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  1. Hi everybody I'm quite new to Linux and I am eager to try gaming, so far no luck, steam (notably TFC2) isn't working so I thought I could try to install NSF prostreet from the DVD .iso file I have (no question on its acquisition please arhhh :P) I already tried to install daemon tools using WINE, but the installation fails saying that the platform isn't supported. So I'm wondering if there is a way to create a virtual CD/DVD drive. I'm using mandriva 2008 one, I don't think I updated kernels (or anything else actually) all that running on a HP pavilion a700n desktop Thanks in advance
  2. I just finished downloading Mandrivia 2008 one, I'll give it a try Thanks for the info everybody
  3. I can enter the login name but not the password, it just won't type anything. But I tried with a different screen (the other one wasn't plug and play and I can't find the manufacturer) and an error message appear that the graphical interface couldn't be loaded. Could it be the graph card (though I choose ATI radeon at the installation)?
  4. Hi everybody This is the first time I install Linux (never used it before either) And I'm trying to install it on a hp pavilion a700n (its factory stock but for the ati radeon x1650 and some more RAM) using Mandrake 9.1 I want Linux because microsoft is pissing me off and I'm through supporting their hegemonia and their doubtful privacy agreement. Anyway, I've installed Linux allright, but when its about to start, it asks me the localhost login, then when I try to type in the password, it won't write anything and freezes on a command prompt. Should I just install the version 10.0? And BTW, can Linux run Steam games? Thanks in advance
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