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  1. John, may I hazard a guess that you experience is of the Australian politics? The story is concerning the British Public Sector, which I have worked in and have relations who work in senior positions. Here, so called political sleaze is not as much of a problem as the media like to make us think.
  2. AussieJohn, There are no credible evidence to support the "sleaze" claim, IMO.
  3. Sounds like sour grapes to me and pulling the "public sector cronyism" card in retaliation.
  4. Good to see these bodies standing up against Microsoft's "buying" power.
  5. It's a good distro and I was never ashamed of using it, shame was never considered when I chose to dump it in favour of something else. I'm not sure, in UK Ubuntu seems to be stealing the limelight, and that appears to be so across the continent (anyone from France, Gemany, etc care to chip in with their thoughts on this).
  6. An argument often often ignored by Windows fanboys when bragging about how easy their OS is to use.
  7. For gnome users, the extra overhead required to use a QT app :P
  8. Well said. I think it is great that a distro like Ubuntu has been able to attract enthusiastic individuals like yourself, adding to what I believe to be an incredible marketing effort that continues to gain steam.
  9. I have had 9-preview installed for about a week or so with KDE installed, it's prone to crashing but it is usable(ish).
  10. Another release, another cheezy release announcement: Downloads can be found here Also, Livna have announced that their support for this release is now available
  11. As much as I have to give credit to someone for sticking their neck out and trying to port games to linux, is it really wise to be porting much older games and charging so much? I would have thought the real money, if any, would have been in porting relatively new games (i.e. released within the last year) to linux. :unsure:
  12. I don't recall anyone saying that all MUB users have drifted away from Mandriva. :unsure: With such a small sample size (45), I would be a bit more reserved when making a judgement based on the results. I would be more inclined to say that the poll "indicates", rather than "proves". ;)
  13. Has this solved the problem for you?
  14. Yeah you are right, I just checked on one of the mirrors, your need to run the following command: urpmi locales-ko The command scarecrow gave was missing an "s".
  15. Open a terminal, login as root: su then type in the command above.
  16. I heard you had one of Kim Possible....
  17. I started installing last night, only just got it working now. I installed from the Live CD, but for some reason it did not install the initrd.img :unsure: The desktop sure does feel nice, a bit ugly but more responsive than my Fedora desktop ;)
  18. I don't see your point, the sentence is about discovering the appeal of Ubuntu "for yourself", not to discover yourself. The joke is on you I'm afraid.
  19. Generally any computer you connect to, be it on a LAN or WAN(including the internet), needs your IP address to identify your machine on the network and form the connection. The only way to hide it is by using a proxy server, I do not believe that an application could hide it.
  20. In my opinion illia_kr makes a good point. Similarly the Mandriva club forum seems to have established itself as a place for support. Furthermore I think the bitching between members (apparently mods as well) is also a contributing factor, even worse is the double standards shown by some mods. These are the things hurting MUB! Stop trying to make Mysti a scapegoat for trying to do something for herself, otherwise you are no better than a bunch of petty, squabbling children.
  21. Hmmm, need to see if I got any free space on this rust bucket
  22. Same here, if it was just the boot time it wouldn't bother me, but the whole desktop be it GNOME or KDE I found to be sluggish compared to Fedora, Mandriva and Ubuntu.
  23. << sums up the tone of this thread! Too much negativity, and not enough support. Call me condescending if you wish, bit I'm disappointed in the attitude some of you have adopted in this discussion.
  24. The point was made earlier in this thread, the O/P bought the slim box set, not the powerpack subscription. The later entitles you to the upgrade, the former does not.
  25. No, as it was response to a statement about the company. Look at the quote, along with other posts (notice my exact words were "read my posts thoroughly") it is quite clear what the subject was, irrespective of my regional slang/misuse of language.
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