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  1. Hello everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know my 'conclusion'. It turns out MDK 10 does come w/ an encrypted file system out of the box, but only available if you use the expert mode in the diskdrake tool, then options. I made a partition for /home encrypted, and set up with /etc/modprobe.preload to load up cryptoloop, so during boot up it prompts me for the pass phrase. I'm quite pleased with this solution, but a word of warning, setting up an encrypted file system has a huge performance hit, it's very obvious and slows all disk i/o down. This may not be acceptable if you really need maximum performance. The obvious solution to this would be to have a very fast system but I don't have the $$$ for that right now, but at least I can sleep well at night. Thank you kindly, Ben
  2. Holy smokes, How do I access the encrypted file systems in the control center partitions utilty?! I read in http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/10.0/features/#10 about encrypted file systems but I can't seem to find it when I use the utility. When I access format, I only get ext2, ext3, resier, etc. as is typcial but I find nothing to do with encryption? I guess encrypting everything makes sense but I would be happy with just encrypting a volume for my documents, if that is an easier thing. Thank you kindly, Ben
  3. Hi guys, Holy smokes that is scary about root!! But I see how it is convenient as well. Thanks for replying, I am grateful we are part of such an active community. Regarding mounting a secure volume on a USB key or what have you (I don't see why it would not equally apply to USB2 drives), can I do such a thing w/o figuring out BestCrypt/Loop/etc.? I heard of this myth about mountloop but unlike everything mandrake it seems it's ill documented, no man page and the command line help is so brief: usage: mountloop <enc> <file> <dir> [<fs type>] Does anyone know the secrets to using mountloop? Could it possibly be useful in my scenario or perhaps just useful if I had something loop already in place? Thank you kindly, Ben
  4. Hi all, I'm sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I've been searching for a while on the Net now and can't find anything that directly answers my paranoia. A while back I learned of tools people can use to to reset the Administrator password on w2k and such. Then it hit me recently, can this happen to me when I'm using MDK 10 official with ext3? What will happen if someone steals my computer with its hard disk contents? I've got a lot of stuff on it I care about and I do backups but only recently am I investigating encryption as part of the procedures. I heard of something called loop, and also bestcrypt, but it seems I have to play around with them (compiling, etc.) to get them to work and quite frankly I'm way too newbie to try that stuff at the moment. Basically I tried the RPM & .tar.gz for bestcrypt but it spits out errors. The volunteers do a great job of putting everything so I can do urpmi but it seesm for bestcrypt I'm out lof luck. It seems the only easy way to achieve my aims is to use gpg/gpa but it seems I have to specify each file explicitly which may not be the best, or write up some kind of script to recursively encrypt/decrypt whenver I'm done/beginning my work. Also, it makes me wonder if ext3 allows people to undelete stuff like windows. Can someone out there help me sleep at night? Thank you kindly, Ben
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