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  1. esulcer

    UT 3 for linux?

    Yeah, sorry about that, iirc, at the time, one of the posts, the first, wasn't turning up, at least it wasn't visible to me, so I did the second. Very sorry for the huge inconvenience it must have caused everyone. Yeah, but I do think that Epic, and hence Mark Rein have a little to do with whether or not we actually get a Linux client, I mean, if they say it's not going to be released, it doesn't matter what icculus does or says or thinks, it won't be released. From what some Epic employees have said, all be it off the record, some of the legal, and other problems with it, may mean that we won't be seeing it, or if we do, there may be some stuff that will make for some unhappy little penguins. But yeah, your essentially right, icculus is in charge of the porting, however he can't do squat if Epic doesn't allow it. So I think you could take what Epic/Mark Rein says at least with a little seriousness But anyway, in the end, it wouldn't be much of a loss if the Linux client didn't come to fruition, as the game really isn't that good, and there are not many people playing it online, so by the time the Linux client arrives, if it does, UT3 may well be already dead. Many would say it already is. The reason I came here today was to update the link to the video, as the other one is now dead it seems, so without further adoo, http://blip.tv/file/683680?filename=Heywoo...nterview246.mov
  2. Interviewer - What about Mac and Linux versions ? Mark Rein - . . . and Linux, it's just kind of a pet project, so if it happens it happens. http://s10.video.blip.tv/14300024331...terview246.mov (approx 48 seconds in) Sounds a bit ominous to me, certainly a far cry from the way they led people to believe early on that it would be a certainty. [EDIT] The original link seems to be dead, so, http://blip.tv/file/683680?filename=Heywoo...nterview246.mov
  3. esulcer

    UT 3 for linux?

