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  1. AIGLX or XGL are the 3D x servers. XGL is a separate x server on top of the first while AIGLX is the 3D stuff built-in to the x server. What does the 3D effects is the window manager called Compiz. So the shortcuts should be the same. This is all IMHO and AFAIK unfortunately.
  2. Is that 2007? If yes then start MCC and on one of the tabs you can see a 3D icon.
  3. From the dates I can see that he didn't left Gentoo for MS. That was more than a year later. What's wrong if someone wants to earn some money? He won't be a millionaire from Gentoo. Microsoft is just a company it's not good or evil. It always searches for the most profitable situations sometimes with unethical methods. But if it will realise that GPLed programs can bring a lot of money then it will make GPLed software.
  4. The founder of Gentoo Linux, Daniel Robbins, is a Gentoo developer again. He left his Gentoo Chief Architect position at the end of April 2004. Later in May 2005, he joined Microsoft to help MS better understand Open Source and community driven projects. He left MS in January 2006 "because he was not able to use all his technical skills in his role". According to a Gentoo bugzilla post, he's back at Gentoo and will work on grub and vmware workstation tools. source :hup.hu
  5. How about trying another client?
  6. It does. I have an nvidia 6200 and AIGLX was greyed out to me. Your Radeon card is pretty old too. Maybe they put only a few Radeon drivers on the One CDs which donb't support your old card.
  7. Debian's 12 months release? When did it become 12 months? It used to be years between releases. Debian 3.1 was released in june 2005, if Etch comes out in December, and knowing Debian release cycle that's a big if, then it will be 18 months.
  8. The last RC of Mandriva 2007 is out. It's available as 1 DVD or 3-3 CD (i586 and x86_64) or 14 live CDs. Release notes here. List of mirrors here.
  9. From what I know it's not a good idea to use the official nvidia installer because it's messing with mesa which is neede by XGL. Use plf instead.
  10. Time for some fun. If you feel bored and hungry (very hungry) you can make a Tux shaped cake for yourself, your friends, family, neighbours... Here's how to make it. Source: hup.hu
  11. I think you need mount CDs manually if that CD is that old. mount /where/the/cd/is
  12. Firefox is out. It's a security and stability update. Release notes are here. Those who can't update it from their package manager yet or are using another platform, can download it here.
  13. ...and GNOME. I think it's really time for you ilia_kr to try some minimal desktop like fluxbox, windowmaker etc
  14. Sorry I always click on "Todays active topics" on the main page. So I usually don't know which forum I'm in.
  15. Mona was good for an RC1 but not for a final RC so I hope they won't release it tomorrow. There is news for early seeders in the club forum : http://club.mandriva.com/xwiki/bin/view/Ma...SeedersReloaded so there will be something "bittorrentable". Though I don't know if it includes club releases or not.
  16. Who is this for? This is an unofficial Mandriva forum. No Mandriva employee is reading it. Mandriva has a huge repo. If you can't find something on the CDs\DVD then try to look for them in the repos.
  17. You can run drak3d as root and switch off 3d. If that doesn't work then edit /etc/sysconfig/compiz and set everything to OFF (rather than ON or AUTO). And edit /etc/sysconfig/xgl too. About the font issue I don't have any other idea than check the paths in the config file under /etc/X11/fs. If it just complains about the freefont then chek that first.
  18. While we are at games here's something I found on an other forum (linuxforum.hu) Warzone 2100. They released a new version a week ago. The game is an RTS based on the released source code of a commercial game. Hence the name Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project. You can see some screenshots here. Download it here. This game is free for all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS).
  19. XGL works flawlessly with my nvidia 6200 on Mona. And it worked out of the box both on KDE One and Gnome One.
  20. you're making fun of me, aren't you? No you're not funny at all. :D
  21. The Ramboll report is a study which shows what costs and/or savings would occur if the Danish goverment switched to Open Office and/or Open Document Format. The report by Ramboll Management, a Danish consultancy, on behalf of The Danish Open Source Business Association (OSL), claims they could save 550 million kroner (about 94 million USD). sources: gotze.eu hup.hu (Hungarian) The Ramboll report. (Danish)
  22. Idáig is elégedett voltam és most se lett rosszabb kedvem. A névre vonatkozó mondatot meg nem értem. Sorry guys for the Hungarian chat.
  23. Igen means yes in Hungarian. And those are his nicknames: cjc = chany = csanyi. Though I don't know if Fahd understands it. He has an arabic name. Maybe he's just working here.
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