to work so I went to the static version. Worked perfectly! Like bvc said, changing skins is soooo easy. It's definitely the best version to date. :D
  10. I can't say I made a convert out of her although she did realize that using GAIM was just as easy as using AIM. She really doesn't want to take the time and effort to learn a new operating system. She just wants to talk on-line to her friends. :(
  11. I use Linux for everything but my job. I have to run a program that was originally written for Windows 3.1 and I have Windows ME. I'm surprised it even works. I thought of trying to get it working by using Wine but it's a complex graphics program and I don't think it's worth the effort. I actually made my daughter use GAIM one time though because she wanted to use my computer instead of hers and I wouldn't allow her to boot into Windows. Mean aren't I? :wink:
  12. Actually now that I checked I did change brands. Duh! I never thought about that cause I didn't think it would make a difference especially since I've been using a good brand that's specifically for music. Guess I'll have to buy the old brands and see if I have the same problems. Thanks for the suggestion and the help!!
  13. I've burned lots of cd's before with no problem. This just started recently which is what's weird. I haven't changed anything on my system and I'm running 9.0. :?
  14. I've tried using both XCDRoast and ERoaster for burning cd's and while they'll play just fine on the computers (I have two, one with Linux and the other with Windoze for my daughter) they won't play on regular CD players. I'm using Memorex Music CD-R's so I don't see that the CDs themselves should be a problem. I've also tried using another brand btw. Anybody else ever encounter this or have any ideas?
  15. On a positive note I thought I'd share this with everyone. There is a major, national food company that recently switched to Linux with the exception of one or two computers that they need to receive information from other companies. They retrained all of their staff, changed to a Unix server, etc. The reason? They had taken a copy of a M$ program and installed it on all their computers. M$ wants companies, and people, to buy a copy for each computer. A disgruntled ex-employee reported them to M$ who fined them. This company said f' you. Now let's hope that more companies wise up! :wink:
  16. Don't know if this will help for you Access questions or not - http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?p=2408#2408
  17. http://www.rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/sear...ubmit=Search+...
  18. I don't know if this will help or not http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?p=2408#2408
  19. 7 seconds. I can't tell you the kb per sec cause it kept changing on me too fast. Hope that helps! And I'm using Opera btw. :)
  20. If you're still interested in virus protection software I use f-prot. It's free for personal use. Here's a download site ftp://ftp.f-prot.com/pub/bsd/fp-freebsd-sb.tar.gz The instructions for installation are simple and when you want to update all you do is run ./check-updates.sh and to scan for viruses you run ./f-prot-sh / to check your root directory. It's very easy to use and install. I know the chances are slim but I still check periodically and I also use a firewall. IMO you can never be too safe. Just my two cents American.
  21. I downloaded it , untarred it and there's an executable file for installation. You should try ./ before the name of the install file. I tried it and it started the installation but then I quit because I didn't want to install it.
  22. mystified

    Programs in K

    I have this happen with programs that are not part of the Mandrake package. For instance when I installed Opera from an RPM it was not added to the menu and I had to add it manually. Don't know if that's the same situation you're having or not.
  23. Don't know if you've tried this or not already but under Kmail Settings, Configure Kmail, Appearance you can change the font and the font size. Hope I understood your question correctly!
  24. Yikes! I have to admit that when I started out as a computer programming major we used punch cards.
  25. I use Open Office and while I agree that it takes waayyyy too long to open up once it's started it works great. I also use KWord and KSpread. Just depends on what I'm doing and how fast I want to do it. I'll admit that they're not nearly as slick as MS Office apps but they do the job well enough for what I use them for. As for your second question I use Open Office because it's compatible with MS Office and it's free! I do have MS Office installed on a second HD but I only boot into that one for my job and I'm determined to not use Windoze products for anything other than what's absolutely necessary (the program I have to run for work).
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