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  1. For resizing I think ImageMagick and Xnview do this job. Have a look at: http://www.imagemagick.org/ http://perso.wanadoo.fr/pierre.g/xnview/enhome.html
  2. If you still want to give linux a try, you should better follow the steps suggested above and use urpmi. It will make your live easier in future when installing packages. Good luck.
  3. In my case the vertical scrollbar appears only when the page is completely loaded, maybe it checks the page size in order to determine if it needs scroll bar or not, but while the page was being loaded I shifted to the other tab with another url already loaded and the scroll bar was working perfectly.
  4. Mine is working perfectly. You should have video for linux (v4l) enabled into the kernel and the module videodev duly loaded. Anyway, considering that mine is a creative nx-pro and I had to install a driver to make it work, you should better go to this page, maybe it helps you. http://www.linux.com/howtos/Webcam-HOWTO/index.shtml Good luck.
  5. 2 more shots: Edited to say: 1 more shot, I do not have more space to upload here. :lol: e17 entice eterm with Esetroot ibar erss gkrellm2 xmms flame module temp module virtual desktop I'm still trying to put engage to work, since my cvs update (ebuilds) of 1st Jan, I couldn't make it work under e17, but with gnome and e16 it still works, strange. Cheers. BTW: I'm using E since I started using linux and can say that E17, despite of being under constant development, has kept the same leve of productivity I was used to. (for sure it's a personal choice)
  6. wish you a quick recovery. cheers.
  7. Kmack. Be aware that to get gaim-vv installed is a real challenge. For many it ins't worth the time you spent compiling it, cause the results are quite frustrating. In order to have gaim working with video support (webcam) under "MSN" your "buddy" should have gaim-vv installed as well. It doens't work with windows users, but on the other hand for yahoo IM users independently of the OS they use, you "should" have some success. In case you decide to try gaim-vv, do not forget to read some posts in the forum at sourceforge.net before installation. Good luck. :P
  8. In my opinion the best one is gaim. Unfortunately, there isn't any IM for linux that handles webcam. I got installed here gaim-vv, which is supposed to give support to video and voice, but still under development and full of bugs. I do have a webcam working under linux and with gaim-vv I was able to chat using my webcam with yahoo users. http://gaim-vv.sourceforge.net/ Please, be advised that gaim-vv is a real PITA to get it installed. Lots errors during compiling process, but I'd stick with gaim stable. It's cool.
  9. Let's see if it works... Edited: Yeah, so here is its specs. e17 Entice Entrance with taillights theme gkrellm2 ibar Eterm with fake transparency (Esetroot)
  10. Is it allowed here to upload instead of putting a link to the screeshot?
  11. SoldierofHyrule: Isn't it too son to give up. Why don't you ask for help within the forum? As per my poor experience, Mandrake is one of the best and easiest distribution for those who are moving from Windows. (I think it's not a matter of personal taste but a fact). People here are very helpful and always available for helping us out. Why don't you list all the issues you have been facing in the appropriate section of this forum and wait for a response? Before shifting to another Distro, check its support! This forum is one of the best you are going to find out there. When I started using linux, it was one of the main factors for my choice, I mean: It's good to count with some help in those difficult moments and here for sure you will have it. Good luck and don't give up. Cheers. B)
  12. Have u tried to delete ~/.mozilla folder?
  13. I have a D-Link model DSL-502G and it works very well under Gentoo and Ubuntu. Cheers.
  14. Install this extension here and you should be able to open email links. good luck. PS: I got it working here ... after enabling pop-ups.
  15. I cannot either, never could even with gaim users on the other side.
  16. Dear Steve: I was facing all the listed problems as you can see below, this solution was extracted from Getoo forums, I applied all these tricks and Firefox 1.0 PR is working like a charm. Eliminate ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/compreg.dat with extreme prejudice It was the source of the arrow keys, inline find, inability to change bookmarks, and help being inactive. For the other issues: * Loading PDFs send my processor to 100%, which heats up my small room noticeably. I can't read a PDF and sit still. Solved. I found a good solution in this thread. I just disabled the use of the acroread plugin in Firefox's download settings, and told it to load kpdf instead. (This was previously impossible because the bug that crippled my bookmarks also crippled my settings) * Extension management is very nebulous. I'll consent to install certain extensions (like Sunbird, hardly a sketchy program) and they won't show up. What happened? Solved. Use the "Show Old Extensions"extension. * Googling for "Firefox forums" returns a site called MozillaZine. Is this the authoritative forum for firefox? (Like these forums for Gentoo, which are awesome, BTW?) Solved. Someone answered my question that these are the official forums. I thought maybe this was just a Mozilla watch group or something. Good luck.
  17. http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/faqs/firefox-linux.html
  18. open a terminal, type: cat /etc/fstab and paste the output here, it seems that only root has privileges to mount and read the contents of CDROM dir.
  19. I don't know, actually just using with yahoo, icq and msn. The file sharing feature is great.
  20. just add modprobe yenta_socket at the end of /etc/rc.d/rc.local file
  21. william

    Compile TuxRacer

    Not sure if it was necessary, I don't remember. But if you go for xorg, you'll have to create a the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, just copy the contents of XF86Config-4 file into xorg.file and it should work.
  22. william

    need help

    Go to /usr/bin folder and do a search in order to see if any binary name close to mythtv is there. another option is to type in terminal: locate mythtv, if you get a message saying that data base is out of date, type updatedb as root and retype the locate command. One more option would be to go to mcc>software>uninstall, type mythtv and see if there's a path to the binary file. Have you been here: http://www.mythtv.org/modules.php?name=MythInstall I've never tried mythtv, but in MHO you should insist a bit more before giving up and trying another distro. Good luck. PS: and actually it was already installed before you have downgraded it.
  23. I had this ethernet card working with MDK with my previous computer, can you check if the OS is recognizing it? Go to mcc > hardware and check which module (s) is being loaded as the ethernetcard. (actually, MDK recognizes my adsl modem which is attached to the ethernet as eth1394?!! But after removing this module I got the internet working here). Is it an ADSL connection with pppoe support you are trying to set up?
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