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  1. Do you have old data, the latest KDE to 4.1.96 [root@localhost jan]# rpm -qa | grep kdelibs kdelibs4-devel-4.1.96-4mdv2009.1 kdelibs-common-3.5.10-5mdv2009.1 kdelibs4-core-4.1.96-4mdv2009.1 Now download again 196Mb news ...Lex
  2. [root@localhost jan]# rpm -qa | grep libdvdread libdvdread4-4.1.3-2mdv2009.1 libdvdread3-0.9.7-8mdv2009.0 rpm -qa | grep libdvdcss libdvdcss2-1.2.10-1plf2009.0 Use MDV 2009,1 Cooker. I tested Dragon player, is good for DVD/ supports MENU etc. I take the CD store the originals and not happened to one does not work .....Lex
  3. Do not worry about the location of the dvd / media. Try urpmi mencoder mplayer dvd: / / 3 I read, if there is such a path, and not the basis for 1 or 2, and enter cat / etc / fstab
  4. Crap. I have since demonstrated how Mandriva-linux-Xfce4-one and I am happy. Stable, fast and is the basis for my studies....Lex
  5. You have the burner 8GB bilateral working on the interface S-ATA 22x DVD burner with SATA interface, compatible with all DVD formats. Works with systems, Windows Millennium Edition (Me) / Windows Vista X86, X64, Windows 2000 Professional, XP Home Edition / Professional. In addition, the drive has SecurDisc function that enables data security and control access to the contents of CD and DVD. I think that Linux and the advise and you do not need any firmware, but look for information. Ideally connected to the company and a DVD drive separately. http://www.bitburners.com/archives-05-07/h...d-writers/3315/ ....Lex
  6. XINE https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=33562 ....Lex
  7. urpmi gstreamer_version-mpeg urpmi gstreamer_version-ac52 But XINE, however, is the best urpmi xine-ui GoodLuck ....Lex
  8. Configuration - no, sorry oups in tvtime should switch to the stereo audio to be enjoying the sound. Reviewed on Mandriva Cooker 2009 .....Lex ps. Do not forget to tune the channel! [moved from Hardware by spinynorman]
  9. Thanks,it works for the music . I just wanted to check whether the cd-rom works .....Lex
  10. Install driver for your graphics card. Open konsole insert CD-ROM with only music and as user type [lex@localhost ~]$ mplayer cdda://3 ...Lex
  11. Set up urpmi and upgrade the system, install the drivers for your graphics card. These are the basis for new system ....Lex
  12. MPEG4 is not MP4. Install urpmi libmp4v2 [lex@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep mp4 libmp4v2_0- .....Lex
  13. Frank, and what your system, the environment, I am not a wizard? Make copies (if you work in KDE4 and MDV 2009.0) hidden directory ./kde4 and delete it. Re-sign. It is safer to create a new mplayer and see if the problem recurs. .....Lex
  14. @T0ken [lex@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep flash flash-plugin- libflashsupport-0-20070927.2mdv2009.0 Browser itself brought me to a page with flash http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flash...elease.i386.rpm Please restart browser, before uninstall/remove old flash-plugin .....Lex
  15. @frankzyz KSCD, MPLAYER, XINE play music cd. Turn on any sound server, better JACK :D @Greg2 This is Mandriva 2009, look [lex@localhost ~]$ cat /etc/modprobe.conf install scsi_hostadapter /sbin/modprobe pata_via; /sbin/modprobe usb_storage; /bin/true install usb-interface /sbin/modprobe uhci_hcd; /bin/true options bttv card=15 tuner=0 install ide-controller /sbin/modprobe ide_generic; /bin/true @frankzyz What is your favorite player? Install urpmi win32-codecs real-codecs ffmpeg
  16. Kompozer is already available on servers, and act correctly .....Lex
  17. @Kieth, Use google Translator http://translate.google.com/translate_t# ...Lex
  18. My petition numetr = 1813 ...Lex
  19. "User friendly' is not enough, there are many distribution properly configured topic. Describe what you do and what you expect. Mint is good but very good CD is Mandriva-Linux-One-Xfce4. If you choose Mandriva Linux here get professional help .... Lex
  20. All Mandriva release are user-friendly if implementing the recommendations of the company and is consistent with the 'All Linux devices. Installing and working. ....Lex
  21. I think that for beginners are the best in addition to MINT, is everything he does not have Ubuntu. Mandriva also proposes XFce-ONE-DVD version instead. Now I am working on XFce-ONE to Live distribution and is ideal.... Lex
  22. I see solved. I wanted to listen to the radio watch music videos. If it works in Firefox, please try to run the radio. Here is the address and if you can please instructions. Thanks .... Lex
  23. See where your files VLC, they should be available for each mplayer and have chmod 755 Maybe this will help you a hint. ‎ /usr/bin/svlc ‎/usr/lib/vlc/gui/libskins2_plugin.so ‎/usr/share/applications/mandriva-svlc.desktop ‎/usr/share/doc/svlc ‎/usr/share/doc/svlc/README ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2 ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2/default.vlt ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2/fonts ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2/fonts/FreeSans.ttf ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2/fonts/FreeSansBold.ttf ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2/skin.catalog ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2/skin.dtd ‎/usr/share/vlc/skins2/winamp2.xml .....Lex
  24. Where is config for WINE?(~/.wine) I install game without problem, when i have run this game, i have announcement "insert cd in drive etc.." ...Lex
  25. LXDE http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Env...XDE-30337.shtml http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/XFCELive2009 via http http://ftp.twaren.net/Linux/Mandrake/devel...contrib/2009.0/ ...Lex
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