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  1. Your architecture is most likely "i586" which most of us run and means your running on a Intel 686 machine. To be sure... let us know what processor you have in your computer. console is also known as a terminal window. If your running KDE... goto System --> Terminals --> Konsole and start that up. Before you type in those commands you will want to "SU" and become root user. You do this in that console by typing "su" and pressing enter. Then enter your password and press enter again.
  2. The best way to update is to use URPMI -- via the "Install Software" in the menu. Just be sure your sources are configured for main, updates, and contrib. This should take care of any dependancy issues you may face and is easily accomplished through the help of Easy Urpmi The GUI installer will decide whether you are installing something new or upgrading something already installed (this would be the diff between command rpm -i and rpm -U). Sometimes - for some reason - you will find you need to use an alternative method of installing. Such as with firefox. Although I stay away from installing anything from source (packaged as "tarballs") I find the firefox install works great this way and firefox runs faster than using the mozilla-firefox rpm that is released for Mandrake. tar -xzvf firefox-1.0.4.installer.tar.gz cd firefox-installer ./firefox-installer
  3. I think this news is just MandrivLY
  4. I like using Ctrl+Esc to bring up a "task manager" of your running processes. With this you can then "kill" the process that has frozen up.
  5. try adding the following into that file on line 39: $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] = '';
  6. Seeing the lack of responses on this one... I will give it a try ;) So we are good up to (or about) the point of mounting USB ... Do we have any USB devices plugged in ? IF so... remove them and see it that gets you any further. The next steps after that are mounting root and local file systems... If that is the problem ??? I would venture to guess we have a problem with the initial install. I would verify my install CD using md5sum... which is well documented here someplace. There is also a no apci start up option... or something like that... by pressing F1 for alternate boots that seems to help a lot with other users. (sorry I am not too familiar with this) good luck
  7. welcome to MUB david.vodafone, First we must decipher what you mean by "loading screen" :lol: Is your setup sticking someplace during bootup ? what line is it freezing at ? Or maybe your sitting at a "command line" ? If so, just type this: startx Might want to tell us right away about your graphics card. Please... more info... or we have the right to slag you back
  8. Should be OK to ignore that message and install anyway. I too, always get that message... cause I am too lazy to set up the keys for my sources. Should be... look for a Mozilla-Firefox rpm. Tho the source for this one is well document on how to install and will run much better.
  9. a "md5sum" checks the integrity of your downloaded ISO file. Its all explained here: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=4638
  10. At first this number surprised me, but then I remembered how a site like ours attracts the super geeky;) (we even had a visitor using Atari as their OS) The few I can see include netscape, galeon, and lynx. There are most likely a lot of other bots included in this "other" category. Another interesting thing is the logs show people still using MSIE/3 and Netscape/2.
  11. Out of curiousity... I dug up our numbers from webalizer for this site. Using those numbers reported from page views from the past 60 days... FireFox seems to be our Number 1 browser @ MUB: 396683 FireFox 23 % 369266 Search BOTS 21 % 217009 MSIE 13 % 103825 Konqueror 06 % 50207 Mozilla 06 % 20545 Opera 01 % 563699 other 33 % PS: My normal browser these days are FireFox when using Linux and Mozilla when in that other one (cause I use moz mail too)
  12. You sure you put things back exactly ? same IDE... same place on cable... same jumpers ? If this windows is XP... I noticed it is very particular about these things. I just installed XP on a brand new disc (to replace my dead one) and it installed on F: even tho it was a brand new drive with nothing else ??? and guess what ? you can't change it without reinstalling XP. I can only offer guesses and suggestions here. I would try running partition magic and hope that clears this "glitch." If that is not available* I would try booting a startup disc and trying fdsk or scandisk (worth a shot I guess). Could it be reading C: as another format type? Maybe hook it up as a slave elsewhere... just to see if you can save the data (worse case). *PM ?
  13. Nice job Mandrake.... errrr Mandriva earns a genuine MUB dancing banana for actually listening to a "clubbie"
  14. FYI: Mandrake announced that their documentation for 10.1 is now available online at: http://www.mandrivalinux.com/en/fdoc.php3
  15. I think its finally time for me to explore something else. I am thinking of Suse to avoid having to tinker to make things work... or maybe PC Linux for its familarity with Mandrake... or maybe even Kubuntu being the latest rage and all.
  16. Anybody know anything about a constant beeping sound eminating from a Maxtor 30 GB Diamond Plus 8 drive ? Its my newest harddrive of only 2 years in age. It contained my windows partition (which I can afford to lose) and 2 storage partitions (which has a lot of my stuff). It also contained my lilo (MDK is on slave) I would like to salvage anything I can, but am out of tricks trying to get the system to boot with this drive attached in any fashion. Maxtor's web site claims their drives don't beep... but I swear... it is definiately their drive that is beeping. (I also tried this drive in another machine) I previously got "powermax" to partially run through a drive scan... but it locked up before finishing. And I already tried freezing it... but the beeps remain --- hot or cold --- before the system bios will recognize it during boot up. thanks,
  17. As long as everything is running fine... I wouldn't worry about that update then.... especially if your not compiling anything except for that nvidia driver that you already installed and seem happy with. I have never needed kernel-source for anything more than installing a nvidia driver myself. But then I also stick to the pre-made RPMs and avoid any cutting edge developer and cooker stuff.
  18. Seeing this kernel-source2.6- is an available update... means there is also a matching kernel that is also available. ( kernel- ) Kernels are hidden from showing in your add software lists but are there in the sources. If you decide to install that update... you will also need to install the matching kernel and also will need to reinstall the nvidia driver.
  19. Polls have been set so that new members need to have a minimum number of posts (10) before they can vote here. Is this your post ? Some very good points there... I have been trying to register there to comment / collaberate on this issue, but it won't accept my attempts. I also tried posting as an unknown guest in the troll forum without any luck either.
  20. relax... just testing things here. You learn something new everyday I have reset it to its real vote count. The only real clear-cut winner at this time is (with my poll and other's out there too): anything BUT Mandriva
  21. rigged ??? Nope... just seeing if you guys are paying attention... I will set it back to what it should be :P BTW: Anyone know what's up with the clubforum ? I went to register as an "Alumni" member today and filled out all the * fields as they requested... but it kept going back to the register page and telling me those marked with a * need to be filled out. I could not even post as an unknown guest in their "Troll" forum.
  22. Although this is a popular choice here... and on other website polls out there... I don't think MDK is gonna cut it in the end as a valid choice. A set of letters such as "MDK" are, of course, known as acronyms and / or abbreviations... which are shortened versions of other words. In our specific case and with our particular product... MDK = Mandrake. What is currently being decided by the courts is whether or not Mandrake can keep this name. So if Mandrake has to go... MDK won't work as its replacement, especially since MDK has been posted on websites stating it stands for... and is known as Mandrake: http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?...m=MDK&Find=Find StarLinux is taken... but available... for a price... for how much, I don't know ?
  23. In order to expidite this... as there is not much time to actually try and influence Mandrake's impending change to Mandriva... I am editing choices on the fly due to popularity and availability. Vote counts are not changing. You get two votes... one on this thread... and another on the thread with choices 6-10. If MUB actually would like to attempt to make a difference on this issue... IT would be nice for the majority to be able to settle on one or two choices that we could present to MandrakeSoft in a more official manner IF we want to really try and help them out of their current situation and also avoid the disspleasure of U.S. customers not wanting to install something that resembles "MAN SPIT". There's alway the possiblity of forming a more official poll... if warrented.
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