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  1. http://www.petitiononline.com/ibpfl/petition.html I searched for starcraft2 starcraft 2 starcraft II. Didn't see any post on it. So here ya go. Tech
  2. I have a SbLive 5.1 1024 at random times when I boot into SuSe, the sound is muted and the volume turned all the way down. I can't put my finger on whats causing it. Any ideas on how to find whats causing it? TIA
  3. Yeah, thats what I'm afraid of. I'll end up wanting a faster CPU, the Faster RAM, PCI-X 16x, ect. ect. Thanks for the replies guys..
  4. Anyone know how much difference in FPS I might see if I bought just a new MoBo that supported AGP 8x? I have two AGP 8x video cards, a 440mx with 64mb ram and a 52xx with 256mb. My current MoBo is an intel D850MV with 2.66ghz CPU 533mhz fsb and 1gb of 800mhz rdram. I know my first problem is finding a mobo that supports rdram that has 8x agp.
  5. http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/na...ter_040809.html Just intresting....
  6. Interesting, I've had the game crash "randomly" on me too. Do you know if the 3236 patch stops it from crashing? under windows it removes the CD check. I just realized I never patched my linux install. I have the DVD version and I would rather not leave the DVD in the drive for feer of it getting damaged. I was quitre happy that Epic removed it in the 3236 patch (in windows at least). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, the patch works.. And I don't need to have the cd mounted anymore. Since I have installed the patch, I've had no crashes of any kind. B)
  7. Ok, I'm leaning toward the 5700. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I'd like to know if I'd see a big difference in the performance of the two cards. Mainly like playing UT2k4. Thoughts please ? And any other suggestions are welcome. Sys Specs: Intel 2.66ghz 1gb 800mhz RDram gives me 1100+mb/sec cached reads with hdparm :) 533mhz fsb
  9. Thanks johnnyv. Simple enough for sure. Why didn't they just say that in the readme file...
  10. I tried to PM johnnyv, not sure he's either noticed it or its not working yet. Anyway, I got the patch but can't seem to find the installer. How do I install it? TIA
  11. http://www.doom3.com/ Has a few awesome looking screenshots. I mean AWESOME.. But will they have a linux version ?
  12. ahh, should have thought of that.. :D Thanks Got'em
  13. Quick Specs: 2.66ghz, 1gb ram, Nvidia 64mb ASUS 440, SuSe 9.1 Pro and WinXP pro. I finally bought UT2004 mainly for linux use, but.... In linux at random, (between 20 minutes and 2 hours) it just drops me to the desktop when I'm kickin some serious butt. Makes me when that happens. I'm not playing online. However I decided to give win a try. Its not as smooth as linux, but has not dropped me to desktop. I looked at the only log I could find, and it did not give much info. I'd post it if I had it with me. Any Ideas ? Thanks
  14. Hear here.. I have not read all the post yet, but just enough. Example: Installing/Compiling Gambas from source... In MDK, its just ./configure make make install. Bingo, everything works. In SuSe 9.1pro however, you have to tell ./configure where everything is and where you want it. ./configure \ --with-kde-libs=/opt/kde/libs \ --with-kde-incl=/opt/kde/incl \ << I know this is not right, just and example... --with-blahblah about 6 more times for postgrsql, mysql, ect,ect... Arrghgh... Note: Gambas that comes with SuSe 9.1 Pro is broke from start, obviously was not tested before hand. And to top it off, you have to dig for days to find that information. Although Yast works pretty good, I don't see what all the fuss is about it. I haven't had problems with anaconda or mcc on initial installs or Yast for that matter. But Yast is terribly slow, and they all do have problems after the initial install. Especially, Yast and MCC. All these, although little things to us, are big things to new comers and people that want things to work from the start. I thought thats why I bought SuSe. Technonoid
  15. Anyone know of a CLI program that can compare two images and return a precentage in the difference of the two images ? TIA
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