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  1. Theme manager is listed under "System" for me rather than Look & Feel. Bit odd but there you go.
  2. I fixed it. I wanted to give the 2006 Beta a go, did so, failed horribly! So I went back to 2005 (I ent ready for Beta stuff..) and I clicked Save on the menudrake and it all came back! So there you go. I ent too sure what happened. Thanks for the help :)
  3. Sadly, that never worked. There is an Icon group that is called "Empty" and says not to remove because it contains selector icons. Should that be called "Empty"? Can I download this icon pack again?
  4. There is a screen shot attached if anyone was unsure :)
  5. I removed "gnome2" from the Control Panel thing, and I am using KDE. It is only folder icons that have got screwed, the actual application icons are still intact.
  6. When I click Menu to go where all my programs are listed, instead of seeing each having and individual icon etc, all (but the odd few) are just blue folders! It appears to have happened when I removed gnome because I don't use it but I don't see how this could effect that? I have tried going into MenuDrake, and clicking save and that never worked. If I change the menu style to the one where it is like "I Want To Listen To Music", all the icons DO show up which confuses me further. Any idea what is going on? Thanks :)
  7. My school gives free, unlimited web space using the "SINA File Manager". Problem is, it is only accessibly from a web based interface which has like an upload form, and is pretty annoying. Is there anyway i could actually mount this as a drive in Linux?
  8. I just thought it would be worth mentioning, I had the problem with firefox cutting letters in half, but I just downloaded Deer Park Alpha 2 and the problem does not seem to exist (for me at least).
  9. When I set up my wireless connection, I had to first set it up using the terminal , then i had to do it again with the GUI, so it may be worth setting it up with the the terminal first, then doing it with the GUI. Also make sure you type "ndiswrapper -m" in the terminal when you have got it working so that it boots on start up. Hope that helps.
  10. I actually said "Kopete to be superior to Gaim for my needs". It's an opinion, ironically.
  11. In case anyone was wondering, I fixed the problem to a degree. Fixed meaning i changed the program i was using. I switched from gaim to Kopete and have found Kopete to be superior to Gaim for my needs as well as having a non-opaque icon. For the net monitor, I installed knemo that was in my urpmi repositories and is actually much better than the default monitor and has a tray icon that displays nicely.
  12. When I roll over my system tray I get like a border around it, is there anyway to stop it doing that? It's pure for looks but I'd prefer it never happened. The attached image shows my tray when my mouse is hovering over the top.
  13. I tried that but it still did exactly the same. I read somewhere it's something with my laptop to do with grounding. So I am going to stick with Mandriva, at the end of the day, if it works, then I needn't change.
  14. have you tried updating everything using urpmi then running "urpmi qt" ? That maybe something to try. And you say you needed one for the 64 bit architecture? Some of then lib qt seem to be 64 ones? Maybe try installing the devel package. I ent too sure, just thought I'd give you a couple of ideas :)
  15. I figured I'd need some sort of commands. Well as long as I know Mandriva ent the problem. I'll post here if I find out the problem in case it is of use to anyone.
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