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Show off your desktop June 2008

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It's Kiba-Dock :)

I use it because it's more powerful than AWN, should work in KDE (but I havn't tried). At the moment it's only available through SVN. Compiz is required for Kiba-dock.


It's a very impressive dock indeed, much more responsive than the AWN I'm running on my old laptop, even with the 3-D effects and everything. Only problem is that the GMenu button does not appear to work in my dock, and for me it's a must-have without I can't live (well, maybe I'm a bit exaggerating here...). Also, AWN has some nice extra buttons, like Show Desktop button. So for the meanwhile I think I'll stay with the AWN, but it's always nice to see new things.

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click for VERY LARGE (3360x1050) versions


Dual 22" widescreen ???


If so...lucky Bastard :thumbs::lol2:


I only got one 22" flat wide screen, it's enough when sniping in ETQW.

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Dual 22" widescreen ???
Dual 20" widescreen, actually. But close enough :D


(that's at work, I didn't pay for any of it of course. at home i only have one 20")

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