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  1. I bought a new card with NEC chip and everything works just fine now. Maybe Linux had a problem with the VIA chip or the former card has some hardware malfunction...
  2. Works fine for me. The other parameters are not necessary on my machine. Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Hi. With Mandriva 2007 my PC does not power down automatically any more (it did so with Mandriva 2006). The shutdown procedure seems to work normal and it stops with The HDD's are turned off but the fans are still running and alo the shutdown messages stay on the screen. Automatic power down does work with Windows on the same machine so I don't think it is a hardware problem. Anything I can try to make this work with Linux as well?
  4. Hi. I have bought a USB 2 PCI card for an older PC with only USB 1 The card uses a VT6212 chipset (VIA). I bought this card: http://www.alternate.de/html/productDetail...ml?artno=FPUV02 When booting Mandriva 2007, I am flodded with messages like this: hub 2-0:1.0: over-current change on port 1 This also keeps coming after the login screen is displayed and is continously written in my message log file (this keeps the HDD busy...). The USB 2 also does not seem to work properly as nothing happens when I connect a USB drive to it (connecting to the USB 1 gives me a pop-up where I can choose to open the drive in a new konqueror window). But the card and the USB2 funcionality seems to be recognized by Mandriva (in the hardware section of the MCC - I cannot copy the exact text as I am not using this computer right now). Any ideas how to make this card work with Mandriva?
  5. I've tried Mandriva One 2007. At boot time, I get the message: "remounting root filesystem in read-write mode. mount: function not implemented" After KDE is running, the PCs HD is not automatically mounted, there is no icon on the desktop, ect. But manually mounting the HD works. Now, I would like to install Mandriva One on my HD, as I currently don't have the option to download the entire DVD of Mandriva 2007. But would above error message man that I could not boot the installed system as One would be unable to mount the HD?
  6. Thanks, I'm going to try that next time. I have already tried to run k3b as root. According to k3b, the speed of rhte DVD-RW disc should be 2770KB/s (2.00x). But when burning, the actual speed was onlu 692KB/s (0.5x) again. That took me 2 hours to burn a 4 GB DVD... :o
  7. Hi. - Mandriva 2006 - USB2 - external Sony USB DVD Burner - K3b According to K3b, the burner's actual speed is 692KB/s (0.5x). This seems pretty slow to me... is there anything I have to change to make this work faster, like at least 2x or 4x speed? Thanks for any hints Chris
  8. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I finally bought a Sony SR100, which records MPEG2 files on a 30GB HDD. I'll look through your recommended programs to find a suitable one. It seems there is quite a choice out there, even for Linux. :) For DVD authoring, the KDE DVDAuthor Wizard looks promissing. I'll check that one as well.
  9. Hi. I'm intending to get a camcorder (miniDV or miniDVD format). There seems to be cool and easy-to-use software for capturing, editing and creating DVDs out there... for Windows (e.g. Ulead VideoStudio 10+). Now how about Linux? I'm looking for something that can import the miniDVD format for simple editing and the creation of fill-size DVDs or something that can import the AVI from the miniDV for DVD output after editing. Suggestions? Does not need to be OpenSource or free.
  10. xoox

    Nvidia problems

    As root, type urpmi kernel-source-2.6.12-12mdk BUT If I remember correctly, the latest kernel security update is 2.6.12-22. Therefore, I would recommend that you first do a kernel update (kernel and kernel source) in order to fix security issues and then install the nvidia drivers.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. There is no change whatsoever regarding the irdadup output when I connect the adapter and place the mobile phone in IR-mode in front of it. It seems Linux recognizes a new low-speed USB-device but does not know what do do with it. I am currently in China and I would say that my IrDA adapter is loccaly manufactured. It is a SMH-IR650 from Irxon (www.irxon.com). Maybe just not compatible with Linux. Websites found by Google using Linux and the model name are in Chinese and therefore not very much helpful. So I think there might be not a very big chance to make it work (at least not with this model) . :sad: Anyway, I think you for your kind help on this. :)
  12. Thanks for your help. My only fear is that this IR adapter is somewhat not compatible with Linux and therefore not recognized by the system. Always only Windows supported...
  13. thank you very much for the fast relpy! After I activated irda in the Mandriva Control Center, irdadump gave me a positive response: So there seems to be something. I also installed kbeam. But I cannot get a connection. At lease I found no reaction whatsoever when activating the IR on the mobile phone. The adapter itself is not broken as it is recognized by Windows. Maybe the IrDA to USB infrared adapter is not recognized by Linux? When I plug in the adapter, /var/log/messages gives me this: Disconnecting the adapter results in: That means some device is found by Linux. But is there an extra step necessary to make that work? Or does it just not work if not recognized automatically?
  14. Hi. I have an Sony Ericsson k300i and a PC infraded adapter which connects to USB on my Mandriva 2006 PC. Now, how can I make this thing work? When I plug in the adapter in the USB... nothing happens. When I turn on infrared on my k300i and position it in front of the infradred adapter... nothing happens. Can anyone give me some hint on how to get a connection to be able to transfer files? Is this supported by Linux at all? Do I have to activate some IrDA-related things first? I've read about a program called "ircp", but it seems I have some problems to use it, 'cause all it responds on the console is "Waiting for incoming connection". Thanks for any hints on that matter...
  15. What about WINE with IE?
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