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  1. I've seen then quite a few times.. Make sure your HD's are jumpred correctly. One set to Master and the other as Slave. This will have when you have to devices on the same ide channel/cable and the jumpers are set to cable select. This is a popular setting with many prebuilt pc's like dell,hp and such. If both are jumped correctly then it has to be the the boot loader install.
  2. shen

    9.2 ISOs

    yeah I wouldn't mind snaggin em but bittorent is generally slow for me for some reason..I mirrored the cooker tree but can't seem to get the iso's to make properly following their directions using the MakeCD script..
  3. That's odd I get a failure to load module during boot on my sblive..hmm odd I'll look ove it some more..
  4. Did anyone install it with an SBlive installed? If so did you get any errors while booting up and did sound work as it should like in 9.1? On my system using a retaill/OEM sblive card I get module loading errors at boot and once I updated to the 2.4.22-7 kernel I could get them to work without crashing but it loads the audigy mixer and resets the mixer on every boot.. Just curious if anyone else get's this sort of issue with an sblive...I submitted as a bug so we'll see..
  5. I think rc is damn nice they fixed almost every issue I had with rc1. Only thing that was the same was an odd keyboard error which seems to be how it was mapping the keys. Something new with rc2 which I reported..:) When it installs it detects my sound card using the emu10k1 driver which is what it's suppose to use but upon boot when loading the module for the kernel it crashes. Only way I could et sound to work was use an alternative driver called snd-emu10k1 which didn't work right. Sound was distorted and the kmixer was setup for the audigy style not sblive. So until they fix the issue so it loads properly with the new 2.4.22 kernel I can't use it.. I will say this those are the only 2 issues I had. Other then those I think rc is rock solid. I am sure they will have the issues I reported fixed by final release and I have to say this version defiantely looks good. Very nice fonts and the eye candy aspect is by far better then 9.1. The addition of kde 3.1.4 and Openoffice 1.1 is a major plus. All in all good so far and on track to be a solid final release.
  6. I had to really tinker with it to get my sound card to work. Right out of the box it crashes loading the emu10k1 dirver for my sblive. I think it's something with the 2.4.22 kernel cause it worked jsut fine in rc1. I had to manually edit the modules.conf file just to get it to work without crashing at boot and it was loading snd-emu10k1 which didnt' work all that great. It should be using the emu10k1 driver to get proper sound and Kmix settings. Odd thing was if I ran draktools at cli as root and then launched kde it would work like a champ but wouldn't load at boot time. . Also kept getting some weird keyboard errors after boot. I would press alt+f1 just to see if any errors was coming up and got something rather odd. Anyways both things were reported and hopefully will be resolved with the final release.
  7. I know cybrjackle I just couldn't resist..:) Anyways has anyone installed this yet? I just finished installing and the install worked perfect. Didn't work worth two sense in rc1 for me.. I love how they split up the kde packages. Heck so far I am really digging mdk 9.2. Anyways I'll post more heck I may even be able to post some screen shots in abit..
  8. Last modified: Tue Sep 9 13:28:17 2003 from there rc2(beta2) site. You figure it out. :wink: http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/92beta.php3 The info above changed the info below hasn't changed. That beta 2 info is the same info posted when the beta 2 release was up..;) I hope ya know I am just pokin fun at ya..:)
  9. we're on rc2 not beta 2..;)
  10. Well mdk is on rc2 now so the gnome code will more then likely be from the latest code for gnome.. I would think since gnome 2.4 final is coming this week and mdk 9.2 final not due out for a few more weeks we'll see the final with the 2.4 code.
  11. What is the default theme set to for the PHPBB board? Smartors Ezportal is setup to load based on what the default theme is set to in phpbb config.. Another thing to consider your running phpbb 2.0.6 and ezportal was coded against 2.0.4. Granted no major code differences but none the less could be a potential issue.
  12. For complete instrcutions on installing firebird go here.. http://simplylinux.punted.net/InstallingMo...laFirebird.html That should give you everything you need to know in order to setup firebird within mdk.
  13. Ya know when I saw that boot screeny I wasn't sure I would like 9.2 but I must say I am definately impressed with it.
  14. lmao that boot screen is a rip from suse 8.2..lol
  15. Has anyone installed this yet? I know it's still early but just curious on first impressions..:) I should have it completed at work in the morning for me to burn and test..:) Anyways just curious if it's any improvement speed and stability wise over 9.1..
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