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    KDE Address Book

    Don't really know if this would work, but you could try moving the address book to another drive/partition (if available) and then link to it from both users.
  2. scoopy

    Western Digital

    Got one of them about 1- 1/2 years ago. Its a WD Caviar 20 GB eide/ 7200/ATA-100. Seems to be holding it's weight here against my favored Maxtor drives. I think whatever it was (I remember something about that too) has been taken care of.
  3. Duh (*slaps hand to forhead*), sometimes I feel so stupid. I was missing a package. notlame-3.93.1-2plf.i586.rpm Failed to see this, since it was not under L for lame or M for mp3. Plus mp3 files played nicely in xmms before adding this. So we installed this and now lame is in my path: [scoopy@localhost rpms]$ whereis lame lame: /usr/bin/lame and also note (have to remember this command now): [scoopy@localhost rpms]$ rpm -qa | grep lame libmp3lame0-3.93.1-2.1plf notlame-3.93.1-2plf thanks again bvc :D
  4. I wanted to try out a new app for editing mp3 files (rezound), but after installing, I see it is ready for any type of sound file --- except mp3s. $ rezound using path '/usr/share/rezound' for share data directory 'lame' executable not found in $PATH -- mp3 support will be disabled 'vox' executable not found in $PATH -- vox format support will be disabled So I check and it seems lame is installed (haven't mastered that grep command yet) but I do have this installed: Name: libmp3lame0 Version: 3.93.1-2.1plf So I imagine, I need to add "lame" to my path. Is this just a symlink or do I add something to a file? Is this the file I would link to "libmp3lame.so.0" (found in /usr/lib) ? And, breifly, what is "vox" ? thanks,
  5. Probally reset everything back to its default of "mute." I would check aumix, kmix, or whatever "mix", and check to see it the mute button is selected.
  6. Definiately... Marketing. Yes, I am with the idea that the club and deals with HP are making the money and should be the focus now, but to keep things rolling along, it will be vital to make the product available to the average Joe. The few incidents I have experianced: One computer user, shopping WalMart along side of me, was eyeing up a Mandrake 8.0 box along with a ME upgrade. He said he was tired of those BSOD's. I too was looking for an alternative. Add two more customers and users. I don't know if he is still a user (most likely he went back due to the customer service at that time), but I am still here. How bout those posts we see around the community. One for example right here: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php...p?p=54470#54470 Another lost sale ?, because its not available. Not everyone wants to or can download the ISOs. And not everyone wants a new box with their new OS. One by one add these up and are an important part of business down the road. Also, if I was in charge of a companies network and in the market for something newer and better, I don't think I would want to chance our system on the newest release floating around on the net. I would opt more for a tested and polished release... maybe that Mandrake 8.3 professional box set that should be on the shelfs now. A good marketing program would help here... Whatever it takes to sell it. (Like some other OS) Then add them to the customer base. Kinda like what Kodak did years ago... practically give the camera away and then made their money on film and services. The product has got to be available to make the sale. It seems to add some credibilty to a company if their products are readily available at their favorite retailer. I think the cost of pressing and distributing some CD's would also be much cheaper than an Apple Think Different ad campaign. They only lost 10 % of sales by discontinuing their retail side... what if they continued their distribution to stores... it probally would have at least been even. And the more product out there selling should also mean more club members and more service contracts to sell. But then again, they still need to clean up some preconsieved ideas and work some bugs out of customer service and such while retaining their focus on the OEM market. Just hope they don't forget about those average Joes.
  7. Welcome to our club, I suck at MySQL but have managed to weasle my through some of my own problems with it. I usually will search google with the error message (shortened version) (ie: Failed to save user) for clues and then search through some php forums looking for answers. I would give a program called MySqlCC a shot. You can find it here: http://www.mysql.com/products/mysqlcc/ I had a few bad tables before that this was able to fix. sorry couldn't help out more and we will see ya' around, K.
  8. This just off the presses: Apple to sell Macs at Best Buy Seems Apple is beginning to realize the importance of having their product available at normal retail outlets. Would be nice if a Mandrake machine was sitting on a nearby shelf. Or even a nice Mandrake package to "upgrade their old, broken OS" without having to buy a whole new machine.
  9. ref: http://www.mandrakesoft.com/company/invest...30724?wslang=en They are reporting a 10 percent loss due to decrease in retail sales --- but are UP by 24 percent due to things such as the club. This is great for the time being, but how much longer do they expect to continue on this free ride of begging from the community? They need to establish a solid retail plan like Ixthusdan says. I believe a solid 9.2 or 9.3 version might be a good start (8.3 would of been better, thus avoiding the current empty store shelves). People don't want to buy the buggy editions --- but one without --- would probally sell well despite newer, cutting-edge betas being available.
  10. scoopy

