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How do I install amsn-0.61.tar.gz (MSN Messenger)


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There is no configure for this program. You will have to su to root to do make because it has to create directories. Then make install. Should work. I just tried the first part because I didn't want to actually install it.

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Its installed. But when I try to run it it appears in the task bar and dies. Maybe I'll try something else.


I don't use MSN messenger myself but I was planning to replace some of the Windows PC's in a little internet cafe that I help run on the side with my GF with a few Linux boxes. Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and MiRC are staples for the clients there.


Have one box running OpenOffice w/Win98 and Mozilla (with an IE like interface) is being tested on another box to check client reaction w/Win95 (especially since we can only install IE5.5 on Win95...MS opted not to allow IE6 to go on Win95).


I guess we are doing a little open source migration. The fact that I am a Linux Newbie does not help much. Thanks for all the help.


I'll probably try Wine for MSN and MIRC(which means I'll be asking questions in the other forum).

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Guest slayman

i installed it succesfully (maybe that's the only program i have installed correctly: i'm a total noobie)


just tar it into the directory then cd into that directory


then type: ./amsn

(do not use ./configure)


That's all!!!

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Hey, welcome to Linux, by the way !


Here's what's cool for your situation : you can easily install "Kopete" or "Everybuddy". Native Linux "Instant Messenger" apps.(...I forget about the others...).


I use the latest Kopete 0.5 myself. Very simple and intuitive to use; perfect for your clientele !


These applications do support most protocols : MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, Jabber; heck they even support IRC directly (all in one tiny program, all in parallel).


Kopete will even group your contacts together, whatever the people are using on their end ! You have to see it.




P.S. It sure beats running Wine for the individual Windows messengers (and much faster)... :idea:


EDIT: Get it here :


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Note that I have a tutorial on installing the latest version of Gaim for Mandrake and configuring an MSN account.


Check my site for details.

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