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  1. O.K. "scarecrow' I understand your grounds but I will really be thankfull if you can tell me how to downgrade to Adobe -9.
  2. O.K. but the point is that everything used to be O.K. (even with Mandriva 2007) untill I decided to upgrade to Adobe Flash 10. And as I see on the Youtube forums other people also have problems with Adobe 10.
  3. I have tried to upgrade, but I again get this version.)
  4. Eh, that is the point that I can't watch any video - ablank screen appears on the place of the embedded player. As for the Konsole it is empty -- there is nothing to copy, that is what is in it: [user@localhost home]$ firefox [user@localhost home]$
  5. When I type Firefox in the Konsole , all that happens is that it opens a new window of the browser.
  6. Mandriva 2007 , I don't know about -bits Desktop KDE PowerPack 3.4 Firefox version
  7. Eh...I don't know how to do that. Can you explain step by step.
  8. Yes I have done that and I get a message from Software Installer that package is already installed. However after browsing thru some of the Youtube forums I saw that some of the people who ahve also downloaded Adobe10 encounter the same problem. and the only solution I see given there is to shift to one of the older versions of Flash Player. So how can I downgrade.? By the way does anyone of you use "Youtube" and has similar problems?
  9. It was only one available as far as I remember, it was a zipped package , I tried to extract it with Archive manager but after that lost it's traces. But could this be the cause for the loss of sound and picture?
  10. I have always watched videos on Youtube without particular problem, however last week while browsing thru another site I got a message : "You have an older version of Flash Player installed, to watch this video download the newest version of Adobe Flash Player -10 from here." So I followed the link and downloaded the package for Linux, however nothing happened. This is their site: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/ When I restarted the computer I noticed that I can no longer view Videos on Youtube because the embedded player does not appear and neither sound nor picture is heard or seen. What could be the problem? And how can I fix it?
  11. Of course I am not sure, I don't know even what it means........ :huh:
  12. Sorry , I didn't ask for TOR I asked for a way to effectively hide my I.P. under Linux. I know multiple ways to do that under Windows but that programs do not work for Linux that was my question.
  13. You and "tyme" seem to be very concerned about that issue. No , I donnot want to engage in any anti-governmental activity, However in my country there are other people who maybe interested in my I.P. and have no legitimate right to do so.! That's why I prefer to hide it. Also I don't think IP's are so dynamic as you say. Mine changes only once a year or even less.
  14. SOMETHING IS WRONG! aFTER i LOGIN AS ROOT AND CLICK RUN Mandriva opens window/application KWrite - config -Kwrite which is absolutely empty , blank - - no text, no sentences . What to do??
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