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  1. Hi John, I know nothing about your hardware, but assuming there is nothing wrong with it, I would suggest trying to run MDV 2008.1 or 2009.0. I found their performance much superior over newer versions for old hardwares. EDIT: Merry X-mess everyone!
  2. The shomaker goes barefoot... Apperantly chrome requires lsb package of version 3.2 or later. Running 2009.0, I only have version 3.1, so I can't install chrome on my machine.
  3. Google Chrome is now available in Beta version for Linux, both 32 and 64 bit: http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/w00t.html Right now only Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE versions are available. Does anyone think it is safe trying to install the rpm package for Fedora and OpenSUSE? Does anyone dare to try? :)
  4. www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/w00t.html
  5. Sorry for the interruption, guys, it's fixed. I disabled the Wobbly effect and now everything is fine. I'll try to bring it back later and see what happens.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been running successfully Mandriva 2009.0 with compiz fusion for a few days now. Suddenly today Firefox started to launch in full screen without the borders decorators, so I can't even minimize the window. The problem occurs only with Firefox, other programs are running fine with their borders. Any tips? Thanks! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. And that's my desktop after downgrading to 2009.0.
  8. First, welcome aboard. :) I accept your remark. Even though, since it was explicitly mentioned in the Errata, it was my responsibility to read about it before the installation, and surely before I wrote about it here. Since the issue is known to Mandriva and to the community, there is no point in leaving this topic open. The members sometimes review all the topics and search for the unsolved ones, and I didn't see it necessary to waste their time if the issue is known. Regarding your other questions - unfortunately, I don't know if there is a patch or when it is expected to hit Mandriva's mirrors. I decided to roll back to 2009.0, which is much more stable for me.
  9. Thanks Ian and arctic. I adopted your advice fully. I'm now writing this message from a formatted brand-new 2009.0 install. :) Still, can anyone explain to me what is the dual-arch release and what it is good for? Just for general curiosity purposes.
  10. OK, thanks, I didn't know that. Is it possible to make an upgrade with it? In Mandriva wiki it is described as "installable CD" (like live CD's and unlike Free DVD), but it's also mentioned there that it only runs LXDE, so maybe things changed. I'll try it next time.
  11. Thanks. The site is temporarily down, but I'll download later. I don't know how I missed that. Dual-arch version is not the same as Free, it contains only the core packages, and, if I'm not mistaken, LXDE. I'm running Gnome. I could upgrade with that and then do the completions from the network, but If I must use the network, I prefer to do it from scratch.
  12. Thanks! I may use it. I already see that octave 3 is available in the 2008.1 repos , which is good enough for me. Maybe after I install I'll try running on it also FF 3.5.
  13. Thanks! I can see the repos, but under "install" folder there is only boot.iso, no live CD's or free CD's. I can install from the network again, hope it works. I'll try it tomorrow, until then I have to decide whether to go with 2008.1 or 2009.0 (can't remember which of them was superior for my needs).
  14. I tried running with both 'intel 810' and 'intel 810 and later'. The first one failed to load (as you reported in your bug report), and the second one is not exactly successful (limited to 1024x768 resolution ,does not support two-screens display, does not support Composite). Does your 'intel 810 and later' driver run smoothly (does all the things I have just mentioned)? Maybe it's a problem with my hardware, although I see others reporting same issues. I have a CD ROM reader (actually I used it to load boot.iso). I was forced to use the network because as I previously mentioned, the live CD didn't work (probably the same driver problem again). The problem is that Free comes only in DVD now, no CD's version.
  15. @Ian and David: Maybe I should take you advice one step further. I remember 2008.1 running perfectly on my machine. Do you recommend installing it? The only problem I see is: Where will I find repositories with all the updates and the programs I need (such as Octave)?
