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  1. This post may be of use to you, I had a similar issue (hotplug would try to use supermount) Leo
  2. Leo

    CDROM problem

    do the files /mnt/cdrom2 and /mnt/cdrom exist? (OK so you have probably already checked this :D ) what happens when you put a cd into your dvd drive and type mount cdrom2 also, although this may be a typo in your post, the entry should be Leo
  3. that is odd.... I had an issue with the @ and " being interchanged and the | not working at all but this was due to the keyboard selected for gnome not being set to the correct manufacturer and model. Do you get the same issue in both Command Line environment and Graphical Environment or just in one? Leo
  4. Surely this just means that we can adopt the MS fix in healthcare... turn it off, turn it back on again.
  5. Leo

    Email problem

    I am having issues with Evolution not removing mail from the server (a POP3 account) even though I have all the right boxes ticked (or not as the case may be). I am not sure how Evolution works when it collects mail so I do not know if there is any other service I should be running in conjunction with Evolution that is preventing it form working. It collects everything without any problems and sends mail too. This is really pissing me off now as it has been a while and I really need to delete the old mail off the server. Leo
  6. Leo


    You could try looking at "services" under Mandrake Control Centre which may give you an idea as to what you are currently running. I am not sure about other networked machines, perhaps if you give a list of what you think you ought to be able to see and where you think it ought to be someone may be able to help. If you also give a list of what you would like to install that would help too.
  7. Maybe Mr Ballmer should consider shutting the f*ck up :D
  8. I think this may be the same issue as this one and may we ll be solved by compiling in CONFIG_MSDOS_PARTITION from the filesystems menu (I think) Does this help?
  9. I got this error when I compiled a new kernel for Slackware. I discovered that I had not compiled in support for partitions created (i think it is found in filesystems and confusingly is called CONFIG_MSDOS_PARTITION ). I missed this out thinking I did not need MSDOS support but when I read the description it explained that it was not actually MSDOS support at all Leo
  10. At which point does it fall over? Do you get the initial list of boot options up?
  11. It is definately set to POP (I just checked it again to make sure). It worked fine with the version of evolution in 10.0 and 9.0
  12. My mistake, it is do not delete from server (or something to that effect). I found it confusingly worded so tried it with the box checked and without but it made no difference.
  13. I have just installed 10.1 CE and am using evolution 2.0. I have set up all my mail accounts and can send and receive email however when evolution collects my new messages it is not removing them from the server and so I get every email sent to me since I installed each time I check for new messages (and a good percentage of them were not wanted the first time I collected them ) The email accounts are POP3 and I have checked that the remove from server flag is set correctly (unchecked) Would someone please thanks Leo
  14. I'm not a Gentoo user but a couple of things stand out: in your disk partition info, shouldn't /dev/hda4 have an end value of 9964 rather than 996? Also your /etc/fstab line for /dev/hda1 appears to have too many zeros at the end, I think it ought to read /dev/hda1 /dev/hda1 vfat auto,noatime,users,umask=0 0 0 The /etc/fstab looks rather odd to me anyway as there does not appear to be any / defined (should this be /dev/hda2 ?) and it looks as though /dev/hda4 is being mounted to itself (should it not be /home?) I would also question the location of your kernel in your menu.lst however this may be where it is on Gentoo, I do not know
  15. I would disagree, his opinions count as much as anyone elses (regardless of the authors ignorance) however the statement says more about the author than the choice of operating system.
  16. Assuming that /dev/hda5 contains your MDK root, amend your /boot/grub/menu.lst (would this be in your SUSE partitions since I have assumed that the issue only occured after the install of SUSE?) to include something along the lines of: title Mandrake 10.0 root (hd0,4) kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda5 ro vga=788 initrd /boot/initrd.img this assumes that your kernel image is in /boot/vmlinuz and that your initrd image is in /boot/initrd.img if not amend the relevant sections. you may also want to muck about with the options in the third line with entries for acpi and such, but this should get MDK booted up.
  17. Leo

    logout locks up

    do you get any error messages? you could try looking in /var/log/messages for any relevant entries as a starting point. Leo edit: Oh yes, Welcome. It can be hard going at times but there is always someone around here that can help.
  18. I don't reckon you would have any issues over losing the MBR (you can always restore it using a boot disk to get into Linux or using your installation disks without having to do a complete reinstall. Judging by the size of your Windows partions there is a fair amount of data there so make sure you back it all up (as if you didn't already know :D ) before you do anything.
  19. Can't really help with the main problem (although upgrades are notorious, they work without a hitch for some and not at all for others) you may well be better off backing up and doing a new install of 10.1. If you need realtime assistance IRC #musb is well worth a go, they have helped me out a few times (a few of the odder odd-balls from round here ). You can get there through any IRC tool freenode or click the chat button at the top of this page. Leo
  20. OK, I have it fixed now, thanks for all the help. I had a go at following /usr/sbin/drakupdate_fstab which checks /etc/sysconfig/dynamic for the value of SUPERMOUNT, this file did not exist so I created it with SUPERMOUNT=no in it and now /mnt/removeable gets created along with a corresponding entry in /etc/fstab (without supermount) Hurrah!
  21. Thank you both for your replies. Yves, I did not know that, although I did not want supermount, this convinces me it would not be a good idea. Anna, I had a look at the script you mention but could not make much sense of it :unsure: although I have a feeling that there is still a step I am missing. This may well be used at some point but I think I need to find the script that calls this one and passes the parameters. This appears to require the device to be passed to it and checks whether supermount is required. Any other ideas?
  22. I have hotplug working on MDK 10.0 CE and am running a 2.6.7 kernel with bootsplash patch however whenever I plug my digital camera (fuji finepix S7000) in and turn it on my /etc/fstab gets updated with a line for the camera. Unfortunately the line requires supermount which my kernel does not have. I can manually amend the /etc/fstab and mount the camera but would like to adjust the script that inserts the /etc/fstab line to insert what I need in there instead. I think it is related to the hotplug script and somehow calls /usr/sbin/update-fstab but cannot work out how this happens or how to adjust the script. Many thanks for your help Leo
  23. I had problems with bootsplash since I installed kernel 2.6.7 (it would not display any image) Anyway I followed the instructions in this post however the link for the kernel patches on bootsplash.org do not work anymore. The most recent patches can be found here instead I hope this helps someone else
  24. If the code above is an exact copy of your XF86Config-4 file then your could try changing: Section "ServerLayout" Identifier "layout1" Option "Xinerama" InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard" InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer" Screen "screen1" Screen "screen2" EndSection to: Section "ServerLayout" Identifier "layout1" Option "Xinerama" InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard" InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer" Screen 0 "screen1" Screen 1 "screen2" EndSection You could also attempt to do what the guy in the link tried, i.e. get it to work first with only monitor 1 then backup your XF86Config-4 file before attempting to get monitor two working and then combining the two XF86Config-4 files to get them both working together. Are you trying to get both monitors displaying the same image or splitting the image across two monitors? Are both the monitors the same spec? It may also be worth double checking that you have the most recent nvidia drivers installed (although you have probably already done this) BTW What actually happens when you go into X with this config? Leo
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