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  1. lol...I guess I should be more clear in general. I mean slow in regards to installing the OS(actually that only takes about 15 min), but all the packages I have installed and what not. Then the updates, which will be more than 100 now. :P I delete the .kde folder and still no luck. I think I'm just going to reinstall. It's the easiest way. UPDATE::Well I delete the .kde4 folder along with .dmrc. And one of those did the trick. Thanks all for the support.
  2. Easy tiger. That was a total misunderstanding there. When you asked me what login manager I was using, I had no idea. What I did was a google search for "mandriva login manager" and got something about "Starting X". So that's what I thought it was called "X". I'm using whatever login manager Mandriva uses when you install it. I'm totally new at this obviously. For whatever reason you don't want to give me input/advice that's fine. Don't post. I'm trying to learn what happened as to understand what's going on. DETAILS: MAndriva 2009.0 GNOME desktop I installed task-kde 3 and everything went fine. Went to MCC and chose KDE as session Logged in using kde as my default. Loaded fine. Then I started mucking around with desktop settings, splashscreens and task bar properties. I lost my taskbar for a minute, so I had to reboot and was able to recover that. Then finally on the last login(after logging in several times because of the "have to logout for settings to take effect)I finally got the error. THINGS I'VE TRIED In Gnome I opened up kcontrol and tried resetting everything to default: still got error In Gnome tried to uninstall KDE and then reinstalled KDE: still got error. That's it so far.
  3. What ever the default is. X i believe.
  4. When I try to log in to my KDE default session I get this error This happened after I was mucking around with the splashscreen settings and bootsplash images. I think? Another forum told me that unless I know what I changed I'm screwed. Does anyone know how I can fix this. With re-formatting. It just takes way to long to go through that process.
  5. Mr Pockets151


    Well, after many troubleshooting nightmares I finally got my tvviewing to work. However, I still can't get the sound working to great. 1) I can hear the sound vary faintly. I have my Volume set to max and both the software settings and the hardware(the volume and bass module on my desk). This is only an issue for tvtime, everything else plays at normal volume 2) When I shut tvtime down I can still hear the sound in the background and don't see it in the running processes to kill the sound. This happens both under KDE and GNOME
  6. yeah it's installed. This is what I get when I try to copy the hard drive icon to the desktop. UPDATE: Okay so I did kdesu konqueror in the terminal and was able to access the drives. How do I change the permission so it can auto mount? Also hen I check system monitor under type, it states the drives are "fuseblk" I can also access them from there.
  7. I can see all my drives, labels and all. They say /mounted, however I can not access them. I'm using Mandriva 2009 Gnome. Ubuntu, has no problem. They are NTFS.
  8. How would I go about removing KDE 4? I guess I can always install my 2008.1 again then do an upgrade. Reason being is that I'm trying to keep KDE 3.5.10 w/2009. So I wanted to do a fresh install of GNOME only. Then add kde 3.5.10 to that. I can install Mandriva 2009.0 KDE 4.1 easily, but when I tried to get back down to KDE 3.5.10 I had problems removing 4.1. That's basically the big deal.
  9. Okay, so if I use the One Cd than that's only KDE. I would have to use the FREE DVD to get GNOME? I'll try the FREE later today.
  10. Yes I can download the DVD.iso. I just downloaded MAndriva 2009 Free DVD. I also have Mandriva 2009 ONE. But I don't see the option for GNOME enviroment?
  11. So I'm trying to install the 2009 GNOME edition but when I try to boot from the CD I get a "kernel panic error"(well, I get the splash screen then all the modules try to load and it finally freezes with the last error being "kernel panic" could not mount. Then my keyboard freezes up with the caps and scroll light leds flashing.) I did a search for this in the forums but it looks like there was no solution. Anyway I just want to do a fresh install of MDV GNOME 2009. My specs= INTEL E2200 @ 2.20 GHz 4 GB RAM XFX 8600 GEforce. I just want to know the best way to do a fresh install of 2009 w/GNOME. I am able to install the KDE 4.1 version fine with the ONE CD(don' like 4.1). But I don't see the option for GNOME. Sorry if the error is not clear from the picture. My photo skills are really the pits.
  12. I finally got my tvtime to start with my card but I get no sound. * ENLTV-FM TV TUNER PRO from encore electronics. This is being detected as an saa7134 chipset, however it is saa 7130. I had to upgrade my old graphic card to a "hell-of a way better one," in all respects. Now-TVTIME runs smooth as pie except- I haven't been able to get sound. Actually, I thought I didn't have sound but if I turn up the volume on my speaker system I can hear it very, very, very, faintly. I've tried trouble shooting(all my mixer settings are at max, and all other media plays normally with great sound)as much as I could, for an intermediate, MANDRIVA 2008.1 user. What are the Steps to beginning proper trouble shooting, using KDE desktop?
  13. This problem has been solved. I don't know what exactly went wrong or how I resolved it, but it's good now. Thanks
  14. Okay, so I've had a triple boot system for some time now. Ubuntu and Mandriva 2008.1 on one HDD and XP on another. I also have another HDD for files and back-ups. I was using the MDV GRUB to boot all OSes fine and dandy. Recently I upgraded my video card, installed it fine and it ran fine. When I went to reboot however, I failed to remove my USB stick. So I got a system error. When I removed it I got the "ntldr is missing...press cntrl-alt-delete" So I did. Nothing happened. I still got the same error. I had BIOS setup to boot off the MDV partition first and remapped menu.lst(which I had been doing the whole time) and it was working fine. So I tried to put the MANDRIVA FREE CD in and booted from that. I went into rescue mode and choose fix boot loader. After it finished i tried to reboot and got the same missing ntldr error. I switched BIOS setting to boot off my XP Partition and somehow I got it to work again( I had to boot the XP cd first then repair). So I can boot into xp, but when I try to go to my previous BIOS setting of MANDRIVA partition to boot GRUB I get ntldr error. I've tried to search the various Linux forums but, I really can't find out how to fix this(without having to do a clean install of Mandriva!)
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