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  1. Hello, could u send me your rpm of sopcast. This one in sopcast web page is not available anymore. Thanks in advance Joaopa
  2. My catch tv walker is not recognized by Mandriva 2008. I know that the chipset uses the wis-go7007 driver. Does anyone know a dkms-module for it or know how to load it? Thanks in advance Joaopa
  3. I think that I need to modify the file initrd.gz in the repertory /boot/cdrom. I gzipped -d it, but I do not manage to modify the file initrd. Does anyone know how to modify such a file? Joaopa
  4. All is in the subject: Does anyone manage to install mandriva one 2008 on a usb key? Joaopa
  5. In my laptop Presario, the battery icon (klaptop) dissappeared. Can anyone give me the tip to make it reappear? Thanks in advance Joaopa PS: I use Mandriva 2008 free
  6. yes, it does. My USB cdrom is the first one in the boot sequence. But, no luck... I can hear my USB cdrom trying to boot, but then nothing happens (just windows beginning to load)
  7. I did not manage to install Mandriva 2008 from USB CDROM. Does anyone know how to do? Joaopa
  8. Do u have the same problem when lauching glxgears? If the answer is yes, that is a problem of your GPU-driver. That means that the library glx is not located in the good place. If u have a nvidia card, install the driver from their website. Joaopa
  9. joaopa


    urpmi hal in root should help. Joaopa
  10. urpmi dkms-nvidia..... use the driver 9631 if u have a geforce 4 or below use the driver9755 if u have a newer than it. If u want to have the latest driver dowload this file (for a new card) http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linu....14.19-pkg1.run or this one (for geforce 4 and below): http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linu...0-9639-pkg1.run then u do crtl-F1 type root and password service dm stop cd the directory where is downloaded your file sh Nvid..... follow the instruction when the process is finished, type service dm restart I hope that it helps Joaopa
  11. Cool, urpmi fpc works!!!! Quick and positive answer> you are great Thanks. Joaopa
  12. Does anyone know a pascal compiler available in a rpm package. I did not find a rpm package of gpc :cry: thanks in advance for any answer Joaopa
  13. Thnaks to all. It works. :thanks: :thanks: Joaopa
  14. my cable is a crossover cable. I just do not know how to configure my lan with drakconf. Joaopa
  15. I would like to link my 2 pc with a cable to do a local network. I have got a RJ45 cable to link the both computers. But with mandriva 2007 Spring and drakconf, I do not manage to configure my local network. Any idea to do that? Thank you in advance for any answer Joaopa
  16. I have the same problem!!!!!!! Joaopa
  17. I had the problem (maybe the same). For me, it was caused by dkms-spca. If you use it, install the kernel-source for the kernel. And then (in root) cd /usr/src/linux make menuconfig (This is, because the file version.h is not included in the kernel-source , so one must build it!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Mr. Mandriva ) Reboot, and now all must be fine Good luck Joaopa
  18. OUPPPSSSSSS alsactl restore alsactl store should work. Sorry for the trouble Joaopa (after don't forget to look at kmix to see whether the sound is unmuted!!!)
  19. urpmi alsa-utils should install it..... Joaopa
  20. First at all: Welcome in the Linux World. Now, for your problem: Oh, you don't need to rebuild your rpm package yourself. Use the PLF rpm repertory (PLF=Pingouin Liberation Front :D ). To do this, go to Easyurpmi site, and follow the instruction. As soon as you did that, in a console, log in root and then urpmi ati should install the ATI driver Good luck Joapa
  21. in root, alsaconf -restore and then alsaconf -store should help with kmix, check if the sound level is not zero !!!! Joaopa
  22. Are you sure that 3d is enabled> To see this, check with the glxinfo direct rendering must be "yes" Joaopa
  23. Another suggestion. ;) You could try an another kernel. In cooker, it is kernel version Give it a chance Joaopa
  24. Maybe a problem with resume. Try only "acpi=off apm=power-off apm=on splash=silent' Joaopa
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