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  1. Oblivion Info: http://www.elderscrolls.com/games/oblivion_overview.htm I've only got 5 poll options! So if you choose something else, please explain in your post below.
  2. Thank you! :) Actually it looks like a DCOM problem, but it's good to exclude possibilities at least.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to install Morrowind through Cedega, but I am stuck where it says: "cannot launch install <something> ikernel.exe". So I look on my disc and it says: "ikernel.ex_ - 336,8kb". Damaged disc? Problem with Cedega? Anyone know how big this file should be? Anyway, I was wondering if someone could send me his ikernel.exe file ( to darkelve@myway.com ), so I can try if I can copy the files to harddisk and install from there.
  4. I'm on SuSe, so I'm not sure everything works the same, but in my case someone recommended me to change a line in the file /etc/sysconfig/network/dhcp And to put: The red bold text is what I changed. I don't know too much about this stuff, but what I *think* is happening, is that the access point expects your card to ask for an address once, then gives it when it stops asking for it. However, since your card keeps requesting an address, the access point holds out until the DHCP request times out. At least, that would explain how changing the "DHCLIENT_WAIT_AT_BOOT" timeout speeds up the process of assigning an IP to your system.
  5. Games I play: - Morrowind, GOTY edition - A whole host of old(er) adventure games and some RPG ones; this is actually one of the reasons I am reluctant to buy Cedega: it supports all the newest FPS and MMORPG's, but the stuff I really want to run won't. And that even though 'support for older games' has been in the top 3 of the voting for the last 4 or 5 months! So I have the impression they are working on the Far Cry's and WoW's, but not on the 'support for old(er) games' ... or recent games outside the 'mass appeal' area like Broken Sword TSD or Still Life... :(
  6. So I take it you're a proponent of Cedega, SoulSe?
  7. You'er calling that a mid-range card!? Wow!
  8. Hey Lowe. I was wondering: what series/game does your cute avatar come from? (sorry for the OT...)
  9. Woot! Oblivion here I come ;)
  10. Here are a couple of problems I see why gaming in Linux isn't improving very fast: - Cedega costs money, so in addition to paying for the game (and probably in addition to paying for a PC upgrade) you have to pay money just to be *able* to play it. Wine is free, but in some areas, not as good as Cedega (although in many, it's better). - Cedega does not and cannot support games fully. Often you have to make sacrifices in quality and/or speed. Same for Wine. - Cedega only caters to the very most popular titles (even though 'support older games' has been in the top 3 op most popular feature request for the last couple of months). If I want to run my collection of old adventure games under it, it won't work usually. I'm hoping Wine will be better. - Copy protection gives problems with getting the game to install properly. Especially if it is 'moving' copy protection like STEAM. Also a problem, not related to Cedega or Wine, is that the porting is often done half-heartedly. Plus that the installers are sometimes insane to work with. So I think this is also why so few games come to Linux: - half-hearted porting attempt, making the game run worse under Linux than under Windows. - no simple-to-use installer is included. For an example of how it should be done, just look at Unreal Tournament, that you just have to click. How it shouldn't be done: Tar/GZ files you have to compile for source. - Compatibility layers Cedega and Wine still not advanced enough. Cedega costs money in addition to running the game and Wine nor Cedega can run most titles. At least Wine admits it's still an Alpha version (0.9 comes out somewhere in September). - Copy protection causes trouble when installing - Linux users make uninformed buying decisions and end up with hardware not supported, or hard to get to work. Most people who got ATI cards and now try to run games on Linux are pretty much scr*wed. Nvidia is a safe bet, but you'll still have to do some research on buying hardware. I think most people don't like doing research. - Games for Linux are hard to buy: you don't see game boxes on the shelves and there are only a few websites who sell Linux games online. Sometimes they don't offer shipping, sometimes they do but the shipping is expensive if you don't live in the country/continent. - There is little to no advertising or promotion done. Robin Hood, Legend of Sherwood, was out on November 2004 and I've only just discovered of its existence. I really liked the demo, but now have the problem of finding out how to buy it. - A lot of younger people in European countries don't have a credit card. Credit cards are kind of a status symbol here in my country; you only get them if you are well off (or want to pretend you are). Online payment methods are almost always credit card only. Just wanted to give my opinion on this! I think it shows that getting games to run, getting to know of new games and finding out how to buy are ALL problems, regardless of any discussion about OS internals. Darkelve
  11. So I can estimate a AMD 64 3200+ at roughly 3.2Ghz, right?
  12. Hey... sorry to go a bit OT, but can anyone quickly tell me what a AMD 64-bit, 3200+ (2.0Ghz, socket 939) translates to in 'Intel' values? I currently have an Intel PIV 2.4Ghz, this AMD should be much faster than that, no?
  13. What do you mean? The link works. There are multiple pages in the review should you be confused because you only read the 1st page.
  14. Well with that card you'll be able to play most games at the very maximum setting, or at least VERY close to that maximum. I saw a good review last week but I forgot where I found it... Ah wait! http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2451 That's the one.
  15. Oh yeah, I actually installed it and wrote a review on this a few months ago: http://linuxinformer.ducaet.be/Linspire5_review.pdf
  16. If think you're actually going to play games that make use of the power of this card, like TES IV: Oblivion, I say go for it! The reviews are pretty clear about it: it is the best card of this moment. However, if you only use it to play solitaire and Tuxracer, it might be a bit pointless.
  17. About four weeks... :P Just kidding, I've got no idea. I heard it could take a few days compiling all stuff though.
  18. Der Spiegel: http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/technologie...,363904,00.html Groklaw says: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20050705130920424 :D :D :P :) :)
  19. For my new PC I'm planning to build/have built, I've been asking some info on this board as well as www.suseforums.net, and the nforce4 chipset for the MOBO seems to be recommended... safest is to check it out anyway, but I suspect you'll be fine with it.
  20. Well, I gotta admit you've gotta get used to it first. I had to replay the mission 8 or 9 times until I got the feel of the game. Of course, it just might not be your cup of tea. But I had a lot of fun... even though I wasn't very efficient in evading the troops and ended up knocking everyone down! :lol: I read they're also porting a game called "Airline Tycoon".
  21. Website is here: http://www.robinhood-game.com/web/en/robin...ive&menu=0&id=0 You can download the demo here: http://www.3ddownloads.com/Strategy/Robin%...ux-demo-x86.run I just finished lvl1 (the only playable level in the demo) It's good quality and great fun... definitely try it if you enjoy strategy games!
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