    New NVIDIA

    Could some kind soul please up this to our server. Nvidia's site is down at this time. or ??? http://www.mandrakeusers.org/downloads.php Thanx Oh never mind... Konq was just freakin out for some reason. Strange, cause other sites were loading fine.
  11. hehe :lol: That's about the same percentage for those who get married and have a child.
  12. Excellant 8) Now I would get those 300 megs of updates installed before something decides to go sour.
  13. Looks like I can afford a half-dozen shares. :lol: I think it would be possible to purchase over the net at like $6.00 per trade.
  14. scoopy

    X server startup

    bvc is asking "Are you running KDE, Gnome, or something else?" Window Manager Desktop Environment
  15. continuing from pmpatrick's advice: You will want to start in text mode or linux 3. Hit Esc key at lilo and type linux 3. I believe you have done this before. You will need to log in as (or su to) root to run the setups.
  16. You mean like these thingies? here's some info on these emblems: http://www.gnome.org/learn/users-guide/2.2...gosnautilus-550
  17. This sounds like you need to assign a drive letter to it. If XP is like win2k, right click on my computer and select manage. Disk management should be an option there where you will be able to fix this (as admin). I had previously used powerquest's lost and found to recover data from a bad partition. Looking here, http://www.powerquest.com/products/discontinued.cfm I see it is now discontinued. You may still be able to find it tho. (Wondering now... what is the legalities of software such as this?
  18. scoopy

    mouse issues.

    finger-jam ? :lol: Just watch out for that little spring-like thing (if you dismantle it), which, I guess, could be the problem.
  19. Peo, Is MySql service started? The sock file will not be there unless MySql is running. Your previous setup may have started MySql service automatically on boot up and now (maybe?) this is not set to start at boot.
  20. scoopy

    RpmDrake/ Urpmi...

    I think this may have meant more to download and upgrade the urpmi program since the one that came with 9.1 had a bug or two. If you don't already have this available to install, download this file: urpmi-4.2-34.1mdk.noarch.rpm from someplace like here: ftp://ftp.stealth.net/pub/mirrors/ftp.man...r=blue][/color]
  21. I agree with paul. "Don't fix it if it ain't broken" --- especially it your running anything of value with it. I personally have learned not to jump the gun installing the latest releases. I have broken quite a few things by doing this. But, it still happens and is a good learning experience to fix it again and again.
  22. I thought we were in sync with the new stuff. I briefly checked the Downloads button above and didn't see any 9.2 stuff there. Anyway, What's new? How's the install? USB, SCSI, supermount problems? I expect a full report in the morning, k' tyme? :wink:
  23. I believe there is an option somewhere in the KDE control panel/ look and feel that controls the left-middle-right mouse button click menues. Maybe look around there for a fix? (sorry, not at my machine at this time)
  24. I think a one cd Mandrake release would be good... especially with the idea of passing out to those interested in making the switch or for promotional reasons. I would be really interested in what you learn on the subject. I will check out the links later (when I get back home).
  25. scoopy

    Mandrake update

    I would try to manually install the updates for grpmi and drakxtools first. This may make thinks run smoother with the other updates and installs. Seems there are lots of updates that fix lots of bugs with 9.1 and once you get these updates in... things run a whole lot smoother.
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