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  1. I don't believe shaman is intended to replace pacman, I would say it's more the GUI alternative to pacman - it still uses the pacman libraries (libalpm). Which you use depends on whether you prefer a GUI- or a CLI-based package manager.
  2. Funny, I was going to recommend Chakra, but I didn't because of this specification: I guess when you said "xorg" I didn't think "desktop environment"
  3. Previously Arch had hwdetect for detecting and configuring hardware. It's been deprecated since udev apparently handles hardware detection at boot. Arch does not aim to be dead easy, it aims to be simple. The two things are very different.
  4. It's in the subtitle of the thread ;) Just John - do you know if you are using the proprietary drivers or the drivers included with xorg?
  5. Many of the regulars around here have been around for several years, and have tried many different distributions :) Up until this sentence, I thought Arch would fill all your needs. The "breeze to install" part is going to be hard to satisfy given this requirement: You're basically asking for an installation that requires more interaction than what (at least in my opinion) would qualify as "a breeze to install". I think Arch will suite your needs (but I may be biased ;) )
  6. - took the words right out of my mouth :P I believe you need to use "set", though I'm not versed in it's syntax: http://www.fishshell.org/user_doc/commands.html#set
  7. Nothing wrong with delaying a release to improve it. However, they better deliver a fairly solid product or people will think this was wasted time.
  8. IIRC, this can be changed in the User Manager/User Accounts (whatever they call it) in Mandriva Control Center, by modifying the settings for your account.
  9. But, what if I want to do something like put a link in the middle of a sentence? Does it make it easy to change the text? :unsure:
  10. tyme


    Do you mean the visual representation of the library in the GUI? That is, selecting Artist/Album/Song? Or do you mean in some other way?
  11. tyme


    I disagree. Rhythmbox is quite nice, and does everything I need. I find Amarok to be a bit bloated, far too many unnecessary features tossed in for shits and giggles.
  12. That quote is very old - Jun 9 2005 - long before phpBB 3 was released. The earlier versions where much cleaner, but in recent years it's gotten more like IPB and other boards.
  13. Metacity = the window manager included in GNOME (like kwin for KDE). Slim is an alternative window manager. If you start the application from the terminal, there is a chance that - upon it crashing - some information will be written to the terminal that is useful. Often warnings, error messages, etc. will be output to a terminal (when you would not see them otherwise) - starting from when you run the application to when it closes (not just when you launch it). So medo's tip is, in fact, relevant to your problem. I would suspect a bad user setting first - try creating a new user, login as that user, and see if the issues persist. If so, then the next thing to check is your GNOME install - try reinstalling it. If problems STILL persists, check your RAM with memtest86+, as a bad piece of RAM can cause problems such as this (and weirder ones).
  14. I would not recommend using a solid state storage device on a server, since servers tend to have high read/write, and the life of SSD's is greatly affected by this.
  15. carl: if you'd like to ignore AussieJohn (or other users), it may be useful to find the ignore feature for the forum. This can be done from the users profile page, by clicking the "Options" drop-down menu and selecting "Ignore User". AussieJohn: I find this humorous: in light of this: When being patronizing, expect to be patronized in kind. Sorry, carl, I have nothing useful to add regarding your original inquiry. Is component your only option for the connection? Note that most video capture cards will have a generic "video-in" connection, but you can connect a composite with the proper "dongle" (usually included with the card, if you don't purchase it OEM).
  16. For GNOME, open the Theme Manager (IIRC, System -> Preferences -> Themes) and drag and drop the download ZIP (or similar) files into this window, or use the button for adding themes. Alternatively, extract the contents to the .themes folder in your Home directory (you may need to right click on Nautilus, the file browser, and turn on "Show Hidden Files/Directories"). Right click on the Panel and select Properties. I don't know specific answers to your other questions right now (not in front of a Linux machine), so hopefully someone else has tips.
  17. reinstall: chances are, this is only one of many, very bad issues that you will likely run into if you continue mixing stable and cooker. of course, instead of a reinstall you could spend a good night or two removing the cooker sources and rolling every single package that was "upgraded" back to whatever is in stable, but that may make your head explode (mine would). don't use cooker again. never use cooker on anything that is so critical it would result in a post having the title "URGENT/IMMEDIATE HELP NEEDED/etc." when something goes wrong. comparatively speaking, downloading the openoffice.org package from their website and installing it manually is easier and safer then mixing cooker and stable.
  18. generally, hauppage cards have good linux compatibility. research it, though...i can't recommend a specific one.
  19. tyme

    KDE 4

    there is actually...but they stopped development on it when they started KDE4 (or sometime during KDE4's development). Some distro's have it available as "d3lphin". [thanks to wikipedia]
  20. sorry neddie...my forgetfulness won out on this one :( All this can be done via the trackpad - if you configure it appropriately in the control panel. Either the bottom left or the bottom right of the trackpad can be set as right-click (and it does work pretty well, once you get a feel for where "bottom left/right" is, exactly) and you can scroll using two fingers on the trackpad.
  21. tyme

    Where is Krita?

    KOffice 1.6 (latest stable) is for QT/KDE 3, Mandriva 2009.0 has QT/KDE 4 as the default, the latest KOffice for KDE4 is still in beta. I'm going to guess that's why - they didn't want to have to mess with trying to get KOffice 1.6 running on a KDE4-based system (or wasn't technically possible for some reason).
  22. tyme

    Where is Krita?

    Have you set up your repo's with easy-urpmi? (see link at top of this page)
  23. Then the shortcuts definitely don't have anything to do with it. I don't really know a lot about fish - perhaps it has something analogous to BASH's environment variables, and you need to set those up properly. Try giving the full path to the gksu binary - I'm not sure what it would be on Mandriva (whereis gksu should tell you), but assuming /usr/bin/gksu do something like: /usr/bin/gksu terminal and see if that works.
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