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  1. Hello everyone ! Just for the currous ones, yes I'm still alive :P . I'm not fooling around with computers anymore. I bought a sport bike 2 years ago and I'm always on it when I'm not actually working :D . I still run MDK 9.0 SMP on my old dual pentium machine (kind of a server for my needs) and I run xp on my desktop simply because I need it for my job. Now, I wanted to take some news about Mandrake today, like what is the new version, what are the new features and noticed that the mandrake.com site is down and I see Mandriva everywhere. What's goin on ? Thanks MOttS
  2. FAQ updated to nVidia version 5336 http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=4567 MOttS
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    woupsy .. sorry for that
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    Hey thanks for the link Aru .. not even on mandrakelinux.com yet ! I'm downloading it right now .. avg rate of 400 KB/s .. should be done in 1:15 MOttS
  5. No, you can use this PC to do port forwarding and firewalling as well. If you are a geek you can install IPtable and play with it right away. However, I suggest you to install Shorewall, which is a nice frontend to IPtable. Good luck MOtts
  6. Don't know why you would use a proxy server to do that since the NAT protocol works quite well for that. And there is a nice wizard in the mandrake control center that configure this for your. I have pretty much the same setup as you. Ie one MDK 9.0 box with 2 ethernet cards. Card1 (eth0) is connected to my cable modem and Card2 (eth1) to a hub .. and me & my girlfriend are connected to this hub. I only had to run the wizard in MCC->Server->ICS (internet connection sharing) and configure the clients on the LAN to use dhcp at boot and everything was working. I mean my computer and the one of my gf were able to surf the net no prob .. that mean that my server (the MDK 9.0 box) shares the net. This wizard installs a firewall (Shorewall). If you want to run some services on your server (CS for instance), you will have to configure it. Ie write some lines in the config script of Shorewall (located at /etc/shorewall/rules) so that some ports are opened for remote connections. By default the server is really secured. I mean that all ports are hidden from the net so even if you run a CS server, no one will be able to connect to it. I wrote a simple FAQ about Shorewall some time ago. Here is the link for ya: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=4731 Good luck ! If you want some help to set things up, don't be afraid to ask ! MOttS
  7. :lol: You got me on this one .. :lol: MOttS
  8. :lol: Well, I only had to rename a file in /etc/dynamic/launchers/tvtuner as I wrote there : http://www.MandrakeUsers.org/index.php?sho...wtopic=5415&hl= HTH MottS
  9. Hi Technonoid Are you sure you have a TV in connection behind your card? Because I basically have the same card (gforce mx440) and I only have a TV out .. no TV in. I need a seperate card to have the TV in (happagauge TVfm). Anyway, if you do have a TV in plug, load the proper driver (modprobe 'drivername' .. lsmod to check if it is loaded) and try TVtime. I was using Xawtv before TVtime and man .. this prog run very smoothly on my computer. Here is the website. http://tvtime.sourceforge.net/ Good luck! MOttS
  10. Hi guys I know nothing about external power connector .. but what about setting the variable "NoPowerConnectorCheck" to "0" in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and startx thereafter? .. my 2 cents MOttS
  11. Hi x2x What about using the 'repair' option? Just boot the XP cd .. one of the first questions the installer ask you is INSTALL REPAIR .. something like that. You can do that with XP pro .. don't know with XP home but it worth the try ! Other than that .. boot Linux and save all your stuff on CDS and reinstall XP. MOttS
  12. Hi guys It is an old post but this can be usefull.. at least that was for me. To remove permanently this anoying icon I had to rename as root (you can also delete the file if you feel bad today) file kde.desktop in /etc/dynamic/launchers/tvtuner. As simple as that. cd /etc/dynamic/launchers/tvtuner mv kde.desktop kde.desktop.bak But thanks for the hint ! MOttS
  13. Hi Vdubjunkie This is probably not the answer you are looking for but here we go: You LOWID problem .. did you forward port 4662 from your server (gateway actually) to your desktop running eMule? Did you try the statically compiled version of aMule? .. those guys (eDonkey, eMule, xMule, aMule, whatever open source) usually make static binaries that don't need anything to run. Did you try the Linux version of eDonkey? Here is what I use: http://ed2k-gtk-gui.sourceforge.net/index.shtml Hope this helps a little .. MOttS
  14. Hey .. thanks Anon ! This is what I was looking for basically (the ExtendedLog). I put the following in my /etc/proftpd.conf file and it started to log what I wanted .. ExtendedLog /var/log/proftpd/ProFTPd.read.log READ ExtendedLog /var/log/proftpd/ProFTPd.write.log WRITE Here is the man page of ExtendedLog for other to use .. http://www.proftpd.org/docs/directives/lin...xtendedLog.html Thanks again ! MOttS
  15. Hi all I'd like my ftp server (proftpd) to write some log file .. like the Access and Error file for Apache. Now whenever someone log in and get files nothing is written into /var/log/proftpd .. anoying ! So what do I have to add in the config file? Thx MottS
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