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  1. I'm not sure that I have Akismet installed or running. Maybe that's the issue. Either way, I'm still wondering if there is a good program that I can use to create my site on my own. It's been a long time since I've done any kind of web development, and I have no desire to code it all by hand.
  2. I have it set that way, but I still get emailed every time there is a comment held in moderation...which has been 100+ times daily lately. The reason I want to change is mostly because of the server changes for my hosting, and to see if there's something out there that I like more than Wordpress. Are there any good website design programs that are not that expensive that are Vista compatible that anyone knows of? Maybe I'll just design my site myself if I can find something (and no bashing the Windows computer, I like it and do not have the resources to run a second computer anymore)
  3. I'm thinking of going with b2evolution but I was looking for user suggestions. Has anyone used this and does it do what I want it to do? There is an SQL error on the Geeklog demo site, so I can't really look at it in action.
  4. I am currently looking for a new blog layout software for my website. The one I have, Wordpress, apparently has a flaw or an exploit (who the hell knows) that is allowing bots to post literally hundreds of spam messages to my site a day. All of the posts made on my site are held in moderation before they actually appear (thankfully), but once a post gets to that moderation queue, I get emailed...guess what that means... So, what I'm looking for is a new software bundle to run for my site. I would prefer it to do one of 2 things (or both) Not allow any posting to users who are not registered, and have a secure registration method Not allow any posting at all (boring, but might be what is needed) I am in the process of moving hosting companies, and as a result of that I want to get everything set up or at least have a good idea of what I want fairly soon. Any helpful hints or suggestions would be great.
  5. That's exactly what I would need, actually. With mIRC, there is a dialog editor available that will code out the dialog dimensions and appearance for you. Basically this is a free floating dialog with 4 tabs and several buttons per tab (4 on the fewest, 10 or so on the largest). Each of these buttons executes part of the script, that basically dumps a bunch of formatted text into the chat channel that is configured at some point in time (could be different each time, it is configured with some other options as part of the script). The text that is dumped, aside from a couple of the configurable options, rarely changes.
  6. I can't get into specifics due to other factors, but no it's not pr0n :P Anyway, it's basically a panel with a series of tabs. Each of those tabs has buttons on it that fire off several lines of text into a pre-configured channel. It has several configuration options when you right click in the channel to set up certain parts of the script. Vague, eh? Anyway, would something like this be possible in perl? I wouldn't really know where to start for it, but I'm curious about it. I'm sure that firing off the lines of text is possible, but I need to know if the panel itself can be created (supposed to be idiot proof, so that anyone can use it with little or no training whatsoever)
  7. liquidzoo

    IRC Program

    I'm looking for an IRC program for Linux (yes, I know there are a LOT of them out there), but I either need it to be able to read and process mIRC *.mrc scripts, or I need it to support a scripting language that has the same ease of use and functionality as the built in mIRC language. Specifically panel support and the ability to launch scripts from a panel. A program that runs on both Linux and Windows would be ideal. Before someone suggests looking for a script that has similar functionality, let me say that this is a very specific script, and I need it to work exactly the same on a linux IRC program as it does on mIRC. Porting is an option if the language is easy enough to learn, but that's where a Windows client would come into play. I currently only have linux in a vmware session on my XP box so I would very much like to test this script out on Windows if at all possible. I know for a fact, since I wrote it and designed the panel, that it works with mIRC. So, any suggestions?
  8. Last I heard, M$ had their hands pretty deep into ZD; so I'd be wary of anything they said about Linux. You're right, though. The author is clueless.
  9. The first step would be to identify what wireless adapter you're using, and what chipset it has. Having the make/model of it would be a great place to help us help you. The only reason I say that is because it varies greatly from model to model, even from the same manufacturer. Some require extra software to be installed, others are fairly easy to set up.
  10. I'm not sure how it is currently, since it's been a long time since I've looked at the club membership. It used to be that the Club membership included access to a forum, as well as advanced access to some of the packages before they're released to the official mirrors. Is it worth it? That depends. I have only purchased 1 boxed set version of Mandriva (then Mandrake), and it was well before the Club concept came into being.
  11. I've done it before, and it was surprisingly painless. All I did was drop to a CLI interface (init 3) and, as root, type urpmi kernel From there, I was presented with a list of available kernels to choose from ( 1-x ), picked a number, hit enter and it installed away. Even made the lilo modifications, I assume it would do the same for grub.
  12. Sounds like a permission problem to me. How did you set up the connection initially?
  13. The sh command should run it. I've used it in the past with no issues. The main thing I would say is make sure you're typing in the first few characters of the filename in correctly, as I believe they are capitalized (capitalization matters) then hit the tab key. Something like this: sh NV<tab> Would fill in the full file name, if you're in the same directory that the file was downloaded (also very important)
  14. Or, if you're not using KDE, what desktop are you using? That would at least point us in the right direction as to where to start troubleshooting the issue.
  15. You probably already know this, but just in case you don't and for those that might not know: For the internet connection sharing to work you will need one of 2 things in 1 of the computers: A dial-up modem for a dial-up internet connection 2 ethernet cards for a broadband connection I guess you could also use a usb internet connection, but I have absolutely no clue how one of those even works.
  16. Proxad seems to still be working ftp://ftp.proxad.net/pub/Distributions_Linux/MandrivaLinux/devel/cooker/i586/media/main/ Note that they changed it from MandrakeLinux to MandrivaLinux. Not sure if that's the case for all mirrors, though
  17. in a terminal: type su <enter> Enter the password for root <enter> passwd <enter> That will prompt you for the current (I think) and then the new password for root. You can do the same thing with your user(s) if you want to change that password too.
  18. Because of my impending move to Arizona, I learned that Cox cable makes you own your own cable modem. After finding out which were compatible that were available at my local BestBuy, I ended up buying a Motorola Surfboard 5120 because it said specifically that it was Linux/Unix compatible on the box. I realize that as an ethernet cable modem, they all should be compatible, but this is the only one that said so on the box. A big plus.
  19. Yeah...my fault. That's what happens when you think faster than you type
  20. My guess is that you have 10.1 Official. You can find out by typing: cat /etc/release in a console window. And for that processor, you would use i586
  21. Ok guys, let's not turn this into a political debate please. Let's keep this on target.
  22. If you could post the contents of /etc/xorg.conf it would help us out a lot. Seems to me that you just need to add the resolution as one that is valid, but posting that would help us out in determining that
  23. Have you tried issuing the command startx at the cli prompt? If so, what happens? It could be that your inittab got changed somehow, or it could be that you need to reinstall video drivers.
  24. When you configure the LAN connection (or Cable, which I always use, even though I'm on a LAN), there will be a place to enter your default gateway, or something like that. Enter your routers ip there ( I have also solved similar issues by assigning a static IP from the router to my PC (ex.
  25. liquidzoo

    Nvidia Problems

    No, just download the installer from id
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