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paragraph indents! They do exist!

Guest fubar::chi

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Guest fubar::chi

me and some other peopel ( i forget who) were talking on mub the other day and someone asked (prolly scoopy) how to put paragraph indents into an html file. Someone else (maybe LiquidZoo) and me said it couldn't be done with spaces. We were right, but we were wrong. CSS! That beautiful, magical wonderful thing brought to us by thw W3C can do it too!


I was checking http://www.w3schools.com/ after wurfing around the Master's trinity and came upon the link.


here's how it's done

p {

text-indent: 1cm;


you can do it in px, em, in and whatever else you want but there you have it.

An indented paragraph by css

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check this page out:



It gives all the specifics and examples on how it works. Try using konq, I have been having problems with mozilla... It is not supported in netscape 4, but I think should work with a newer mozilla... haven't quite figured out my problem yet.

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