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  1. did you have the printer plugged in and turned on during the install? just curious-mandrake _should_ have detected it, i believe... although guessing what model it is from the way it looks is always a bit risky :) anywho...good luck and if you get any further and find a resolution post it here for others who might be having the same trouble :)
  2. ok, aside from The GIMP, what other good graphics programs are there for Linux? specifically 3D rendering-type progs (like Bryce for windows). and just about anything else that does a crap load of image rendering schtuff... even better if they are also free :-D
  3. Compaq printers _are_ lexmark printers in disguise. those sneaky bastards....... as for your problem, make sure the file ends in .gz-if not, you need to use a different unzip utility :) if it does, try downloading it again...you may have gotten a bad one.
  4. it's timing out because it's not getting a reply from the server. did you try to connect to sourceforge again later? that maybe another red herring. as for your personal system, i would make sure that firestarter has the IP of the computer you are connecting from as "trusted"...and I think you can say what port it's trusted to connect to...not sure. also, check in MCC (mandrake control center) and make sure that the firewall mandrake has by default isn't blocking the ssh port. also try doing just a local ssh (ssh localhost) from the machine running the server, make sure it's being started (erm...this should have been the first step, but i didn't think of it till now).
  5. tyme

    KDE freezes

    usually a ctrl+alt+backspace (i think that's the command) will restart the X-server, you'll have to login again, but atleast you won't have to reboot. the other option is to do ctrl+alt+F1 to go to a virtual terminal (is that what it's called?), login as root, do a ps -fu root and look for the X process, then kill it kill [process ID (PID) here] i think there's a better way than ps -fu root, but i don't remember it...
  6. which wireless card did you get? did you wait for about 5+ minutes and see if it came back with any response-such as eth0 initialization failed? If it can't get an IP (assuming you are doing DHCP) it will hang at this point in the startup for a good while before giving up (failing) and continuing on through the startup.
  7. I used to have issues w/my system being slow and I couldn't get and IP address through DHCP-how did you configure your networking when you turned off the DHCP?
  8. tyme

    DVD Player Probs.

    this is indicating that xine doesn't have the dvd decoding plugin. i never fooled around w/xine, ogle always worked find for me...but i believe there was mention of where to find that plugin somewhere in the links above-make sure you installed it right and that xine knows where to find it.
  9. then you should be able to fix it to come out of both using the mixer-just a balancing issue i guess...?
  10. odd...i never had issues with my SBLive...only thing i can think of: check mandrake control center, go into the hardware section, and look under the sound car section, make sure it's detecting your sound card right and also run the configuration and see if the sound comes out right through that-although from what you're saying i don't think it will. i'll do a little research and see if i can find a better answer...
  11. what version of mandrake are you using?
  12. tyme

    Game icons

    I see the original freespace on there...does that run good in linux? i _love_ the freespace series.....
  13. actually.....i've played the PS2, and it sucks compared to my computer. as someone mentioned before, the problem with computers is that there are soooo many different peices of hardware possible, and they change constantly. new stuff comes out, that works in new ways, and things need to be fixed so they work correctly w/the new hardware-there _is no standard_. i've never had any major issues that couldn't be fixed in a whole 10 minutes at most. PS2 graphics suck compared to computer. why? tv's can only run at 800x600 resolution, whereas my computer goes up to 1280x1024. given, i normally run games at 1024x768, but truthfully, they still look better at 800x600 then on a TV. plus, i can do about half a million other things with my computer-that are productive-why should i spend another $200+ just to play "crap games"? screw that, give me a computer and i'm good to go...... one more thought-let's see them patch PS1 games to run on the PS2-that would make it interesting, and would be merely a _fraction_ of what happens with computers atleast _once a month_. new hardware. do i need to get into the specific hardware configuration of the PS2 and compare it to the top-of-the-line computer configuration to show you how much a peice of crap the PS2 is? 'cuz i will... (and yes, we'll even compare it to the top-of-the-line at the time the PS2 came out)
  14. why boycott just winex? why not boycott wine too? after all, it does the same thing......... hell. boycott all emulators while we're at it........ point: winex is good for running old (as in, already released) games that companies have stopped working on and will never bother porting to linux. or games made to run in directx (those bastards), which, again, will mostl likely never be ported to linux. it IS useful. it is NOT an excuse to not make a native port whenever possible. linux users are not the majority, and we all know the majority rules. at this point, i still dual boot w/XP so i can play my favorite games-accept when they are available for linux (UT2k3 for example).
  15. tyme

    descent 2 on linux

    did you check /usr/local/bin? /usr/local/bin/games? if you open up kpackage, find the rpm in the list, and check the "File List" it should be listed somewhere there as to where the executable is.
  16. after you click on "Host Multiplayer Game" go to the "Server" options tab, there is a checkbox for "Dedicated Server", click that. and when you click start it will exit out of the game and start a terminal window which i would guess to be the dedicated server.
  17. it was firewalled. good thing tho :) i'm only going to open it up when i plan to connect to the machine, otherwise i'll keep it shut so no once tries connecting to it. thanks!
  18. tyme

    rox toolbar icons

    i have more questions related to this. how do you set different icons for within rox? like, the cdrom icon, etc. i saw it in your screen shots. do you use the same thing? figured this one out, use the set icon option for the file types and how did you change the background for the rox panel? does it have to do with gtk?
  19. first off, has anyone gotten X-Win32 working with Mandrake 9.0 running the GDM login? I seem to be unable to connect, but I set up everything for XDMCP in the GDM configurator. I'm not sure what I'm forgetting to do, any ideas? Also, I want to set up a mail server. Exim was suggested to me, but I'm hitting errors compiling, any other suggestions of good mail servers? I see the "mailman" that comes with MDK9, but I'm unsure if thats what I want..... Thanks for any help guys :)
  20. only way i know to do this is using an ftp or sftp session.... i don't think ssh alone can transfer files.
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