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  1. I've tried restarting the computer all together and no go. Haven't tried drag and drop. All's I've tried is the right click and delete and the drag to trash can icon. I am using KDE havent booted into GNOME or anything else. easyurmpi? never heard of that. i did update the system through the configure your computer window. I will boot into Linux now. Been using Windows today just to listen to the music on the Windows partition. ok i just tried deleting through konqueror and the moment i opened the trash can i got the class shouter sound and the error :(
  2. anyone please?! its been about a day and my topic has gotten pushed down towards the bottom!
  3. not sure if this is a hardware issue or not. but each time i try to delete something i get the unpleasant glass shatter sound and the following error this error occurs once and then if you try again the process dialog box just hangs there unless you exit it. so right now i am unable to delete anything. [moved from hardware - arctic]
  4. tried that before as well no go....i just did some searching of my own. i went into the theme manager and if i select plastic or plastiq however its spelled it makes everything bigger. not sure why. so i now have the theme set to mandriva with the windows decoration set as plastic/plastiq. odd that it would act like that. maybe cause i had the decoration set as plastic/plastiq as well?
  5. yeah it does but it doesnt let me resize it :(
  6. sorry about that i just changed em to the link and you can copy and paste dont know how to attach ill check the look and feel but so far it looks like its just Kopete
  7. heres the issue i am having with my windows. why is this problem occuring? this didnt happen earlier today or anything. alls i did was delete a user today, recreated one, deleted the user group that got created with it, deleted the group and set the users group to adm. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v350/los...3/snapshot1.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v350/los...3/snapshot2.png
  8. yep i have....i actually got it to work. apparently i need to set my username group to admn in order for it to work. very odd. btw how do you get the image behind the splash to change? i cant remember how i did it.
  9. ok so i found the article on how to change it i did the necessary change (true to false) and instead it now gives me my name and username off to the left with my username in the field like the previous login and password field below it and no icon what so ever. help anyone please?!
  10. so im wondering what was the point of choosing the user icon for Mandriva if you have to enter in the username. Is there some way to set it up that the user icon shows up with the user name next to it? sort of like the windows xp set up. not sure if this is the right area but theres really no other area that is for all other Mandriva issues.
  11. so i did a google search for plugins but im not sure which ones i need to install....this is the link i got http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=39039...235&func=browse
  12. mine doesn't have any plugins installed :(
  13. hey everyone Kopete keeps changing the screen names in my buddy list to ICQ Email Express each time their away and I send them a message. I've tried changing the nickname back to the original but it keeps resetting to ICQ Email Express. How do I stop this?! I don't want to use Gaim do to it not running in the system tray and it completely closing out when you click the X.
  14. the image is transparent but when saved as a jpeg it takes it out....file right now is saved on my hard drive as psd and png. made it when booted into windows. tried in gimp but i was unable to get the exact selections i wanted for specific areas. so this is the final product. ok back to linux i go!
  15. thank you that worked! :) now if i wanted to could i change the selection order? like put windows at the top and linux after that and leave default at 0? that was the way i did it in linspire. i ask this cause well im the only person who is using linux in the house at the moment and my mom tends to freak out if she sees something that looks like it could be dangerous unless i explain to her its not. so having the windows selection at the top will make it easier for her selection wise and if she walks away she doesnt need to worry about booting into linux if she didnt make the selection in that 10 second period.
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