    Maybe some more BAD NEWS for you Linux people (glad I went back to Windows, although UT3 isn't that good :( . . ) Interviewer - What about Mac and Linux versions ? Mark Rein - . . . and Linux, it's just kind of a pet project, so if it happens it happens. http://s10.video.blip.tv/14300024331...terview246.mov (approx 48 seconds in) Sounds a bit ominous to me, certainly a far cry from the way they led people to believe early on that it would be a certainty.
  4. bulgarian, in Mandriva 2008, there is a very simple way of doing it, it does not require you to edit any file, all you got to do is the following. put the image you want to use in /.kde/share/icons/NameOfTheIconThemeYouUse/32x32/apps , this directory probably will not exist, so you have to create it rename your image/new icon kmenu.png Right click on the start/Kmenu button and choose switch to Default KDE button Your new icon should now show up. In the above /.kde/share/icons/NameOfTheIconThemeYouUse/32x32/apps path, you must insert the theme you use in place of NameOfTheIconThemeYouUse of course, it wii be something like Crystalvg, whatever you chose. I don't remember what they are exactly, and I can't help you any further, as I don't use Linux any more, I have returned to Windows, just can't get coming to the forums out of my system yet, been coming here daily for a couple of years, so it's a bit of a habit, but if you have trouble, someone else should be able to take it from here.
  5. I believe noclean still works, although I can't remember if it is -noclean or --noclean or --no-clean or whatever, should be easy to find though in the help or man pages also you can edit the file /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/urpm/install.pm by finding if (@l == 0 && !$options{test} && $options{post_clean_cache}) { and either commenting it out, and/or replacing it with if ( 0 ) { this will keep the files that are downloaded, whether you use cli urpmi, or via MCC Software Manager. I used to use it under 2007 and 2008, it works fine.
  6. You do realize that you need some files off the CD? You need the pak0.pak file, players and video directories from the \Install\Data\baseq2 directory on the CD, and you need to place them in your Quake2\baseq2 directory.
  7. Glad you got it going, :) Yes, Linux is very good, I especially like Mandriva Again, Yes, I agree, but unfortunately, I don't think things are going to change dramatically in that respect any time soon, at least not as far as commercial games are concerned, there will be some here and there, but the vast majority won't be available for Linux, at least not Natively. You may be able to get more working under things like Wine, or Cedega, but they are not without their problems either. This is sadly why I am going back to Windows, at least there I can get everything I want, and without having to wait, for sometimes long periods after a games initial release to get a Linux client, if indeed you get one at all. This is of course not the fault of Linux, but, it is Linux's problem, and a problem that isn't going to be remedied anytime soon. Oh for the day when Software and Hardware manufacturers treat Linux users on an equal with Windows users. Not going to happen I know, but you can dream . . . Oh well, I'm typing this from my last surviving Linux machine, just holding on a little longer :) , the other 2 are already back on XP Pro, but time now to change this one back as well :sad:, It's been a good couple of years using Linux, but I have been worn down by the compromises that have to be made when you are a gamer . Have fun with sauerbraten.
  8. I actually much prefer Vendetta Online, perhaps I'm just more of a twitchy type person.
  9. Plus I think Microsoft is trying to move in on the action, I'm pretty sure this is the one I was reading about, and apparently by the end of the year they will be shipping them with Windows installed on them. I guess Microsoft seen how good they were doing, and thought they would/should have some of the action, which is fair enough I guess, it's a business, and making money is what it's all about. Or maybe if you are cynical, they thought, 'lets squash this Linux thing before it gets out of hand ' or something similar. Yes there it be linky clicky
  10. You appear to be trying to compile it from source. What file did you download? All you should have to do is download the correct file, and extract it, recreating folders, then make a shortcut to it on your Desktop. The file you need is the following, http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sauerbrat...mp;big_mirror=0 I install all my games to /user/local/games/ (you can install yours where ever you like, you don't have to follow me), so I would extract the file sauerbraten_2007_08_19_summer_edition_linux.tar.bz2, with folder names to /user/local/games/, thus creating /usr/local/games/sauerbraten Then create a shortcut on your desktop, Right Click on Desktop - Create New - Link To Application , Then under the General tab, give it a name, then go to the Application tab, and in the Command box, put sh sauerbraten_unix , then in the Work Path box, navigate to /usr/local/games/sauerbraten (or where ever you installed to), click OK. You will now have a shortcut on your Desktop. You can also give it an icon by selecting the big box on the General tab, and browsing to a suitable image file. Now just double click the shortcut, and away you should go, I never had to do any of the chmod +x stuff above, but you may, that's just how I did it. (and remember children, don't drink alcohol, and say no to drugs!!)
  11. esulcer

    UT 3 for linux?

    Yes, this makes my very disappointed, plus I have built a new PC for UT3, which I have yet to fire up, haven't even installed an OS on it yet, up until recently you couldn't get Linux drivers for the 2 8800GT's I have in it, nvidia released beta drivers with support for the 8800GT a couple of days ago, but I don't want to use beta drivers, windows has had support for the card practically since it's release. I'm getting that old 'Second Class Citizen' feeling again. I think I'll be installing XP PRO on my new PC tomorrow (then I'll go and get Crysis :) ), only thing with that is, once I start to use Photoshop, 3DSMAX, ProTools and BFD again, I'll probably just say 'eff that', and change my other 2 PC's back to XP PRO. Man I wish Linux had the level of support from Hardware/Software developers that Windows has, but, it hasn't. Tell you one thing though, if it did, you'd probably see Microsoft go out of business overnight. If I wasn't a vegetarian, I think I'd just go and eat worms.
  12. More mirrors for the updated ETQW 1.2 Linux Client can be found at the site below http://community.enemyterritory.com/index.php?q=node/201
  13. Read about it below. http://www.linuxlookup.com/2007/nov/19/man...n_softool_event
  14. As you have been moving drives around, adding and removing drives, has the drive name changed on your CD/DVD drives, eg, what was hdd, may now be hdc type of thing, what I am getting at, could it be that what the DVD drive used to be, is now what the CD is? did you change the master/slave order of the CD/DVD drives either by the jumpers or cabling?
  15. New version of the Linux 1.2 client has now been release. Voice chat now supported. http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/etqw/...e486957254a5aef Download ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/etqw http://zerowing.idsoftware.com:6969/ [Torrent]
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