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  1. Thank you for the help (and the spelling lesson). I reformatted and made the home drive instead of a usr and it now runs like it should. As for the striping, thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to do that.
  2. All right. So since we're here, can you tell me how to access the disk management tool and the options i might need to use? Thanks for clarifying that for me, i didn't know i had to be root to access that space.
  3. The first partition is 10,000 MB, second is 6,000 MB, and the third is somewhere around 162 GB. I have no idea what format they are in, default mandriva 2007. I remember seeing ext 3 or something like that. I'm wondering if its simply a matter of finding the third partition. i thought the third partition was '/usr' but that one won't let me put anything there. If i reformat, what file format should i put them in? Let me know if there is any more information i can give. I do have another harddrive with Windows on it but it shouldn't make a difference. Here is what it says with the df command. Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/nvidia_dbcfiddb1 9.7G 4.7G 4.5G 52% / /dev/hda1 233G 106G 128G 46% /mnt/windows none 506M 12K 506M 1% /tmp /dev/mapper/nvidia_dbcfiddb6 169G 4.2G 156G 3% /usr
  4. Hello, This is an incredibly dumb question but I'm tired of not finding an answer anywhere. I have 2 100 GB Sata hard drives Stripped to make one 200 GB hard drive. Mandriva Linux is the only thing i have installed on it and i have just done a fresh install. Whenever i try to download something (for example, a file 5 or 6 GB's large) it tells me i don't have enough space yet i know for sure i have at least 168.4 GB available (after all is installed). I've tried downloading it in the home folder and the usr folder yet i still have this problem. Any help is welcome. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. Arak

    DVD movies crashing

    That link is now down so for those who still need the command lines, here they are: Enter these three lines in as root in Mandriva linux to fix DVD crash problem: urpmi libdvdcss cp /usr/share/lindvd/libivimandriva.so /usr/lib/ ldconfig
  6. Arak

    Game Pad [solved]

    Thanks for the great advice. I think that resolved it.
  7. Arak

    Game Pad [solved]

    I have installed a game called Doukutsu. What happens is if i set the menu to only use the keyboard, it works fine but if i try to use the game pad, the program crashes. So where, using the KDE menu, can i find the option to calibrate my game pad (or whatever options it may have)? Any advice about game pads in Linux? Thanks.
  8. Arak


    Hello, Thanks for the quick replies. I had to reformat because when i tried to log into linux, it said that '/tmp is full'. This happens every few weeks so i'm used to reformating. (i know my hard drive isn't full either but i'll worry about that later).... (but feel free to help me with this. I know it's some setting that erases /tmp files on boot i just don't know where to do it) Anyway, i reinstalled everything and also did the 'urpmi hal'. Now when i go to my device manager, there is no zip icon. I don't know if this makes a difference but my zip is connected to my motherboard via an IDE card. It's sort of like a card that has extra slots for people that have tons of hardware. Bios finds my zip just fine. When my computer boots up, it shows the IDE card booting up and also says it found a zip drive. Let me know, thanks! Arak
  9. Arak


    Hello, I just installed a zip drive to my computer (so i can take everything off and move it to a jump drive). When i click on the zip drive icon in the Devices folder, it gives me the message 'Feature only available with HAL'. I'm sure the solution is super simple but i'm still unfamiliar with this wonderful operating system. How do i activate HAL? Thanks
  10. Hello all, When i try to watch dvd's, it will play for a few minues and then shut down with no warning at all. This happens with LinDVD and Kaffeine. Even if i watch avi or other movie files with kaffeine, it will shut down every now and then (especially if i pause it or tinker with the progress bar). Any suggestions? Thanks! Oh, I forgot to mention. I have installed: urpmi libdvdcss
  11. Is there no problem you guys can't solve? I first ran the glxinfo | grep direct, with my 3d desktop activated, in the konsole and it said that direct rendering was not enabled. So i turned it off and restarted and ran the same command in the konsole and this time it told me 'yes'. I ran cedega and performed the system tests and it passed them all. Thank you all for the help. Now if i can just get a few more bugs worked out i'll have everything working just fine.
  12. Hello, Is this one hard to solve or do you need some more information from me? I'm a little worried that no one has replied in a few days. If i didn't add the correct information then please, let me know and i'll try to get it on here.
  13. Alright, i found it. You're right, when i put in a DL disk it was ready for it. Once again, thanks for the help.
  14. Thank you for replying so quickly. Some of the DVD's i've finalized and others i have not. I guess i'll try some others and see if they work. As for burning with K3B, where can i find the dual burn options in there? I've used the program before and didn't notice them.
  15. Hello, I have a dual layer dvd burner and i was wondering if linux has any programs that allow someone to burn DL dvd's? Come to think of it, I also can't get linux to read my DL dvd's i've burned in windows. Is there something i need to install? Thanks!
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