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  1. RadioEar's account has been suspended for 1 year and is due to end around May 9th 2009.

  2. Voltage

    Doom 4

    iD Software has always offered a linux port for all of its games, a sin of good quality in my opinion. Go Doom 4!
  3. Voltage, You Are A Swell Nephew!!

  4. I agree, I rather enjoy it.
  5. Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. Its free, its linux compatible, its id, and its wolf. Doesnt get any better
  6. Im probably more attuned to your tastes, i enjoy the uzzle games once in a while but those id software fast action fps shooters are the greatest 1rst person shooters out there. I also enjoyed the half-life series, which took more of a problem solving angle. I tried to install it a few weeks ago but found out that my version is severly outdated, and the only way to get it updated is to buy a subscription to a gaming file site, or just buy another copy. Any other (ex/current) half-life players out there? I'm refering to the originals by the way. :lol: You are a doom-doom2 master however. Perhaps a "old school" gaming expert
  7. Just thought I'd open a thread cause im kind of curious to see what the most popular type of game is played. I personally like first person shooters, some third person shooters and a lot of shoot em ups. Strategy games are a lot of fun also, and puzzle games come in closely behind that.
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