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  1. OK, I'll work on that. I hadn't realized it before. I may also make the icons a bit smaller.
  2. The code of ksmarttray would have to be changed. It is not my goal to work on ksmarttray.
  3. The icon bar is actually above the packages tab ;) See this screenie to help http://downloads.thecompletecomputerresour...i_channels2.jpg I haven't done the configue tab yet, cause that involves a lot more work, but it's coming. I will implement all the search features with the completion of this gui. I guess your saying you need more screenies.
  4. Jop and I have been working on a new design for the smart gui. If you have ideas, or suggestions, now is your time to get involved. I am tracking it on my forum. I have, for convenience post a screen shot and the glade file. This way, those of you who want to more actively participate, can, and those of you who just want to look and comment, can also do so. This way, no body is left out. http://thecompletecomputerresource.com/for...x.php?topic=137 Later on, I may make a video tutorial/presentation. You can make your suggestions or ideas here in this thread, or on my forum. I'm getting some good feedback here http://lists.labix.org/pipermail/smart-lab...ugust/date.html What do y'all say? You can also follow along http://downloads.thecompletecomputerresour...rt/smart%20gui/ Where I have the glade file and the screenies ;)
  5. I wouldn't say so. I don't know how is it for you, but the most valuable information for me is stored in the user's account. I can restore system from cd's in less than 20 minutes, but the same can not be said about my documents and mp3. i was refering to someone coding a virus into a doc or a pic. you'd have to download it, then execute it, just for it to work. then even if it did work, it would only effect your users account. the chances of this senario working is slim, which is why we may never see a virus for *nix. now a worm is different. we have seen a handfull of those. the patch is usually out before the worm. as for me, i make back up of my data. on another partition, to my gmail account, and cd.
  6. i have some information that might shead some light on the subject. a worm for mac, (the iChat worm), acts this way: “latestpics.tgz”, it installs itself at * /tmp/latestpics * /tmp/latestpics.tgz * /tmp/latestpics.tar.gz * /tmp/hook * /tmp/apphook * /tmp/pic.gz * /tmp/apphook.tar * /tmp/pic The worm deletes ~/Library/InputManagers and copies /tmp/apphook to the folder ~/Library/InputManagers/apphook/apphook.bundle/Contents/MacOS so that it runs every time an application starts. while this is mac, mac runs on bsd, which is a *nix, and therefore demonstrates how a worm would work. however, as typical fashion of opensource, the mac vulnerability was patched about a year ago. now virus being a virus, not a worm or a trojan, while theorectically possible, would be a bit harder. basically, for a virus to work, it would have to be put in a package to effect the entire system. putting a virus in a doc or pic for linux, would be a waste of time, as all it would do is effect the users account.
  7. now that worked. but i cant go anywhere with it.
  8. i tried clicking on that and it rerouted me to, http://devries.mandrivausers.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php let me try the ip address plz.
  9. nope. not that. if it works fine for you, and not me, then i dont know what the prob is. my dns resolution is fine. btw, i tried clicking on the links in firefox. i have since tried konqueror as well. in mozilla i get http://www.google.com/search?q=devries.man...=utf-8&oe=utf-8 even google isnt finding it.
  10. devries, that was little help since its not the finding the location on the server. no, i dont have or use a proxy. all other pages are fine. yall ever think that maybe its a permissions problem? obviously i can connect to the mandrivausers.org server just fine. so connection isnt the problem. i suspect permissions. see, everyone of you that responded, other than me, are admins and mods, therefore having permission to view content that others of us can not. devries, a mod, set it up, can view it, mystified is an admin can view it, and soulse, is also a mod and can view it. please check the permissions.
  11. smart-0.41 is out http://lists.labix.org/pipermail/smart-lab...ber/000366.html . with smart, you can configure it to do user name and passwords on a server.
  12. for me, i am somewhat familiar with the command line. i use the gui for to reasons; 1) when helping n00bs, they want the gui way 2) its just nicer to look at (eye candy). it all depends on what i'm doing. certain things i do via the command line. i can get it done faster and with more control. trying to surf the web via the command line, just isnt fun.
  13. i voted senior. while i will always consider myself a student of linux, there is just so much to learn, i do routinely help people with linux. through my beta testing smart, i discovered a vulnerability in rpm with suse. a race condition. i dont entirely feel comfterable on the command line, but can get arround and edit files just fine. so, i think i'm somewhere inbetween junior and senior.
  14. somehow, i dont think it would help much. i used to respect paul thurrot..... http://www.windowsitpro.com/Article/Articl...8556/48556.html these people, have their minds set on windows. although, i must say, paul did make some fair observations. deps are still an area that linux needs work on. although paul forgot to mention dll hell. his bias deffinately comes through, but then so does ours. there isnt a way to objectively report on an OS. his bias shows here in the OP's article i am a suse user, and i still prefer the drake partitioning tool over yast. click on the partition and adjust. how hard is that? :S i guess he likes to enter in numbers. so this is mandrivas fault? just a little poking arround solved the problem. no book will make sence when you read when your angry. put it down, walk a way for a bit, then come back to it. as someone pointed out, its available with mandriva. you can also get red-carpet and do it that way. i cant comment to much here, since i havent used mandrake/mandriva since mandrake 10.0 beta2 :woops: but you can tell the author was biased here as well. he deffinately prefered suse. the last paragraph talking about how ctrl-alt-e to get a euro symbol crashed the X server, i can do worse in suse 10.0. i click on a program and it throws my system into an irretrevable sleep mode. none of the keys work when this happens. again, he shows his bias and ignorance. i thought yall might appreciate a suse user putting it into perspective. ;)
  15. why is this a surprise for anyone here? dont we all know the mindset of the media by now? dont we all know that if the computer doesnt wipe their arse for them, then its not actuarially equivalent. never mind about the spyware, viruses, maleware and so on. never mind the BSOD's and the other things. people accept this from M$ when they wouldnt accept it anywhere else. yet people are to blinded to see their own stupidity and double standardness.
