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  1. Hey I just finished installing mandrake 10.1 community edition. Everything is working perfectly. My ownly problem is i want to get the 3d accelerated driver for my ATI mobility 9600? Is there any easy way to do this in mandrake. Ive never installed ati drivers before, only nvidia ones. Any help would be greatful, thanks!
  2. ok, when i do lspci i do not see my pcmcia ethernet card?
  3. OK, i went ahead and did an upgrade with 10.1 ce everything installed but the ethernet card has not been detected and internet is still not working. When i type lsmod it lists pcmcia_core 59972 3 pcnet_cs,ds,yenta_socket pcnet_cs is the module needed for my ethernet card so i am assuming the computer atleast knows it has it installed? How can i select this device for use as my ethernet card? it does not show up in harddrake or crakeconnect or whatever the wizard was for internet
  4. Ok, i did the upgrade and it said something about loading pcmcia but when i go to the internet configuration of the install it says select the network interface to configure, and all it shows is the built in conexant|LANfinity ethernet card. This card is broken and does not work, the computer thinks it does but it does not connect to the internet, thus the reason i am trying to use a pcmcia ethernetcard. I have gone through the bios and there is no way to turn off the ethernet card? is there something i must first do to get it to reconize the pcmcia card as my ethernet card? at boot it says starting pcmcia: cardmgr socket 0 linksys network everywhere np100 [ OK ] Also the hardware is not listed in hardrake
  5. I just finished installing mandrake 10 on my compaq presario 1700t, i am trying to get it on the internet via my new linksys etherfast nc100 i have the device pluged in, but it does not show up in hardrake is there anything i must do to detect and or install a pcmcia driver or whatever would be needed? This is my first time installing linux on a labtop so any thing of help would be thankful [moved from Hardware by spinynorman]
  6. mod note: moved to emulation by tyme I just instaled Steam via, Winex3 and i went ahead and installed the tg-font-install as well. My font still do not work correctly. I check out the transgaming font FAQ and it didnt really help me i think i do not have the newest version of freetype2. Does anyone know where i can get the new freetype2 for mandrake 10. I only installed using the first cd is there any chance it could be on the second cd or third/forth. Also has anyone successfuly gotten CS/STEAM to run in mandrake 10 and if so how did you do it? any help you could give me would be greatful, i want to get gaming soon!
  7. I have Libranet 2.8.1 and i just went to isntall ut2003 Im getting some sort of gtk-warning error. mad@Linux:~$ ./linux_installer.sh Copying to a temporary location... Verifying archive integrity... All good. Uncompressing Unreal Tournament 2003 for GNU/Linux 2199.................................................................... Gtk-WARNING **: GModule initialization check failed: Gtk+ version too old (micro mismatch) its not letting me see the user agrement thing, so i cant install the game. atleast thats what i think is happening. I know this is a mandrake board but the libranet one sucks,
  8. what can i do do to fix this problem i really want to get 9.2 installed as soon as possible? what hardware would it be that isnt working?
  9. ive looked at the kernel message and such before and all it said was that it couldnt load the second stage and basicaly it couldnt read it on the cdrom? how do i check if my bittolerent downloads are courupt isnt there some gpc key or something like that i can use to check?
  10. I went to install mandrake 9.2 today and it started to boot the cd and everything went fine but when it started to load i think it was the second stage right before the graphical install screen shows up it said there was a problem loading second stage ram disk i think it was and it asked me if my hardware was faulty or something. ive had this problem installing other copys of mandrake on other older systems but it has always worked on mine? anyone know what it might be?
  11. the fonts program didnt work it only changed the headers font size and such, im not sure what i did though would it have anything to do with me upgradeing anything? check the screen shot i had in the first post see how the writing size in gaim is really small and it is in all the other programs too
  12. I have a question about my desktop im running the latest kde and i was messing around with the look & feel and such and i have made everything look really nice but i did something to make the fonts size in programs like gaim and mozilla very small? i tryed to change it on one of the settings in the look & feel directory but i couldnt find anything that fixed the problem? here is a picture to show you what im talking about. http://www.urbandev.net/mad/text.png
  13. MOHAA runs and it starts, right but on the menu if i click on anything it freezes! i know this is only beta 1 and ders still problems but has ne one got it to work and if so how well?
  14. MadHattr

    gaim 0.67 rpm?

    no the mandrake rpm
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