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  1. I had Vista running running for a year and a half before installing anti-virus software and despite being connected to the internet 24/7 still no viruses. The government's Mexican Al Qaeda pirate hacker propaganda has become just plain absurd. But I guess they need some excuse to retroactively absolve themselves for illegal wiretapping, not to mention violating the constitution itself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Room_641A To be fair though, Vista does come with Defender and I use UAC. Older versions aren't as secure out-of-the-box.
  2. RealCrypt is TrueCrypt rebranded by Mandriva and with a new easy-to-use GUI interface. So there's absolutely no reason to use Fedora or the NSA spyware Red Hat bundles with it. http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/RealCrypt Big corporations and governments pose a much greater security risk than crackers or terrorists in the today's global fascist police state.
  3. FWIW, setting up the non-free version was even easier with the AMD64 .run file from http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/...Linux_amd64.run just su - to root cd to the download dir and ./sh the .run file. It does all the rest. And I've never had to manually recompile anything after updating my kernel. http://www.4crito.com/msgbrd/pics/virtbox.jpg
  4. I think VirtualBox is equal to VMWare, at least the non-corporate/enterprise editions. Originally wanted to use this box for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-X actually, but it just wouldn't work with my AMD processor. :( Anywho, RAM is CHEAP right now. Mwave has Kingston 4GB dual channel kits (2 X 2GB DDR2-1066) for $66! With shipping and everything that's 8GB for about $150! Amazing! http://www.mwave.com/mwave/SkuSearch_v2.as...riteria=ba25532 I'm thinking of waiting for AM3 sockets with DDR3 support for my Phenom X4 build though. Not sure yet...
  5. Would be great if Mandriva just included the full version with PowerPack though. VirtualBox OSE is more appropriate for Mandriva Free.
  6. Unfortunately they only provide 32-bit packages for Mandriva. I'm using PowerPack 64-bit.
  7. the kernel-server-devel-latest package was already installed, so I did: su - urpme virtualbox downloaded the generic AMD64 run file cd to the download dir sh ./VirtualBox-package.run it built a kernel module and modprobed it automagically at this point my USB keyboard went haywire but I managed to alt-F1, login as root and issue a shutdown -h now. after cold booting back up everything worked fine. Sun xVM VirtualBox was installed with an icon in same place as before (tools --> emulators) and my previously configured Vista machine was still there too. ;) Guess I'll have to recompile that module manually every time a new kernel comes out... was fairly painless though.
  8. 32-bit Vista runs like greased lightning with VirtualBox under 64-bit Mandriva, on my 5000+ X2 Black Edition with 4GB RAM anyways. Can't wait to build a quad core with 8GB now. :D
  9. What's the best way to upgrade the OSE of VirtBox to the full version? I need the built-in RDP server feature. Currently running the 64-bit edition of 2009.0 PowerPack. Was kind of hoping it would come with the commercial version of VirtualBox, since PowerPack includes other proprietary software, like nVidia drivers. Anywho, VirtualBox website has packages for Mandriva but they're 32-bit only. There's a generic .run file for AMD64 though.
  10. Stock Mandriva 2009 w/ KDE 4.1 running Windows Vista w/ Sun VirtualBox OSE on a Black Edition Athlon 5000+ (65 watts) overclocked slightly to ~5500+ (using a 14X multiplier instead of stock 13X).
  11. I'm still adjusting to KDE 4.1 myself. Not having any performance or hardware problems though. The installer is absolutely the BEST of any distro. Heck, I'd even say the installer is the best of any OS, Windows, *nix or otherwise. The 3D desktop runs fine on my nVidia 7600. And including VirtualBox OSE in the repositories made setting up a VM server way too easy. I've got Vista running inside Mandriva right now, as a matter of fact. ;) Couldn't get Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V running on any of my AMD boxes and VMWare thinks it's their job to sell SCSI hardware.
  12. Something seems to be polling the DVD drive periodically. I guess it's whatever automounts disks. Which would explain why you can't find any open files associated with the activity.
  13. Samba is completely broken and useless at this point, not just in Mandy but most other distros as well. All users want is simple SMB/CIFS file sharing. Nobody wants to emulate an NT 4.0 domain controller. Unfortunately the developers aren't listening.
  14. It shouldn't be this hard to figure out what's accessing the drive every few seconds. If I wanted to be left completely in the dark about what's going on with my system I'd be using Vista. Surely there's SOME utility or command that will give me the info I want.
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