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  1. No blocks, no vid stream... It plays fine on Mplayer... just prefer it play in the GUI of totem is all..
  2. Ok went to /usr/java and the dir is empty.. yes tried ls -a, and all is empty.. Trying urpmi again..these are the options; gcc-java gettext-java java_binfmt libdbjava3.3 libdbjava4.1 libdbjava4.2 which one do I need? Last time I just downloaded the Binary from the Sun site. TA
  3. Hello again, I am trying to play a Windows Media Player 9 wmv file. I have downloaded win32codecs with urpmi, and chmod the symlinks the in the totem-addons dir so that they are executable by all but still no worky.. and ideas? TA
  4. GCC? Waz-at? Didn't get as far as symlinking... couldn't find the file to confirm its location... That's my problem. Cannot find the files anywhere.
  5. Hi, Have downloaded the ver 5 JRE for mozilla, run the binary and then tried to add the symbolic link as described here . So here's my screen that has the terminal showing files were installed corectly (I ran the bin twice to make sure) and the used find to check the location... and it tells me the files don't exist! Pls have a look at my screen shot and tell me what's going on... MDK 10.1 offical and Gnome 2.6? thanks... [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  6. Well I've deleted the directory where I installed Gentoo from, but I did (before the delete) try and find it by using the "find files" in the Gnome menu. It turned up nothing... I did get the feeling tho that that was not working as I exprected it too... [shrug] Thanks for trying..
  7. Thanks but now that I have discovered Natuiilus I am happy
  8. Thanks guys... that should keep me out of trouble
  9. Still don't understand why I couldn't install/run gentoo but that no longer matters. Your links are very informative thanks :) The traditional two pane browser is what I was after....
  10. Yes Gentoo the file manager. not the disto.. I thought that the "nothing to do" was telling me there was an error :) Sooo after ./configure, make, make install, going to the root dir and typing 'gentoo' results in "no such command". I assumed then it wasn't installed? Maybe it is... how do I start it? but hey if it's ugly.. maybe I wont bother. I couldn't find any file managers in the menu in gnome, so I went to Rpmdrake, and searched for "file manager" and found nothing There must be some on the CD's (10.1 offical release - not boxed set) but don't know how else to find them. I'll have a look for nautilis and read those threads posted above by bvc... thanks.
  11. When an RPM is installed, doed it ever show up in the gnome menu automaticly like in windose? How do I know what the command to start it is? For example I installed "mp3info" and "units" off the MDK 10.1 offical release CDs but I cannot find the software in the Gnome menu... so I assume that they are started from the command line...fine but typing "units" or "mp3info" at the root dir does nothing????? Thanks agian... (I look forward to the day when I know enough to help others with their enquiries :D )
  12. Problem solved... $160 later, and I have a D-Link DSL-504G (DSL modem and 4 port Routher) and I am netting away! Now to work out USB Thanks again
  13. Hi people, I realised I have no file manager installed in Mandrake 10.1/Gnome, so I got a hold of gentoo (any better suggestion welcomed). But after commanding ./configure... make says this and it don't work... anyone able to tell me what's going wrong? Also as an aside (maybe I need another thread?) after installing an app, how do you know what it's command is?????? Thanks - you guys rock! :D
  14. Ok... so yeah any advice on brand? I downloaded the eciadsl driver for the d-link DLS-200 in windows at work, saved it to a CD and took it home. Bloody thing wouldn't even extract! Ark said it wasn't a valid archive.. USB has me stumped, but if I can just get on-line and I can trouble shoot from home, and not work! Also, in the wizard, there is no service providors provided for Australia? So what do I do? Just pic anything or do I have to do it from the command line? you guys rock!!
  15. I'll do a search.. It's a Dynalink DSL-200 (the new slim one). I have been searching the net and grabed a beta driver of sorts. I can only hope there are instructions that come with it. Would I be better off buying a Ethernet modem? Seems they are easy to set up? Also my provider uese PPPoA. Is that easy to set up? Scotty
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