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  1. Thanks Steve, I will set it to "no clean". And yes they grab from the web, so I'm ok there.
  2. where do the files go when you download them using urpmi? I would like to start making update cds, using rw discs, so I can keep adding items. Or is there a better way to make update cds? Also is ther anything else I may need in order to get it as a source for updates? My plan is to use one machine to get all the updates, then have the ability to updating my other machine without having to redownload all of those file again.
  3. Now what would happen IF we all bought mandy 10, when it's released?? I mean Final/offical and not the CE edition currently available
  4. ummm, I bought a hat once.... :D I must admit that I am pretty much a freeloader, but I have bought both mandrake 7.2 and redhat 7.1.(which I couldn't figure out and didn't try Linux again until mandy 9.1) My main problem is I can't seem to settle on a distro or release, which drives my wife nuts. But as you point out, its only $5 and if it works better that the cvs verison or the "free" rpm (which didn't work for me either), I think it's time to pony up. (for me at least). I too agree that with as many post as ramfree has, that adds up for noobs (like me) who need help with just about everything. So I feel that this is just as good as spending money to support linux as you help those of us who would otherwise give up.
  5. I too vote for 9.2, use it to get more familar with mandrake and linux, then get 10 when the final/offical/community-offical/bugfixed{??}/final/............... :D , or whatver its going to be called(ok "Offical"), when it comes out. But do all your updates with 9.2, to avoid as many bugs as possible.
  6. You may have gotten a bad hard drive.(it happens- Maxtor or Western Digital) Contact Maxtor and ask them to replace the drive. They may give you the run around, but if it's less that a year old your warranty is still good. They should give you a RMA number and have you send them the old drive, you may be able to get your retailer to help you. Good Luck, I know how frustrating it is to have a drive fail.
  7. All I did was install the new drivers and it worked. But I figured more knowledge is always helpful. Eventually I'll play around with the settings more, but atleast now I can watch movies in full color B) and it looks good. But tweaking can be fun :D
  8. Scoppy, I had installed Nvidia drivers, but as you found out, they were not ready for the new kernel. All is well now, Thanks. Neutro, not that I need to but where do you change that option?
  9. I have tried to adjust my settings and if I want full screen, in Mplayer, its a kind of Black in white playback. I can get a very nice color playback, but it its a small area, and going full screen doesn't changethe size. Has anyone else had this problem? This is the first time I have had any problems with Mplayer.
  10. Why doesn't the board create update disc(s) and sell them as another way to raise money? If others can sell them, ala cheapbytes, why can't we? Perhaps include Video( ati nvidia) drivers as well (if legal to do so). I think those without a dsl connection would be very grateful. Anyways, it's just a thought.
  11. I too need this answer. I have a bunch of music files that I want to make into cd's, but on Mandrake 10 it's just a bunch of fuzz. Sure I could boot windows, but whats the point in that? I just need someone to point me in the right direction.
  12. LOL, our wives must be twin sisters!!!!
  13. What if I just want to buy the boxed set but don't want to join the club. Are you saying that ONLY club members should have "Official -Final" release? Or do you belive that club members should have acess to the "final" and all others pay cash? I could live with that solution. I hope people do test the community release, as doing so will only make the release better. I'm no expert but I'll do my part . (whiich on second thought.........)
  14. why don't they release a package list for the powerpack, professional et al versions? How hard can it be?? just add a line stating "with powerpack you also get ........., with pro you also get............................ Whats the big secret? I am considering getting the powerpack version, but I would like to know what the extra stuff is, ie will I want and use it.
  15. What do you get with the powerpack edition? I have decided to buy this release, but I don't know which version to buy (when released) Powerpack or Professional what is the difference between them? ie- what extra packages do you get? Also, for what it's worth, I'm glad to see the club members get first shot at this. Afterall they are the "paying Customer". Hopefully the download speed picks up and all goes well.
  16. This probally won't help, but maybe try getting a cd crack (try www.megagames.com). It may not work, but I had trouble running madden 2k4, it kept telling me to insert the disc, which was in and that "system resources were low" when nothing else was running! AHHH windows, you gotta love it Another problem was the name ! of the folder that contained the music conflicted with a windows file so the game wouldn't start unless you remaned it!!!! Good Luck!!!
  17. grendal

    Screen Savers

    You should update your sysytem. The no screensaver issue is a bug in 9.2,. If you haven't done so, use easy urpmi to get your sources set up and update your system the easy way. Hopefully your not on dial up!!!! If you are there was a couple of postings on how to fix this, if you don't plan to update. And while you update get the xscreensavers, which I prefer.
  18. Same here. When the game www2 online was anounced, I remember getting pumped up about it, until I realized not only do you have to buy it, you have to pay to play. Not for me, thanks, I don't have that kind of money. Although, It would be nice to see it released for Linux!!!!
  19. grendal

    Call of duty for linux

    And that bites. Apparently they feel the need to use linux as a stable server, but not for gamplay. Why? They aren't they only ones, of course, but this really gets me. If they can take the time to get it to work as a server, then take the time to bring out a linux client. I read that Running with scissors is planing to release Postal 2 for linux, maybe even a boxed set, now thats great. I for one plan to pick it up when it comes out, hopefully other will too. Myabe if a good title, like Call of Duty, is released in a boxed set for linux, the linux community will pony up and buy it, thus showing the developers that there is a market, thus money for them, in Linux land. Sorry, started to rant. anyways, I like .............................................
  20. grendal


    Is it me, or does this not sound very good for this release? One would think that you would want to improve with each step, but from what I see here and read eslewhere, it seems that the RC1 is a step back. Hopefully it's a small bug that is quickly fixed..
  21. When I try to add the link to my mcc, it fails to download the directory. What dependcies do I need? I downloaded the kernel & the source file ( also a new nvidia .5328 driver). I'm now adding the cooker link :D it worked finally, perhaps just a bad connection. However a list of the dependencies required would be nice for those who use dial up ( like I do at the house) Ok heres what I got when I installed, so hopefully it works for those who are dial users: To satisfy dependencies, the following packages are going to be installed (20 MB): kernel- libdbus-1_0-0.20-7mdk.i586 libsysfs0-0.4.0-1mdk.i586 mkinitrd-3.5.18-3mdk.i586 module-init-tools-3.0-0.pre9.2mdk.i586 sysfsutils-0.4.0-1mdk.i586 udev-013-3mdk.i586 Is this OK? (Y/n) y
  22. I feel one way to get companies to bring a linux version to market is to email them and ask where and when a linux version is coming out. I got this idea from DOlsons old site (not sure if the mandrake eXPerience stills exists?). We are each only one person, but if we as indivdiuals all write comapny x, then perhaps company x will persue a linux version. Then as a community we should also embrace company x for bring a linux version to market, but if we don't buy the product, then why should they bother with another version. Sure some companys will continue to ignore the linux platform, but others may not.
  23. Art, welcome to this board. You'll find this site a very valuable place to learn about Linux. I still consider myself a newbie to linux but I think you'll find mandrake a very good OS. No you don't have to be a memeber to get your system up and running, or get updates. Your modem probally will work, but you may want to check if it is supported by mandrake or post here, if you can't get connected, your model of modem.
  24. I wanted to install suse 9 again on my box, this time along side of mandy and ummm xp pro. However I could'nt figure it out, my options seem to be either wipe mandy or update all packages (which isn't that wiping Mandy?). Has anyone been able to do this? Do I need to just make another backup of my mandy stuff, then install suse over it and reinstall mandy and hope the back up works? Also what should I back up? ie, where are the updates downloaded to? thanks in advance for any help.
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