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  1. My god, I'm sorry! :o I just realise it Indeed, I am still learning English But why is this word so often used? :P
  2. Strange. On my P4 2Ghz XMMS takes 1 sec' to load & start. I did nothing special. I have a SB 7.1 and it just works fine. I hope you will resolve your problem. I tried BMP but the EQ sucks (IMHO). It is a pity. For me it's XMMS 2 (GTK2) but there is still a little bit work to do (this EQ really sucks!). I used AmaroK for a long time and I really love it. But for an every day usage, XMMS takes less resources (CPU & MEM). Then I use AmoroK from time to time now. Good luck.
  3. theo


    no, don't like non opensource softwares (if there are alternatives and there are a lot of)
  4. theo

    $0.99 mp3's

    :huh: I download my favorite music from shoutcast via stramripper. Completely legal and as easy as streamripper URL -d DIRECTORY.
  5. :huh: I definitively dislike KDE just my subjective opinion :P
  6. urpmi.update -a -v && urpmi --auto-select -v (-v -verbose- is optional)
  7. Nice. I use BlackBox as WM then I don't have notion of shortcuts Probably another guy will help you. (Have you tried to right-click on your desktop, new shortcut and manually enter the infos?) Theo.
  8. "Welcome to Arch Live CD" in a dos-like terminal ... yipiiiiee :P
  9. it sounds like it is not the right module for your hardware. redo the sensors-detect without "ISA adapter" searches. if it doesn't work, try to find on google the right module for your hardware (search on your M/B brand and chip). you can change the default module in the file /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors. in my case, I had to add a MODULE line because my hardware was not deteted by the sensors-detect script (the old version did that correctly, not the new one :huh:). in your case, you probably will have to change MODULE_X=NOT_YOUR_CHIPSET by another one, i.e., MODULE_X=YOUR_CHIPSET. good luck.
  10. in a terminal, what's the output of these commands: ls /usr/share/firefox/fire* and ls /usr/share/firefox/firefox/fire* ? If there are two levels of 'firefox' directories it's because you chose it in the wizard. I did the same error the first time; if 'firefox' is shown in the textbox, no need to select the directory 'firefox' in the list box or simply erase 'firefox' in the text box.
  11. after untar'd the package, execute the installer: 1/ as root (su) 2/ in a terminal (./firefox-installer) and give us the output of the terminal. the errors should be displayed. see you.
  12. firefox is where you installed it!.. in the wizard, you had got the choice of the location. take a look in the /home/your_nickname/firefox-installer folder ... I think it's the default installation folder. if you want to delete it, just delete the folder. also, i don't want to do the job for you, but there are already a lot of topic about firefox and installation issues (I personally wrote some of them) ... just use the great 'search' function ... for example: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=25238 oh, and here too: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/history/314324 read the faq man! cheers.
  13. Hi AussieJohn, I had basically the same issue than you. It was very easy to correct that: in the /etc/sensors.conf file I inversed these lines: => or wathever you want (label temp1 "AussieJohn Temp") You just have to find your section in this file. Mine is chip "as99127f-*" for my ASUS P4T-E motherboard. You can google your M/B chip (like kristi) or doin' some tests to find your M/B chip (like me ) Don't know if it is the same issue for the k-stuffs but you've nothing to lose to try it! (make a backup of the /etc/sensors.conf file ;)) Cheers, Theo.
  14. hotplug was auto disabled for me. I disabled postfix without any problem. I have to let enabled haldaemon, messagebus and harddrake for my sound card. I think it's better not to deactivate those services (test it with precaution). Anyway, the list mentioned by ianw1974 (services that can be disabled) is the same for me :) Theo.
  15. cheating an open source game => :P
  16. I wanted to say that if the user doesn't yet installed the kernel source, he has to know the kernel version: uname -r my output: 2.6.11-6mdk then, if I didn't already installed the kernel source, I should do this: urpmi kernel-source-2.6-2.6.11-6mdk And the reason is because you need the kernel source to install the nVidia drivers. yop, that's all ;)
  17. Another tip (last but not least): you don't have to always reboot your computer! as root, do this in a terminal: service lm_sensors restart && sensors that's all!
  18. Here's a more complex case: mine. Yo, I followed exactly what kristi said: urpmi lm_sensors & sensors-detect. Good. First step. I have got an ASUS P4T-E M/B + PIV 2Ghz CPU + ZALMAN FAN and like says the /etc/sensors.conf file: Asus won't release a datasheet so this is guesswork !! So ... ok ... I have to adapt this config file to my needs! (Ooh, the geek :P) First of all, the new lm_sensors version doesn't load the right module (as it did before ...); So I had to add this line in the /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors file: MODULE_0=i2c-i801 MODULE_1=eeprom MODULE_2=w83781d <= this one don't ask me why ... it's the right one for my ASUS P4T-E. the section to adapt in the /etc/sensors.conf file is the chip "as99127f-*" case; after doin' some tests, here is the best config for my hardware/needs: Obviously, you can (must) adapt this config sample to your needs! And finally ... here's the result: -> Konsole (sensors command) -> Gkrellm (CPU section -> CPU Temp | Proc section -> FAN RPM) -> Torsmo (CPU -> CPU Temp & FAN RPM | M/B -> M/B Temp) I hope that it will help some among you ... Cheers.
  19. I presume you changed the line in /etc/inittab the one that says: id:3:initdefault: ... make it say: id:5:initdefault: cheers.
  20. ok ... 'one click install' is .rpm (urpmi, mcc), .deb (apt-get), ... or .exe (wazaa!? lol) to me ... the opposite is a tar.gz file for exemple, then from source, from scratch ... (./configure, make, make install, make test, ... with flags and another geeky things) it's a beta version and our contribution should be cool for them. also, it's a little mistake to say that Mandriva is available as a demo version. There is a free version and a commercial package. That's it. Demos are for the Windowb world ... (the other world, you know?). Just my 2 cents (to communicate to the team of this cool wizard).
  21. => urpmi kernel-source & uname -r (I think it's to describe). Anyway, great work kristi
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