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  1. mattie

    The Gimp 2.2 rpms?

    if some admin could check my profile.. i still don't get any mail notifications anyway, just wanted to tell that in the meanwhile, I'm getting my gimp rpm's from mcnl of course the autopackage thing is also handy nowadays ;) mattie
  2. rofl idd! :) thanks for saving me a lot of time ;) another reason for me to prefer knemo over the net-applet! :D
  3. mattie

    kaffeine 0.5

    you lucky bastard ;) I tried again (uinstalling and reinstalling), but no luck :/ it's funny, not a single application I upgrade works :( (for example, tried kdetv also) mattie
  4. mattie

    The Gimp 2.2 rpms?

    LOL, as we're speaking, another gimp has been released (2.2.1)! I guess Mandrake will never be able to keep the pace with the gimp ;)
  5. mattie

    The Gimp 2.2 rpms?

    btw, thanks everyone for the info ;) I'll have to wait... It's a pity though, I like the gimp very much, and use it a lot at work under windows..
  6. it seems I didn't get the difference at first between ext3 and reiserfs :) okay, so I shouldn't worry.. (I'm already happily running mandrake again ;)) I'll try the init thing when I'm in a brave mood ;) mattie
  7. mattie

    kaffeine 0.5

    Hi, I'm using Mdk10.1 OE, which contains kaffeine 0.4.x. I crashed a few times, so I decided to upgrade. This is what I did: - Uninstall kaffeine-0.4.x - Download & install: kaffeine-0.5 libkaffeine-0.5 When I start kaffeine, I get following error: what to do? mattie
  8. oh, I thought he was only mentioning his command line prompt as an example to make his point clear sorry
  9. Hi, thanks for the info somewhere on the forum, I read: This seems to tell, a journaling system repairs itself? So I should do nothing? mattie
  10. apologies for late reply, email notification did not work :/ thanks for the suggestions! it is resolved (it was indeed probably some root konqueror instance, I tried once to run konqueror as root, but never saw the window, hence I thought it was not possible) mattie
  11. mattie

    The Gimp 2.2 rpms?

    Sorry for responding so late, email notification doesn't seem to work on this board! :/ I found a gimp2.2 mdk rpm, I will post it as I get home. mattie EDIT: oops, sorry, I'm probably confusing with the inkscape rpm which I was looking for too ;)
  12. Hi, I'm a new Mandrake 10.1 OE user, and had a power failure last night. When rebooting, I get a message that my system didn't properly shut down the last time, and that I have to decide within 5 seconds if I want to run some tool..? I couldn't decide within 5 seconds, so I didn't run the check. Afterwards, I tried running fsck but it wouldn't work since the partition should not be mounted when doing that (when can you do that then? it's my root partition). Is fsck allowed altogether? Because I have a ext3 fs and read somewhere that fsck is for ext2 partitions. I don't feel very comfortable with it so I don't dare booting Mdk atm ;) Then again I wonder: if you only get 5 seconds to read the question and respond, it probably means the default best thing to do is do nothing? :) please enlighten me :) mattie
  13. Hi, I'd like to note that, as a mandrake newbie, I found an easy way to change that through the mandrake configuration utility under networking.. (of course only interesting if you want to give a static name) greets mattie
  14. Hi, since today, I get an "Run as root - KDE su" box after KDE is started. The command is "konqueror 'session' '117f000......' etc (It doesn't fit in the window). Has anyone encountered the same problem? I don't know what it's needed for.. I can only remember to have installed Gimp 2.0 and shorewall.. There is nothing special in my KDE Autostart folder.. Any tips? mattie screenshot:
  15. Hi I was wondering where I would find Gimp 2.2 rpms for Mandrake 10.1 OE? tia mattie
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