  16. i've been using smart alot lately. to address some of the questions or concerns that have arrisen here (yes i know this is an old thread). smart using channels from other sources. well, if you mean other distros, yes it can do that, but you have to manually add the channels. secondly, even if you did that, smart resolves the dependancies and chooses the best senario <package/s>. thirdly, smart imports some of the channels from apt sources.list. heres what it imported from mine [suse-apt-update-gwdg] type = apt-rpm name = SUSE Linux packages apt-rpm repository on ftp.gwdg.de baseurl = http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/10.0-i386 components = update [rpm-sys] type = rpm-sys name = RPM System [suse-apt-security-gwdg] type = apt-rpm name = SUSE Linux packages apt-rpm repository on ftp.gwdg.de baseurl = http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/10.0-i386 components = security [guru-apt] type = apt-rpm name = suser-guru 3rd party package repository for SUSE Linux on ftp.gwdg.de baseurl = http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/10.0-i386 components = suser-guru [suse-apt-base-gwdg] type = apt-rpm name = SUSE Linux packages apt-rpm repository on ftp.gwdg.de baseurl = http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/10.0-i386 components = base [packman-apt] type = apt-rpm name = Packman 3rd party package repository for SUSE Linux on ftp.gwdg.de baseurl = http://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/10.0-i386 components = packman the mirror feature of smart is nice. this allows smart to switch to another mirror if one is down or is slower than the other. smart automatically picks the best mirror. i have used smart to do security updates and system upgrades, with no problems.
  17. i've been using smart for a while, and really enjoy it. i think it out performs urpmi and apt and yast. the main thing that needs work is the gui. i have written a howto for smart. it is SuSE centric, but the commands and howto should still work. http://wiki.suselinuxsupport.de/wikka.php?...tPackageManager
  18. i like playing with package managers. i have used urpmi, apt, yast, red carpet, yum and smart. they all have their good points. heres a little howto i wrote on smart (yes its for suse) http://www.susewiki.org/index.php?title=Smart i do like apt better than urpmi. yast is comparable to the drakerpm. especially now. i can easily add most third party repos. http://www.opensuse.org/Additional_YaST_Package_Repositories smart deffinately has some advantages over the other package managers, but it doesnt handle everything yet. i tried to have some one try it on arch with pacman sources. didnt work. but then my howto goes into that. all i can say is try package managers yourself (if your so inclined). if your happy with what you have.....fine. this isnt a communistic state, where we have a regime holding a gun to your head instisting that you try xyz package manager. i enjoy the choice and the freedom of the choices that are afforded to me. there might be some metrics to determine which package manager is better, but in the end, its the end user that has the final say.
  19. i'm not sure what problems your refering to with suse 10.0. google news reports it as a hit. http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=us&q...tnG=Search+News
  20. no need to wonder anymore. http://linux.dell.com/desktops.shtml and http://www1.us.dell.com/content/topics/glo...=555&l=en&s=biz http://linux.dell.com/distributions.shtml
  21. i use suse 9.3 pro myself. it was mystified that got me started with suse 9.0. actually alot of people on this board helped get me started in suse. i still hang out here, while moderating a suse forum. i enjoy the community here. thats what linux is about.....community. now if you were using then we might have to ban ya :deal: (j/k :P )
  22. nopers. just follow the google talk howto. http://www.google.com/support/talk/bin/ans...py?answer=24073 now i just need some people to add :P
  23. this is such a difficult question to answer. does linux play windows games? some. will linux play windows media? most. can linux run faster? depends on what you have loaded. kde will take a while. the more services you have will increase the load time. misconfigured services can cause long load times. linux can be more secure, in the sence that you dont need to worry about viruses and spyware. but i have seen linux misconfigured so that its less secure than windows. bottom line is, linux can be what you make it. its not so much "can linux....", its more of a matter of "do you know how". i've been accused of being a linux fan boy, and thats somewhat true. yes i love linux. at the same time, i would not want to give misinformation. to the windows convert, the most frustrating thing about linux, is the learning curve. you have to take time to learn linux.
  24. for the record, suse has always been open source. suse has not always been free download. but even then you could say its free. suse provided the live cd "suse eval", and the ftp installs. both of which are free. suse also made 9.1 pro freely available on its mirrors and 9.3 pro is on the mirrors now. YaST has gone open source (its like the mandrake control center). so other than flash and adobe, very little is closed source. most of the closed source are from demos. perhaps mainactor.
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