  16. Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you my personal impressions and feelings regarding Mandriva 2010.0. The total sum is not so good. It started with trying to run the Live CD, as I always do before upgrade. Failing to load, I submitted a bug report back in RC1. I'm using Intel 810 graphical card, and apparently it is not supported well by the kernel or the driver (I'm not sure which to this very day). Although other users complained about the same problem, it was not fixed on RC2 and the official release of 2010.0. since I do not have a DVD drive (my IBM X30 is quite old), I had to install from the network. I booted from the boot.iso file, and from there established connection and got connected to a mirror. After the upgrade Gnome didn't load. Since I didn't care too much, I did a fresh installation (again, from the network), and formatted the hard drive. The second installation allegedly succeeded, but I quickly found other annoying bugs: The laptop's monitor maximum resolution is 1024x768. If I plug an external monitor and move to 1280x1024 resolution, the picture is shaky (jumps all the time). Trying to change the refresh rate didn't help. I imagine it may have a connection to the driver problem, so I didn't open a new bug report, only updated the existing one. If I plug an external monitor and then want to use the laptop's monitor, the second goes black. I had no problem using both monitors in 2009.1 (and before). Again, it may be connected to the driver issue. 3-D with composite doesn't work. Again, probably the driver issue. Epiphany keeps crashing due to some problem with webkit running on old processors. The problem is known and mentioned in the 2010.0 Errata page. Octave-forge, a complementary package for octave containing many important toolboxes, cannot be installed (here is the bug report). For me, octave-forge is essential for my work. To conclude: being the situation as it is, the computer is not usable for me. I had many difficulties installing Mandriva (and had to format the hard disc on the way), when I plug an external monitor I can't work with its optimal resolution and the laptop's monitor becomes unusable, and important programs like Epiphany and Octave don't work. I'm aware to the fact that besides the Octave issue, the other issues should go upstream, and Mandriva can't (and are not supposed to) fix everything by themselves. But Mandriva have let me down because of the way they handle the bug reports and the response they provide (or more accurately, do not provide) to the users. In general, unless I keep asking about the bug report, it can go unnoticed for weeks before someone sees it (the Octave bug has been lying there for almost two months, and I don't know how much longer it will have to wait). Even if I keep asking and someone is assigned to track it, After a week or two I just can't get any response. I know it's an open-source project based on good will and that no one owes me anything. I'm a big fan of open source in general and Mandriva specifically (yes, still, and for the rest of my life :) ). I don't expect everything to be solved in no time, I'm aware to the fact that these technical problems are sometimes really difficult to overcome, and Mandriva people are working hard and doing the best that they can - and I appreciate it. But at the same time I expect Mandriva to understand that when it comes to crucial bugs that make the computer unusable, they must make a special effort to update the users on the status at least on a weekly basis, and not leave them hanged on the air with a non-functioning system. On a more general note, my subjective feeling is that while projects like Linux kernel or Gnome are advancing, they leave behind the users with the older hardwares. I feel the support is not as good as it used to be. I remember that three years ago everything actually worked for me out-of-the-box, it wasn't just a slogan, and my hardware wasn't new even then. As my hardware gets older I feel the OS is "running away" from it. Linux were always proud (rightfully) for giving much better performance than the competitors when it comes to old machines. I hope this point will not be neglected. Sorry for drilling down like that, I just wanted to rant a little (I feel better already :D ). I don't want to to sound bitter. In case someone from Mandriva is reading this message: if there is anything I can do in order to be productive and help, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm not a linux expert but I see myself as part of the community, and it is my obligation to contribute where I can. And of course, if you have any insights of your own, whether you agree or a disagree, I'll be happy to hear what you think.
  17. Looking at the list of CPUs supporting SSE2 on wikipedia, I see that mu CPU (Pentium 3) is not there. So this is it, I'll need to wait for an updated version of Webkit. Thanks for the help!
  18. Hi all, After doing a fresh installation of Mandriva 2010.0 (Gnome), I tried loading some sites in Epiphany. Each time the page almost finishes to load, the browser crashes (closed without a warning). Two examples: 1. go to www.gmail.com and try to login. When the gmail's blue bar is almost full, the browser crashes. 2. go to yahoo.com. The browser crashes before Yahoo's main page is loaded. If I run epiphany from terminal all I get is the following message: Illegal instruction Am I the only one experiencing this problem?
  19. Good news: I was able to boot from CD and configure Free installation through the network. Bad news: When the installation starts, after choosing the language of installation and accepting license agreement, I get the following error: An error occurred Oops, nor root partition I can then click the OK button, but nothing happens. I guess it's a dead end. I'll do a fresh install tomorrow. Thanks for all those who came to my rescue, I appreciate it!
  20. Thanks for the tip, I wasn't aware of it. In the meanwhile I downloaded the file from the mirrors (and trying to run it as I write this message from another computer), but I'll try to remember it for next time.
  21. Yes, that's what I've been looking for. For some reason the server does not respond so I can't download the file. I'll look for it on other mirrors.
  22. Unfortunately no. The computer is a bit old and the BIOS does not support this feature.
  23. Of course it is, but how can I proceed with the installation from the thumb drive once I've booted from One CD? I'm only aware of the option to do a fresh install from One. I remember I once had a small (~50MB) bootable disc from which I could boot into text menu, and then I was asked to point to the iso file from which I wanted to do the rest of the boot. Then the rest of the installation continued from that file. That's what I'm looking for.
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