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  1. oh... okay... You wanna play games?... Say ahlow to my leettle friend! :D
  2. Well, I'm not your typical newbie. I'll ask questions if I need to, but so far I haven't found anything I can't figure out :D and I'm not really a newbie. Just new here....
  3. I'd get rid of the Flash. Flash is the animated gif of the 21's century. It's not "cool" anymore. Other than that it looks good.
  4. I think adding adware is lame. Why would I want to install a distro with adware??? If they would spend more time making a distro that actually works they would make money. I'd buy it, but as it is everytime I install mandrake something is screwed up and I'm not forking out any of my dough for something that doesn't work... Customer service would be nice too. I sent Mandrake tech support several emails more than 3 years ago and I'm still waiting for a reply, just 1 reply would be nice. No thanks, I'll just go with SuSe or Redhat...
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